Adam Sandler Gets Support From Jennifer Aniston And Drew Barrymore At Mark Twain Prize Ceremony

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Adam Sandler got A-list support when he was honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor last Sunday at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Hollywood personalities were there to cheer him on, including superstars Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston.

Close Relationship, Onscreen And Off

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The two ladies have appeared with Sandler in several movies and share a close friendship with him offscreen as well.

Sandler And Barrymore's Rom-Coms

Poster of "Blended"
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The 56-year-old Saturday Night Live alum starred with Barrymore in three rom-coms – 1998’s The Wedding Singer, 2004’s 50 First Dates, and 2014’s Blended.

His Movies With Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in a scene from "Murder Mystery"
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Meanwhile, Aniston shared top billing with him in 2011’s Just Go With It and 2019’s Murder Mystery. They have another film, Murder Mystery 2, coming out on Netflix on March 31.

Barrymore In A Black Lace Gown

The two gorgeous A-listers showed up at the ceremony in coordinating black outfits. Barrymore, 48, opted for a cold-shoulder lace gown by London brand, Needle & Thread.

Aniston In A Tuxedo Dress

The 54-year-old Friends star, meanwhile, looked polished in a short tuxedo dress with a ruffle hem, which she styled with sheer tights.

Barrymore's Red Carpet Interview

On the red carpet, Barrymore had nothing but glowing words for her costar and friend.

How She Described Their Friendship

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler posing together
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Talking about their friendship, she said via People, “It's all based in love, admiration and humor.”

Everyone Was 'So In Love With Him On SNL'

Poster of "50 First Dates"
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“I just always believed in him so much, and not that my opinion matters, but I just felt like this is the guy. This is the one. All us women were so in love with him on SNL,” she continued.

Her Admiration For Him

Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, and others on set
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She added that she “was so there for what Adam Sandler was putting out into the world.”

“I wanted some place to put my admiration, and I thought a film was the most safe and cathartic place to do it,” the actress shared.

The Ceremony

The toasting (and roasting) continued during the ceremony, when the two actresses shared the stage to talk about their friend.

The Two Ladies Feted Sandler Onstage

They took turns feting Sandler and joked about having played his love interest in movies.

They Roasted Him, Too

“We should do that movie that you and I have been talking about,” Aniston said.

“You mean the one where we don't need that goofy boyfriend?” Barrymore replied.

Outpouring Of Tributes

Love and tributes poured out for the comedian that night as he sat in the audience with his wife, Jackie.

Stylish Couple

The Uncut Gems star showed up in a baggy navy suit and a bushy beard, while Jackie stood out in a hot-pink blazer, pants, and satin blouse combo.

Two-Decade Marriage

The two have been married for almost 20 years (they’ll be celebrating two decades in June this year) but dating since 1999 after they met on the set of their movie, Big Daddy, where she played a waitress.

They Have Two Daughters

They welcomed their first daughter, 16-year-old Sadie Madison, in May 2006. Their second, 14-year-old Sunny Madeline, was born in November 2008.

Sandler Onstage

The Happy Gilmore star later took the stage to accept his award and, as one would expect, he did so with a lot of humor.

'Goofy Award'

Per Hollywood Reporter, he joked about “this goofy award I’m holding,” which “may be the weapon used to bludgeon me, by an angry intruder…or Mr. Rob Schneider.” Of course, he also thanked his family and friends, with whom he had “so much fun” making his movies.

Watch The Ceremony

The Mark Twain Prize ceremony airs on CNN on March 26.