Tyra Banks Shares a Cryptic Message about Leaving 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Tyra Banks
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Tyra Banks, The Dancing with the Stars host has confirmed her decision, and it is absolutely a shock to all of us. The hostess joined three years back and has concluded to leave the platform for something new. Tyra Banks, 46, has found a new way to be successful and be entertained at the same time! Keep reading this article to find out more about it!

What’s New?

What’s New?
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Heartbreaking news has followed and we all cannot believe this is true! After three seasons as host of Dancing With the Stars, Tyra Banks confirmed her departure.

What Is Her New Focus?

The model, who began hosting the ABC dancing contest show in 2020, revealed to TMZ on Thursday that she will be concentrating more on her ice cream company, SMiZE & DREAM, which she started in 2021.

High Hopes For The Not-So-New Business

“I’m really focused on business, like crazy focused. SMiZE & DREAM is global, so I feel it’s time for me to really focus on my business and my entrepreneurship.” Banks look super motivated to start a new beginning.

Right Time, Right Opportunity

Right Opportunity
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The host shared how she believes that “it’s time” she departs from DWTS. She continued saying, “I think my heart and soul are in my business and in producing TV, and you can’t do that while hosting a show.”

That’s The Spirit!

That’s The Spirit!
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Tyra Banks changed the route and started a new path to success. She is super enthusiastic about setting her priorities straight. She said, “So you’ll see me creating things, not just hosting.”

Not Taking A Bow, Not Just Yet

Nevertheless, previous America's Next Top Model hostess did remark that she would be ready to come back to television in the future, though only for a supporting role. More like just taking the behind-the-scenes opportunity.

Graduation Time, It Is

Graduation Time
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“I think it’s time to graduate from the dance floor to the stock market floor,” and ended her comments by saying the epic “Mic drop.”

The Awkward Moments On The Show 

Awkward Moments

If you have no idea, let us fill you in on that. Banks has had numerous on-air glitches, uncomfortable chats, and outrageous fashion moments during her stay on the show.

What Happened?

When she disclosed the wrong bottom two pairs on live TV in Season 29, confounding the contestants, judges, and viewers at home, the fallout from her hosting gig was especially severe.

People Involved

Tyra banks
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On an airing in October of last year, Banks called off the names of pairs who had avoided elimination, mentioning that the bottom two included Anne Heche and her partner Keo Motsepe, NFL player Vernon Davis, and dancer Peta Murgatroyd.

Her Side Of The Story

She tried explaining, “I mean, people see my face. They don’t know there are things in my ears, and there are directors and things, people saying stuff to me. And so … the world sees me.”

No Control In The Control Room

Throughout a press event at the Television Critics Association press conference in August 2021, Banks spoke about the error, “The world is angry at the talent, but there’s a whole control room and things happening and craziness going on.”

The Chaos

The Chaos

Banks made sure to tell what really happened and how things work for her. She stated, “And I’m fed certain things, say certain things that I’m told. But it is what it is.”

Loyal To The Team 

Once you’re a part of something, you automatically need to have their back. At the time, Banks admitted that she felt pressured to "take darts for the team" in her role as presenter.

The Sacrifice

Banks showed up to be a team player. She said, “We are a team. And sometimes you have to take darts for the team, and I took them. And will continue to take them.”

Standing For Herself

Standing For Herself
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After hearing all the negative comments on social media. Banks took her time and stood up for herself. She explained, “I was blamed for it, and it wasn’t me. And I think that’s very important to say.”

Latest Appearance

Now that she has signed off from the show, she was seen hosting once more. Alfonso Ribiero and Banks co-hosted Season 31 of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air previously.

When Did She Start?

With the resignation of veteran co-hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews, Banks took the place on Dancing With the Stars in July 2020.

What Goes On ‘Dancing With The Stars

The latest updates are that after 20 seasons, professional dancer Mark Ballas made his exit from the show earlier in the week. Moreover, Len Goodman, the first judge, disclosed his resignation intentions in November 2022.