Father Demands Daughter Form Relationship With His Family Or Lose College Funding

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A father has caused a stir after refusing to pay for his daughter's college unless she attempts to form a relationship with his family. The father divorced the mother of his daughter when she was two after finding out that she was messaging other men. The mother then made his life hell and badmouthed him, causing a rift between his daughter and his new family. Despite trying therapy and family time, the daughter still refuses to form a bond with his family and excludes them from events. The father has had enough and is now demanding that his daughter try to form a relationship with his family or lose funding for her college education. Is he being unreasonable or is he in the right? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Single dad worked hard to raise daughter, now controlling her life.

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Divorce and custody battles after finding out about infidelity.

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Single mom stands up to entitled father for daughter's college

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Stepmom excluded by ex-wife, causing daughter to cut ties

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Father's controlling behavior causes family tension and therapy bills.

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Family drama and false accusations causing college funding threat 💰

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Father gives ultimatum to daughter for college funding over family issues

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Father threatens college funding over family drama with daughter 🤔

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Father threatens college funding if daughter doesn't comply with family.

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Father threatens daughter's college funding over family relationship ultimatum.

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Father threatens to cut daughter's college funding over family bond.

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Father threatens to cut funding unless daughter forms relationship with family.

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Father threatens to cut college funding unless daughter mends family ties 😠

A father has taken to the internet to ask whether he is in the wrong for cutting his daughter off from her college funds after she refused to form a relationship with his new family. The man, who had his daughter with his ex-wife when they were both young, split with his wife after finding out she was messaging other men. After remarrying, the man says his ex-wife has continued to badmouth him and his new family to their daughter. Despite trying to form a relationship with his daughter, the man says she has been disrespectful and refused to form a bond with his new family. As a result, he has decided to cut her off from her college funds unless she attempts to mend the relationship. The man's wife is said to be on his side, but he is getting backlash from others for his decision. What do you think? Should he be forcing his daughter to form a relationship with his new family or is he being unreasonable?

Father withholds college funding unless daughter forms bond with new family.

Allen_1985 | Allen_1985

Suggests shifting the hot seat to ex by offering to pay half tuition after admitting all lies and wrongdoings. 🔥

Intelligent-Help8946 | Intelligent-Help8946

Father threatens college funding in manipulative ultimatum. YTA.

claireclairey | claireclairey

Father demands daughter form relationship with his family or lose college funding. Commenter calls out YTA for waiting until Ariel was paying for school to make this demand. Replies include support and personal experiences.

DenizenKay | DenizenKay

Parental alienation can have insidious power to infect and poison.

FloppyEaredDog | FloppyEaredDog

Engaging discussion on parenting and accountability, with mixed opinions 😬

lolifax | lolifax

Forcing a relationship is absurdly sh*tty, ESH. College funding revoked.

hibernativenaptosis | hibernativenaptosis

Commenter points out hypocrisy and confusion in Reddit's judgement.

ladylyrande | ladylyrande

Commenter suggests father's actions may be legally questionable 🤔

MinasMoonlight | MinasMoonlight

Father prioritizes his family over daughter's autonomy and feelings 😒

Spina97 | Spina97

Financial blackmail won't fix family dynamics. YTA. 😒

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

Offering a chance for reconciliation amidst family manipulation 🤝

rainbow_mak3r | rainbow_mak3r

Father demands daughter form relationship with his family or lose college funding. Commenter thinks YTA for going back on word, but also suspects daughter manipulated situation. Replies suggest ESH since daughter may not be innocent.

merchillio | merchillio

Father demands daughter's loyalty for college funding, YTA. 🤨

happybanana134 | happybanana134

Father blackmails daughter's future, redditor calls YTA. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father's lack of support damages relationship with daughter.

EmpireStateOfBeing | EmpireStateOfBeing

Father wants daughter to form bond with toxic family for money 💰

PeachMangoPiRSquared | PeachMangoPiRSquared

Empathy for the pain caused by family conflicts 😔

elladee000 | elladee000

Father changes college funds rule, punishes daughter. YTA. 😠

Cat_Lilac_Dog22 | Cat_Lilac_Dog22

Commenter seeks more information on father's involvement in college funding.


