Blac Chyna Gets Real About Dissolving Fillers After Comparing Herself To 'Jigsaw'

Chisom Ndianefo
Blac Chyna at the 54th NAACP
Getty | Unique Nicole

It's been a week since reality TV star and American influencer Blac Chyna went on a self-love journey, and she's taking her fans along for the ride. The 34-year-old got a lot of cosmetic reconstruction in the last decade but is past that phase of her life.

Reverse Body Modification

The actress and rapper started with breast and bum reductions saying enough is enough. She explained that the reductions are part of a growth process since.

The Difference Between BBL And A**Shots

Blac Chyna explained the difference between a Brazilian Butt Life a.k.a. BBL and getting shots in the bum. She got the latter which is the process of getting silicone in the bum.

Modifications Are Risky

The 34-year-old advised her fans not to get silicone shots because they can fall sick from complications, and she risked her life for them at 19. Her latest mantra says,

"You all have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that"

Removing Her Fillers

A few days after her body modification video, Blac Chyna made another video saying she would remove her facial fillers. The fillers were in her cheek and jaw, which the actress described as making her look like "Jigsaw."

Moving To A Higher Level

When her doctor asked her why she wanted to remove the fillers, the 34-year-old said she's retiring Blac Chyna and returning to Angela White (her real name.)

"I've outgrown all of that."

A Tribute To Her Pre-Teen Self

White shared a throwback picture from 2001 when she was 12 while thanking her fans for their support and encouraging messages. The reality TV star said she's still healing and recovering but was excited to be Angela again.

Back To Basics

Despite learning that the process would sting and she'd have some swelling White didn't care because she was focused on returning to her original look.

The Infamous Grammys Look

This epiphany comes a few weeks after the TV star received backlash for her look at the 2023 Grammy Awards. She wore a black swan-inspired costume with exaggerated makeup which made her look odd.

Who Is Jigsaw?

The actress alluded to that incident during her facial fillers removal appointment saying when makeup artists contour her already defined jawline she ends up looking like "Jigsaw." Jigsaw is a villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe famous for having a deformed face.

Opening Up About Change

Earlier this month, White spoke about growth for the International Women's Day issue of Ellements Magazine.

Her Biggest Flex

The actress described it as the biggest flex while showing off her enhanced body for the last time. She wore a skintight black dress with a single long-sleeve, then wore her hair in a shoulder-length black bob for the cover shot.

Femme Fatale Chic

The inset showed Blac Chyna in a classic femme fatale look. She wore a black catsuit with stiletto knee-high boots and bat-shaped sunglasses. Unlike the cover photo, the 34-year-old wore her hair in a short black pixie cut.

Freedom Of Choice

Blac Chyna shouted out the girls that still want fillers saying they could make the choice even though she's over the whole aesthetic.

New Fashion Choices

Unlike her stage alter ego Blac Chyna, Angela White is more conservative. She showed off her new modest-length acrylic nails saying she got rid of the extra long dramatic style.

Hello To Angela White

Fans are more impressed with White's new style and want her to keep whoever is responsible for the look. She looked gorgeous in a red and black cheetah print two-piece skirt suit with black tights and stiletto heels.

Praises For The New Stylist

Many of the comments included, "Ok the stylist has been on point," "The stylist has been styling lately," and a backhanded compliment saying she almost looks normal.

First Day Out

Although fans can't see the difference in White's first look post-op, she promised them that they would in a few months.

New Look?

The actress' face now has less cheeks and a reduced jawline as seen in her latest picture.

Focused On Her New Life

Blac Chyna is happy with her new life choices and doesn't care what people think.