Husband Throws Away Family's Food, Wife Refuses to Cook for Him Again

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A wife posted on the AmItheAsshole subreddit about her husband who threw away all the food she prepared for her family. The husband usually complains about the food and doesn't like what's on the menu. When the family had to cancel their visit, the wife kept the food in the fridge, but the husband threw it all away saying it smelled funny. The couple had a fight and the wife said she won't cook for him anymore. The husband left to meet his friends to vent, while the wife is still upset about the incident. Was the wife right to refuse to cook for him? Or was the husband right to throw away the food? Who's the a**hole in this situation?

Husband throws away family's food, wife stops cooking for him

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Food-wasting husband faces wife's cooking ban, fast food addiction revealed 🍔

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Food wasted after family cancels visit, heartbroken cook shares story ❤️

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Husband throws away food, wife boycotts cooking & fridge empties

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🍴Husband throws away family's food, wife vows no more cooking🍲

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Wife confronts husband for throwing away family's food 💔

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Husband throws away food, wife refuses to cook again. 😤

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Wife refuses to cook after husband throws away family's food 😤

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After a fight over wasted food, tension rises between spouses 😔

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Cultural clash over food choices leads to marital dispute 🍜

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Stubborn husband refuses to cook, wife reaches boiling point 🔥

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Husband throws away family's food, wife refuses to cook for him again 😡

A newlywed wife is outraged after discovering that her husband threw away all the food she prepared for her family, claiming it smelled 'funny'. The husband has been complaining about the wife's cooking, stating that he doesn't like the food she makes for her family and that he is tired of eating fast food. The wife, who has been accommodating her husband's food preferences, is now refusing to cook for him after he wasted her time, energy, and money. What will happen next in this culinary clash? Stay tuned for the comments and reactions.

Comment section turns into a hilarious discussion of ableism 🤣

tuppensforRedd | tuppensforRedd

Cooking should be appreciated & not expected. NTA 👏

amazonstar | amazonstar

Husband throws away wife's food, refuses to eat it. NTA.

ForwardPlenty | ForwardPlenty

Low key racism? 🤔 Wife is NTA for not cooking

OsaBear92 | OsaBear92

Husband throws away food to pressure wife into cooking. NTA.

terrapharma | terrapharma

Husband throws away food, wife suggests divorce. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, husband selfishly throws away family's food, wife won't cook again. 😠

Chaij2606 | Chaij2606

Commenter calls husband a child and receives agreement. 👶👍

curly_lox | curly_lox

NTA, husband needs to grow a pair and learn to cook 🍳

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter supports wife's decision to not cook for racist husband 👍

Job_Moist | Job_Moist

Don't let him bully you into cooking! 🍲🚫 #NTA

genus-corvidae | genus-corvidae

Questioning the foundation of a toxic marriage 🤔

Emotional-Ebb8321 | Emotional-Ebb8321

Cooking skills causing marital conflicts? 🍴👩‍🍳

ultracal31 | ultracal31

No excuses for throwing away food 👎 cook for yourself buddy 💪

Individual_Mousse273 | Individual_Mousse273

Husband acting like a toddler 🧒 NTA for refusing to cook

somegingershavesouls | somegingershavesouls

Wife refuses to cook after husband throws away food. NTA.

missteacher2 | missteacher2

Cooking for a partner isn't a chore, it's a choice 😤👩‍🍳

Careless_Mango | Careless_Mango

Commenter raises concern of racism in husband's food preferences 🤔

Queen_Sized_Beauty | Queen_Sized_Beauty

Why cook for someone who throws away your food? 🤔👎 #NTA

1Sluggo | 1Sluggo

Marriage problems due to racism. 😔

Kiwipecosa | Kiwipecosa

Wife refuses to cook for husband after he throws away food 🍲

Tiffany_Case | Tiffany_Case

Wife's husband throws away food, refuses to learn to cook. NTA.

Click_To_Sign_In | Click_To_Sign_In

Wife stands up for herself after husband throws family's food 😤

Dry_Report_994 | Dry_Report_994

Don't cook for the food-waster 🍴🙅‍♀️

MGM1926 | MGM1926

👍 Not the a**hole. Food waste is unacceptable.