Daughter's college funds held hostage over family drama. NTA wins.

murphy2345678 | murphy2345678

Father demands daughter form relationship with his family, gets called out for dysfunctional behavior by commenter.

Cuteanimalsmakemecry | Cuteanimalsmakemecry

Father threatens to withhold college funding over family dispute. Commenters call him out for prioritizing his new family over his own daughter. 💔

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

Father shouldn't have waited to cut off college funding. 🤔

big_mama_f | big_mama_f

Father threatens college funding over daughter's relationship choices. NTA.


A story of terrible people, a perfect YTA harmony 🎶

Rdw72777 | Rdw72777

Will father fund college if daughter tries to reconcile? 🤔

Mindless_Ad_1514 | Mindless_Ad_1514

Father demands daughter's loyalty with college funding. Commenters call AH move.

MadTom65 | MadTom65

Financial blackmail is never the answer. 🤕

ctortan | ctortan

Using money to force a relationship? YTA. Let her come to you on her own accord. 💰

Fire_or_water_kai | Fire_or_water_kai

Father threatens to cut college funding over family demands. YTA.

Moon96Moon | Moon96Moon

Financial blackmail for family relationship? YTA, dad! ❌

Theodora1976 | Theodora1976

Father's financial blackmail leads to bitter daughter and confusion.

Global_Monk_5778 | Global_Monk_5778

Father's ultimatum risks relationship with daughter. ESH.

Maleficent_Tart2923 | Maleficent_Tart2923

Father demands daughter form relationship or lose college funding

kandiirene | kandiirene

Complicated family dynamics and financial pressure lead to conflict.

Beck316 | Beck316

Father demands daughter to form relationship with his family or lose college funding. Reddit is divided over who's the a**hole. 🤔

DariusIV | DariusIV

Daughter fakes relationship for college money; YTA. 🤔

murphski8 | murphski8

Father threatens to cut off college funding, loses daughter's respect. YTA 😡👎

Dazzling-Cold6080 | Dazzling-Cold6080

Father demands daughter to bond with his family, daughter caught in the middle

edwadokun | edwadokun

Father's tough love or control issues? 🤔 NTA or ESH?

SelectBorder6158 | SelectBorder6158

Father threatens daughter's college funds over disrespect - NTA verdict.

MauBao | MauBao

Reconciliation requires honesty and accountability 😔🤝

spaceyjaycey | spaceyjaycey

Father's blackmail over college funds causes family alienation. ESH.

tfb_416 | tfb_416

Divorce weaponizing hurts children, creates entitled parents. 😠

nirvanagirllisa | nirvanagirllisa

Father threatens to cut funding if daughter won't reconcile with stepfamily 🤨

minimalisticgem | minimalisticgem

Curious about court orders for college funding? Read on 🤔

Solrackai | Solrackai

Redditors debate if father is the a**hole in family feud

Interesting-Baker-75 | Interesting-Baker-75

Father demands daughter form relationship with his family and loses her trust. YTA 😒

joywaveee | joywaveee

Father sets conditions for college funding based on family relationship.

Philaleche | Philaleche

Money can't buy family relationships. A tough situation.

bailahey | bailahey

Divorced parents' infidelity affects innocent parent and their kid. 💔

Pharmacienne123 | Pharmacienne123

Father demands daughter form relationship or lose funding. Commenter calls him out.

Ihartpnw | Ihartpnw

Agreement broken, daughter punished. ESH in family tug of war 🤝

melissa3670 | melissa3670

Commenter calls out father's manipulative behavior and sketchy past 🤔

Ellejaek | Ellejaek

Be honest and face the consequences. 💪

chuckinhoutex | chuckinhoutex

Family therapy might help mend the broken relationship 👨🏻‍💻

Serafirelily | Serafirelily