Happy Birthday Nahla! Halle Berry Shares Rare Pics Of Her 15-Year-Old Daughter

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Halle Berry
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Hollywood star Halle Berry's daughter, Nahla, is making headlines after her mom shared a rare photo celebrating her 15th birthday. Berry was all about her admiration for her beloved daughter and she flaunted the growing teenager.

Nahla Makes Rare Insta Appearance

Halle Berry did not hold back on her feelings as she celebrated her teenage daughter on her 15th birthday. The star actress took to her Instagram page to post three photos of the celebrant. The first snap looked like a souvenir item with a throwback black-and-white image of Nahla and her mother. The pair had big smiles as they cuddled up for the camera. The image bores the words, "Love you more," in bold.

Berry Did Not Show Nahla's Face

The next slide also seemed to be a throwback picture as Nahla was photographed from behind. She appeared to be lounging on a hammock while enjoying the view of the blue ocean ahead. The youngster was dressed in an olive green vest, jean shorts, and a pair of sneakers. Nahla also rocked her mass of tight curls letting them fall around her shoulder.

Her Mother's Pride

Halle Berry
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In the last photo, Nahla was photographed sitting outdoors on a white lounge chair as she was dressed in a lumberjack and white shorts. She posed with her legs crossed while she drew a sailor's hat over her face. She also rocked a trendy silk press.

Berry Gushed Over The Teenager

The Monster's Ball star sent out a warm birthday wish to her daughter in the caption, describing her as "one of the greatest gifts the universe has given to me." A proud Berry wrote, "She is the sun that never fades and the moon that never wanes! Please join me in wishing her a happy 15th Birthday today! I love you, sweet angel"

Meet The Beloved Nahla

Halle Berry's Daughter Nahla
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Halle Berry goes down in history as one of Hollywood's most revered actors, and it is one of her biggest accomplishments. What probably tops this, is motherhood. Since the late 2000s, the star has started her motherhood journey, and she is nothing but smitten by her children. Berry welcomed her daughter, Nahla with her ex, Gabriel Aubry, on March 16, 2008.

Berry Has A Son

Berry experienced motherhood for the second time five years later in 2016. She welcome her son with her former husband, Olive Martinez, in 2013. Her son's name is Maceo, and he will be 10 years on October 5, 2023. One year after his birth, his parents ended their marriage, but since then, they have operated on an amicable co-parenting lifestyle.

Berry Is Quite Private About Her Kids On Social Media

Halle Berry
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The Catwoman actress is one of the celebrity moms who keeps their kids' appearances on social media, minimal. She is known not to show their faces on her media pages, but fans have seen them in rare public appearances. Berry made an exception when she shared a birthday post celebrating Nahla's 13th birthday. 

Halle Loves Being An Older Mom

When Berry gave birth to Nahla in 2008, she was 41 years old, and according to her, it was all in her plans. She revealed to Closer Weekly in 2019 why she chose to have her kids at a later age. The Moonfall actress noted that one was "so much more ready to be a parent after 40 than when you're 20." Berry noted that because she was older, she has equipped herself to be mentally prepared for motherhood.

Her Kids Are The Best Company

At the time of the interview, the Oscar-winning actress was single. She revealed that she has learned a lot b just being with her kids. Berry referred to her two children as "the best company," This was after she divorced Maceo's father.

Berry Learns From Her Children

Halle Berry
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Learning never ends and Halle Berry is proving it. She once told AARP that her children were her "greatest teachers." She described them as truth-tellers. She noted that adults could learn from children when life is viewed from their perspective.

How She Stays Grounded

Berry might stay clear of posting her children often, but she isn't one to shy away from sharing her motherhood tidbits from time to time. She has revealed that her children help her stay grounded. She relayed that wielding her title as a mom has helped her.

Being A Mom Comes Natural

The star also noted that being a mother was something that came naturally to her. She also added that she had time to indulge in other activities she loved.

They Inspire Her To Explore Other Aspects Of Her Career

Halle Berry
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Speaking to ET in November 2021., the 56-year-old revealed that her kids were part of her inspiration to explore her directorial skills. She stated, "Having my children now is the reason I'm even directing because I have to keep going. I have to keep discovering more facets of who I am."

Berry Wants Her Kids To Be Proud Of Her

The Golden-globe winner also included that she wanted her growing kids to be proud of her achievements. With this in mind, she noted that she has to keep being their role model, while also being invested in their careers.

On Juggling Motherhood And A Demanding Career

Back when Berry newly had her second child, she had been filming on the set of the TV series, Extant. The mom-of-two noted that her transition from the big screen to TV took a lot more than she envisioned. She was away from her family for a long, and to top it all, she was nursing home.

How She Handled Being A Nursing Mom On Set

Berry recalled that Maceo was three months old at the time, so it was a lot of juggling. The actress explained, "My baby was just 3 months old when we started so I was doing drive-by nursings every two hours. I would go into my trailer, nurse for 10 minutes and off I was.”

Her Love Life Is A Positive Influence On Her Motherhood

Halle Berry and Van Hunt

Another thing the Bruised actress is grateful for is her relationship with her love of over two years, Van Hunt. While gracing the cover of Women's Health, Berry revealed that Hunt, a Grammy-winning singer has helped her become a "much better mother." The seamless nature of their relationship has given her such peace that she is able to function well as a mom.

Inside Her Relationship With Hunt

The action film actress and Hunt have been an item since the fall of 2020, and it is safe to say it's been lovely. She once shared that she had never had a man lift her up the way Hunt did.

Berry Is Teaching Her Kids To Stand For Themselves

Halle Berry
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While juggling her life as an actress moviemaker, lover, and mom, Berry upholds that she wants her children to have a voice of their own. The star noted that she often tells her daughter to use her voice because she had a right to be heard. She included that she wanted both kids to be true to themselves and not be followers.