Mom Makes Daughter Share Gifts with Step-sister after Family Leaves Her Out

Share gifts with stepsister
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A joint birthday party for two stepsisters turned sour after family members sent lavish gifts for one and a single tumbler for the other, resulting in a surprising request from the mother for her daughter to share her expensive gifts with her step-sister. The post has sparked a heated debate. While some are calling out the mother for forcing her daughter to share her gifts, others are blaming the relatives for the unequal treatment. What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below.

Blended family challenges and successes in sharing material possessions 🎁

emotional-duty5051 | emotional-duty5051

Making new friends is tough 😔 but joint birthdays help 🎉

emotional-duty5051 | emotional-duty5051

Gift overload! Family sends 20 presents for one lucky girl 🎁

emotional-duty5051 | emotional-duty5051

Step-sister gets more gifts, mom forces daughter to share. 😐

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Step-sister receives $15 tumbler while Amy gets lavish gifts 🎁

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Mom plays favorites, but daughter fights for step-sister's gifts 🎁

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Sibling rivalry ensues after family leaves step-sister out 😞

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Daughter upset over forced sharing with step-sister at joint party 😔

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Inclusive mom ensures step-sister isn't left out of events. 👍

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Mom takes gifts from daughter to give to step-sister. AITA?

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Generous step-sister receives gifts along with family's daughter 🎁

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🎁 Unequal gift giving causes family drama 🎉

A mom who is trying to blend her family together is facing drama after her family leaves out her stepdaughter from gift giving. While her biological daughter received over twelve expensive gifts, her stepdaughter only received one small gift. The mother confronted her family and asked her daughter to share her gifts with her stepsister, but the daughter refused and became upset. The mother is now asking if she is the a**hole for trying to create equality in her family. Read on for comments and reactions.

Forcing daughters to share everything can harm their development. YTA.

Jocelyn-1973 | Jocelyn-1973

OP's focus on pleasing Nora is hurting her own daughter. YTA 😔

SingleAlfredoFemale | SingleAlfredoFemale

Teenage daughter's birthday party causes family drama. 🎉

Benedictia | Benedictia

Forcing daughter to share gifts with stepsister is crappy parenting 😡

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

Forcing children to share party and gifts backfires, YTA 😠

He_Who_Is_Right_ | He_Who_Is_Right_

OP's attempts to build closeness are actually pushing the girls apart 😬

moongirl12 | moongirl12

Stepmom forcing daughter to share with step-sister - YTA

Jaffacake91 | Jaffacake91

Don't make your child pay for your problems 😒

Punisher6111 | Punisher6111

Forcing daughter to share gifts with step-sister makes YTA.

Capital-Literature-9 | Capital-Literature-9

Forcing stepsisters to share birthday and gifts? YTA for sure 😕

ok-step | ok-step

Unfair treatment of step-sibling backfires. YTA. 🤨

Saberise | Saberise

Forcing a blended family on your child breeds resentment 😒

Far_Anteater_256 | Far_Anteater_256

Don't punish your daughter for your family's actions. #YTA 🤬

penguin_squeak | penguin_squeak

Parental favoritism sparks tension: 🤔 Mom chooses step-daughter over daughter

[deleted] | [deleted]

Forcing sisters to share everything and do everything together? YTA 💩 Let them live their own lives separately.

missdeb99912 | missdeb99912

Commenter calls out the mom for favoring the step-daughter

dirtywetdreams | dirtywetdreams

Commenter calls out bad parenting in blended family 👀

Foreign_Negotiation7 | Foreign_Negotiation7

Commenter calls out YTA for being a terrible troll.


OP faces criticism for not including step-sister in gifts 🎁

fairfaxleasee | fairfaxleasee

Forcing stepsisters into a friendship? YTA 🤦‍♀️ Listen to your children.

thranduilion22 | thranduilion22

Don't punish Amy for your favoritism towards Nora. YTA 🙄

sheramom4 | sheramom4

Commenter deems mom the a**hole for unfair treatment of daughters

Haunting-Row-3961 | Haunting-Row-3961

Commenter calls out mother for stealing daughter's birthday presents 🤣

Moon96Moon | Moon96Moon

Forcing one child to share everything with step-sister - YTA 😡

DelurkingtoComment | DelurkingtoComment

Mother shames daughter, punishes her for expressing emotions. YTA.