QueenAnnieOkay | QueenAnnieOkay

Red flags flying high: 31-year-old man still living with mommy?

AJWordsmith | AJWordsmith

Cooking for your family is kind. He's being very shitty 😒

TexasForever361 | TexasForever361

Husband throws away family's food and insults wife's culture.

The-Moocat | The-Moocat

Commenter defends wife's cultural food, husband shows contempt 😒

SeniorAdvertising808 | SeniorAdvertising808

Commenter accuses husband of racism. 👀

throwra20216533 | throwra20216533

Communication breakdown in marriage over meal preparation. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Let him cook his own food 🍳👨‍🍳

JuliaX1984 | JuliaX1984

Lazy husband throws away food, wife won't cook. Microwave skills required.

Ok-Homework-582 | Ok-Homework-582

Wife refuses to cook for lazy husband, internet cheers her on 🙌

SandrineSmiles | SandrineSmiles

👎Husband's food waste earns him no meals from wife🍽️

Justagurl-- | Justagurl--

Family dinner ruined by husband's bad behavior. Be polite 🙏

Silverwolfypup | Silverwolfypup

Wife refuses to cook after husband throws away food. 👩‍🍳🚫

SuzieQ198921 | SuzieQ198921

Don't let weaponized incompetence ruin your relationship 🚫👨‍🍳

Emergency-Pea-8671 | Emergency-Pea-8671

Wife takes stand, husband left hungry 🍽️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Agreeing with NTA comment 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Shared responsibility 🍴 Return to sender 📦

Internal_Ad_8147 | Internal_Ad_8147

Feigned incompetence in straight marriages is a documented phenomenon 🤔. NTA and stand your ground!

kissesntea | kissesntea

Encouraging NTA to share cooking responsibilities with husband 🍴

tglyd | tglyd

Don't let entitled partners waste your food, culture and efforts 🙅‍♀️

GreatWhiteNorthExtra | GreatWhiteNorthExtra

Cultural differences in cuisine spark recipe sharing frenzy 🥧

Thia-M3762 | Thia-M3762

Questioning the marriage: cultural disrespect and racism 👀

Tigerzof1 | Tigerzof1

Empathetic comment offers advice for choosing better partners. 😔❤️

BlackStarBlues | BlackStarBlues

NTA, no cooking for him 🍽️🙅‍♀️

march-hare- | march-hare-

Lazy husband throws away food, expects wife to cook everything 🙄

Sammakko660 | Sammakko660

Husband throws away food but complains about unwanted food? 🤔 NTA

mtarascio | mtarascio

Cook what you want, eat what you get 😋

ExistentialistTeapot | ExistentialistTeapot

Husband refuses wife's offer to cook his preferred dishes 🤢

4790196199226228230 | 4790196199226228230

👍 Stand up for yourself! No cooking until he apologizes.

meifahs_musungs | meifahs_musungs

Respect your spouse's culture or get out. 👏🏾

kmfdmretro | kmfdmretro

Wife stands up for herself, husband learns to cook 🍳

Drago-Skullblade | Drago-Skullblade

Agree! 🙌 Not normal behavior in any healthy relationship. #NTA

Groundbreaking-Ad114 | Groundbreaking-Ad114

Husband refuses wife's cooking, but won't say what he wants 🤔

FlyingMacheteMonster | FlyingMacheteMonster

Find out the household agreement on cooking before judging. 🤔

Raven_Em | Raven_Em

Lazy husband throws away food, wife takes a stand 🍲🙅‍♀️

intolerablefem | intolerablefem

Husband throws away family's food, wife refuses to cook for him again. Commenter calls out husband's controlling behavior and possible racism. #NotTheA**hole 🙅‍♀️🍚

Random_474 | Random_474

NTA, spouse needs to grow up and learn to cook 🍳

lyan-cat | lyan-cat

Microwaving leftover fish in a shared kitchen 🤮

stickmaster_flex | stickmaster_flex

Empowered woman refuses to cook for wasteful husband. 👏

VictorianPlatypus | VictorianPlatypus