Man Upset with Girlfriend for Using His Breakfast Egg

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One man's breakfast routine was interrupted when his girlfriend used one of his eggs in a cake. The man usually eats six fried eggs and an orange every morning to ensure he doesn't get hungry before lunch. When he found out his girlfriend used an egg to bake a cake, he was mildly annoyed. He asked her to let him know in advance if she needs an egg, but she called him ridiculous. Was he overreacting?

Big man, big breakfast! 🍳🍊

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Egg-xasperated boyfriend shares grocery secret with girlfriend

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When you can't even trust your eggs with your girlfriend 🤨

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When bae steals your breakfast egg 🤨

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When an egg becomes a relationship problem 🥚🤦‍♂️

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Is he overreacting or does she need to apologize? 🤔

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Man upset over missing breakfast egg 🤧

A man who weighs 300 pounds and eats six eggs every workday was mildly annoyed when he discovered his girlfriend had used one of his eggs to make a cake. He wasn't mad, just frustrated that his breakfast routine had been disrupted. However, his girlfriend didn't see the issue, stating that it was just one egg and that she shouldn't have to plan everything ahead. The man is now seeking advice, wondering if he's overreacting. Do you think he's in the wrong? Read on for some interesting takes on the situation.

One egg drama! YTA's weight and egg consumption discussed 🍳

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Commenter and replies mock OP's extreme egg obsession 🍳

StAlvis | StAlvis

Egg-cellent comeback! YTA didn't stand a chance 🥚👏

birdwithtinyarms | birdwithtinyarms

YTA for being upset over one egg and ignoring your weight.

FakinFunk | FakinFunk

Gaston-level passive-aggressiveness in breakfast egg dispute 🤔

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Egg drama: One egg or six-pack, what's your breakfast style? 🍳

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A cake recipe suggestion to solve all egg-sharing issues 🍰

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Accidentally eating partner's food: humorous replies, YTA comment

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Commenter suggests seeking help for potential OCD or mental block.

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Commenter calls out YTA for being petty over breakfast egg.

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Sharing is caring 😊 Buy more eggs and let her use them too.

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Man refuses to share one egg with girlfriend 🥚🙄

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An insightful comment about unhealthy relationship with food 🍎

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Commenter warns YTA of health risks with egg obsession 🥚❌

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Eggscuse me, but is one egg worth the fight? 🥚 YTA

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Dietitian warns of health risks, commenter mentions constipation and humor.

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NTA for being annoyed about girlfriend disrupting established routine.

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Egg-cited over eggs? Redditor criticized for inflexibility and ingratitude 🥚

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Eggscuse me, but YTA for overreacting about one egg 🍳

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Don't crack up! 🥚 YTA for making a meal out of an egg thief.

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Compromise with cake and eggs? OP is TA, hilarious typo.

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Is getting upset over a single egg too much? 🍳

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Sharing an egg shouldn't ruin your day 😉

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Strict breakfast routine disrupted by partner's egg usage. NTA 🍳

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NTA but shaming his eating habits is AH behavior 😒

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One egg and a fight? YTA needs to chill 🙄

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Respect my coffee, respect my eggs 🍳☕️ NTA

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Egg-citing debate over breakfast egg usage 🍳

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Communication is key, even over small things 🗣️

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Man's routine of 6 eggs in the morning interrupted by girlfriend 🥚👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

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Sharing is caring, but always ask first. 😊

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Man gets upset with GF for eating his egg 🥚 YTA called out

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Sharing is caring, YTA needs to learn that 😒

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Don't be a Gaston! One egg won't make you huge.

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Buy extra eggs to avoid breakfast conflicts 🍳👍

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Cut down on eggs and be kind. 🍳🌱