ABC Fired Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, But They Join Forces for the NYC Half Marathon

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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes
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Former GMA3 co-anchors Amy Robach, and T.J. Holmes made a low-key appearance at the New York City Half Marathon, which they participated in incognito. The couple developed a romantic relationship while training for a marathon, and their dedication to running suggests their commitment to each other and the sport.

Robach and Holmes Seen At The NYC Half Marathon 

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Robach and Holmes, who previously anchored GMA3, were seen participating in the New York City Half Marathon on Sunday. The couple was observed running through Times Square and Central Park during the 13.1-mile race.

Not Listed as Celebrity Runners

In contrast to previous years, Robach and Holmes were not listed as celebrity runners before the event. However, during the race, they managed to remain relatively unnoticed. 

Holmes' Outfit

They may have been able to run around relatively unnoticed due to their outfits. Holmes wore an all-black outfit, a black beanie, and neon green trainers.

Robach's Outfit

Robach, who is 50 years old, opted for a more colorful ensemble. She paired bright blue leggings with a white puffer jacket, neon orange trainers, black gloves, and a beanie.

Incognito After Romantic Vacation

Romantic Vacation
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According to Page Six, there were reports that the couple might have planned to participate in the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon incognito after returning from their romantic vacation in Mexico. 

Their Attendance Was Confirmed By Source

A source informed the publication that the former co-anchors, who lost their high-profile jobs at ABC due to their relationship, would be among the 25,000 runners.

Robach Introduced Holmes to Running

The half marathon this year occurred one year after Robach shared with us about introducing Holmes to running before the same annual event. "At that time, I don't think we had officially decided to run together," Robach, the more experienced runner, said then.

How Robach Convinced Holmes to Run With Her

According to Robach, she publicly announced that she would run the half-marathon with her and then applied pressure on him to join, and it worked.

Ran Together Weeks Before Their Relationship Became Public

Additionally, the duo ran the New York City marathon together in November. Unfortunately, this was just weeks before their relationship became public, leading to one of the most significant scandals in ABC News' history.

Scandal Regarding Their Relationship

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The scandal surrounding Robach and Holmes arose after it was reported that ABC had fired them due to their romantic relationship. According to reports, the network felt their relationship created a conflict of interest, as they were co-anchors on a news program.

A Complicated Scandal

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The situation was further complicated by the fact that Robach's former husband, Andrew Shue, was also a co-founder of ABC News' digital arm, CafeMom.

Denied Speculation On Journalistic Integrity

Robach and Holmes have denied that their relationship had any impact on their journalistic integrity or the quality of their work. However, they have also criticized ABC for its handling of the situation.

Robach Rescued Holmes 

Sources reported that Robach had rescued Holmes several times during their friendship. According to an insider, during a difficult time in Holmes’ life, Robach provided him with reading materials, recommended authors to explore, encouraged him to run, and played a significant role in his healing process.

Robach’s Recent Divorce

Recently, Robach concluded her divorce from actor Andrew Shue through mediation, where the former couple amicably divided their assets. This decision came eight months after Robach filed for divorce, as she pursued a romantic relationship with her co-worker.

Holmes Finalizing Divorce 

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As for Holmes, he is finalizing his divorce from lawyer Marilee Fiebig, with whom he tied the knot in 2010. They have a 10-year-old daughter named Sabine.

First Public Appearance After Scandal

The New York City Half Marathon was the first public appearance of Robach and Holmes together since their scandal broke out. It seems that they could participate without drawing much attention to themselves.

Running Together Despite Difficulties 

Their participation in the event suggests that the couple is still committed to running together, even as they face ongoing personal and professional challenges.

Support From Colleagues

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Despite the controversy surrounding their relationship, Robach, and Holmes have continued to find support from their friends and colleagues. According to reports, Robach's former GMA co-hosts Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan have both offered their support, as has Holmes' former CNN colleague Don Lemon.

Committed to Moving Forward 

Moving Forward 
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It remains to be seen what the future holds for Robach and Holmes, personally and professionally. However, their commitment to running and their ability to participate in the New York City Half Marathon incognito suggests that they are determined to move forward and continue to pursue their passions.