Brooke Shields' Daughters Urge Her To Show More Skin

Fatima Araos
Closeup of Brooke Shields
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Brooke Shields may be one of the most famous women in film and fashion, but when it comes to her sense of style, her two daughters are not too impressed.

Her Girls Give Her Fashion Advice

In fact, it’s her girls – 19-year-old Rowan Francis Henchy and 16-year-old Grier Hammond Henchy – who give her fashion advice rather than the other way around.

The Teens' Style Tips

The Blue Lagoon star, 57, sat down with People for an interview ahead of the April 3 debut of her Hulu documentary, Pretty Baby, and revealed the style tips her daughters gave her.

No To 'Upper East Side Lady Clothes'

“They don't like me in Upper East Side lady clothes — all of my Today show wardrobe, whenever I hosted any show,” she said.

She Likes It Safe, They Don't

As a guest host on Today, she would often reach for classic pieces, like pencil skirts and suits – but her children don’t approve.

'Edgier' Is Better

“They don't like that; they like me much edgier,” Brooke added. She gave an example of an “edgy” outfit that got a thumbs-up from the teenage duo.

Off-White Dress And Sneakers

She said she bought a dress from Virgil Abloh’s brand, Off-White, recently along with a pair of sneakers, which had Grier gushing.

Grier Was So Proud

“My younger daughter was so beyond. I think it's the only time she's ever just marveled [at] and been proud of me,” the Endless Love actress joked.

Show More Skin

She also revealed that her daughters, whom she shares with her film director husband, Chris Henchy, want her to wear outfits that show more skin.

'Total Midriff'

“Total midriff,” she noted. “I don't even know what it constitutes, but they're always like, ‘Mom, you should show your belly.’” However, that was one style advice she objected to.

They Do Borrow Her Clothes, Though

To be fair, there are items in Brooke’s (and her husband’s) wardrobe that the girls love, resulting in the occasional closet raid.

One Daughter Likes High-End

“My one daughter's just obsessed with labels,” she said. “I'm like, ‘There's two black blazers. You couldn't pick the Zara one? You had to pick this Yves St Laurent.’”

The Other Likes Dad's Clothes

Rowan, meanwhile, likes her father’s sweaters more. She’d sometimes borrow her mom’s shoes because they’re the same size, but it’s Grier who’s “got Velcro hands” when it comes to raiding her closet.

Nothing Wrong With Showing Some Skin

If you ask us, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little body positivity, and we’re all for Brooke showing some skin.

She’s A SKIMS Model

Closeup of Brooke Shields
Flickr | cromosonline

She happens to still be one of the most beautiful models around – I mean, have you seen her SKIMS campaign?

SKIMS' First Bra Campaign

The former child star was one of six women tapped by Kim Kardashian’s underwear brand last year for their first bra campaign.

See The Sexy Snaps

In snaps from the shoot that she shared on Instagram in September, she posed in a bra, panties, and tights and wrote that she was “honored and excited” to be part of the campaign.

Jordache Campaign

Early last year, she also bared a lot of skin when she starred in Jordache’s Spring 2022 campaign, which was reminiscent of her famous (and controversial) Calvin Klein ads from four decades ago.

She Posed Topless

In one photo, she posed in nothing but jeans while covering her chest and looking over her shoulder.

More Photos

A second photo showed her in tight black jeans and a plunging top. In another, she struck an alluring pose in a tank top and high-waisted pants. Her daughters probably approved!