Beebee3029 | Beebee3029

Parent unfairly putting pressure on daughter, YTA. 🤦‍♀️

gaveisssan | gaveisssan

Commenter calls out parent for unfair treatment of step-sister 👏

RepulsiveRhubarb9346 | RepulsiveRhubarb9346

Mom plays favorites, forces daughter to share gifts with step-sister. YTA.

Comfortable-Age5370 | Comfortable-Age5370

Commenter calls out parent for prioritizing step-daughter's feelings 💔

GonnaBeOverIt | GonnaBeOverIt

Teaching fairness by demanding sharing? YTA comment section.

SaboraHoku | SaboraHoku

User calls out parent for favoring step-sibling over daughter 👀

McflyThrowaway01 | McflyThrowaway01

Mom steals daughter's gifts and punishes her for it. YTA.

can_you_not_85 | can_you_not_85

Forcing Amy to share everything with Nora - YTA 🤔

Misses_Lull_and_Bye | Misses_Lull_and_Bye

Commenter thinks mom is TA for forcing sharing gifts 🎁

Trick-Love-4571 | Trick-Love-4571

Commenter calls out OP for using daughter as stepdaughter's crutch 🤔

No-Koala8996 | No-Koala8996

Parental favoritism leads to sibling rivalry. YTA for enabling it.

Nicky_Sixpence | Nicky_Sixpence

Forcing sisters to share everything is unfair and breeds resentment 🙅🏻‍♀️

Disneyland4Ever | Disneyland4Ever

Step-sister excluded again, YTA for making daughter share presents 🎁

spicypotato52 | spicypotato52

Commenter thinks mom is in the wrong for giving away gifts 👎

RedVolant | RedVolant

Forcing step-siblings to share everything won't make them family ❤️

mumismatist | mumismatist

Redditor calls out mom for favoring step-sister over daughter 😬

Emotional-Mix-5742 | Emotional-Mix-5742

In a situation where the adults acted childish, Nora and Amy showed maturity 💁‍♀️

SpeedBlitzX | SpeedBlitzX

Mom receives backlash for making daughter share gifts with step-sister.

Nuttysewingcat | Nuttysewingcat

Sibling rivalry at its finest 🎁😒

Appropriate-Pound-32 | Appropriate-Pound-32

Commenter calls out mom for unfair joint birthday and gift sharing

nosaltonthemargarita | nosaltonthemargarita

Forcing siblings to attend events together can alienate older child 😕

ImNotReallyThatSmart | ImNotReallyThatSmart

Commenter calls out OP for being the a**hole in family dispute 😬

Few_Throat4510 | Few_Throat4510

Commenter criticizes parent's package deal approach, warns of social isolation.

Corn-Cob-Boy | Corn-Cob-Boy

Let her keep her presents 🎁, grounding her is not fair 😔

Financial_Room_8362 | Financial_Room_8362

Forcing step-siblings to share social events and friends is bizarre 😕

ramenkittykat | ramenkittykat

User calls out parent for prioritizing step-daughter over daughter's feelings.

bogo0814 | bogo0814

Commenter Nora calls out someone for being the a**hole 👀

engineer2187 | engineer2187

Commenter calls out selfish behavior in blended family 🤔

QuitTraining | QuitTraining

Forcing stepsisters to share gifts and friends? YTA for sure 🤦

Direct-Low-6356 | Direct-Low-6356

Commenter calls out YTA for creating unnecessary tension in blended family

RevolutionaryTale245 | RevolutionaryTale245

Forcing one child to sacrifice for another creates resentment 😔

MainEgg320 | MainEgg320

Don't punish your daughter for your mistake. 🤨

Willing_Industry_119 | Willing_Industry_119

Forcing stepsiblings to share gifts is not a good strategy 😕

BadTemperedBadger | BadTemperedBadger

Forcing daughter to share gifts with step-sister makes YTA 👎

Mr_White_Fam | Mr_White_Fam

Forcing stepsisters to share everything isn't helping their relationship 🤔

TemptingPenguin369 | TemptingPenguin369

Commenter frustrated with YTA stories and their impact on mood 😤

PianoZealousideal832 | PianoZealousideal832

Forcing a bond for your happiness is making your daughter feel less.

eyore5775 | eyore5775