Ciara Claps Back After Critics Judge Her Oscar Afterparty Outfit

Dani Sanders
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Ciara, the Grammy Award-winning artist and fashion icon, turned heads at the Vanity Fair Oscar Afterparty with her daring and provocative sheer dress. But as the photos hit the internet, the buzz wasn't what she had hoped. Instead of receiving praise for her bold fashion statement, she was met with intense criticism and shaming.


Detractors quickly labeled her outfit inappropriate and accused the mother of three of setting a bad example for young women everywhere. Here's the dramatic breakdown of how Ciara shut down her critics:

The Controversial Outfit


Ciara's Oscar Afterparty outfit featured a backless, floor-length sheer gown that left little to the imagination. The front of the dress was extremely low-cut, with the singer's thong peeking through.


Backlash On Social Media

Social Media
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The photos of Ciara's daring outfit quickly went viral, with many social media users condemning her for wearing such a revealing outfit, especially as a wife and mother of three.

Fans Come To Ciara's Defense

However, Ciara's fans and body-positive supporters quickly came to her defense, with many pointing out that she looked stunning and that there was nothing wrong with wearing what made her feel beautiful.

Criticism On Instagram


Ciara took to Instagram to share a video featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the event. However, some of her followers took the opportunity to criticize her outfit, leaving negative comments.


Ciara Fires Back

Despite the negativity, Ciara remained undaunted. She returned to Instagram a day later, posting photos flaunting her toned physique with the caption, "Get that money sis, keep them on the tip. "


Selective Outrage

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On Wednesday, Ciara clapped back at her critics with a hilarious TikTok video. Covered from head to toe with a sheet, Ciara posed for the fake cameras and her followers with a smile. The caption read, "Selective outrage."


Fans React To Ciara's Response

Ciara's response to her critics was met with overwhelming support from her fans, who praised her for standing up to the haters and unapologetically herself.

Ciara's Message

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Ciara's message was clear: she is confident in her skin and will not let others dictate what she wears or how she presents herself.

The Power Of Self-Love

Ciara's response to her critics highlights the importance of self-love and body positivity, which are critical in a society that judges women based on appearance.

Standing Up To Body Shaming

Ciara's actions also serve as a powerful reminder to stand up to body shaming and embrace one's body, regardless of shape or size.

A Role Model

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As a successful musician, wife, and mother, Ciara is a role model for women everywhere, reminding them they can control their narrative.

Empowering Women Everywhere

By standing up to her critics and embracing her body, Ciara empowers women everywhere to love themselves and be confident in their skin.

Fighting Against Double Standards

Ciara's response also addresses the double standards in our society regarding what women wear and how they are perceived.

Normalizing Body Diversity

Ciara's fearless attitude towards her body sends a message of acceptance and normalizes body diversity, reminding us that there is no one right way to look.

Russell Wilson's Oscar Look

Russell Wilson's black velvet coat, shiny black pants, and shirt exuded classic elegance at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party Wilson's more traditional look was a perfect complement. Instead, the quarterback showed off his impeccable style, proving that a simple yet well-tailored outfit can still make a statement on the red carpet. 

BET Stands Behind Ciara

BET, a leading entertainment network, took to Twitter to support Ciara amid the backlash. They tweeted, "Y'all mad huh? DEAL WITH IT. We stand behind you, sis!" and photos of the singer in her sheer gown.

Is Ciara's Fashion Too Daring for the Mainstream?

Ciara has always been a fashion icon, with her striking and daring style catching the attention of fashion lovers worldwide. Since bursting onto the scene in 2004, the Grammy-winning artist has continued to evolve her style, opting for bold mini dresses, body-hugging designs, and classic jeans and biker jackets off-duty. Whether on the red carpet or just out and about, Ciara's fashion choices always make a statement, showcasing her confidence and fashion-forward approach to dressing.

Ciara Remains Unbothered


Ultimately, Ciara appeared unfazed by the criticism and continued to live her best life. She and her husband, Russell Wilson, recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary with a romantic getaway to Mexico. Ciara posted photos of their trip on Instagram, showing off her bikini body and reminding everyone that she's confident in her skin no matter what anyone says. 

Ciara's Success And Upcoming Studio Album

Ciara's first hit was Goodies, released in 2004. The single became an instant success, topping charts worldwide and setting the stage for her debut album of the same name, which also went multi-platinum. Since then, Ciara has released six more albums, including her latest, Beauty Marks, in 2019.

In 2022, Ciara returned with her first recording through a partnership with Uptown and Republic. She released the single Jump as part of the collaboration for her upcoming eight studio album.