Father Wonders If He's An A-Hole For Not Punishing His daughter's Inappropriate Humor

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When a daughter comes up with a funny prank, tensions rise between her parents. While the father finds it amusing, the mother wants to punish the daughter for inappropriate language. The conflict escalates when the daughter shares the prank with her friend. The father believes the situation will resolve itself if they stop making a big deal about it, but the mother insists on punishing the daughter for her disobedience.

Who is in the wrong here? Read on to find out what happens in this family drama.

To punish or not to punish? 😕 A father's dilemma

bananamanandco | bananamanandco

Grandfather introduces granddaughter to classic shows with heartwarming results ❤️

bananamanandco | bananamanandco

Father embraces daughter's "fun fact" obsession, despite annoyance. 😊

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Daughter shocks father with inappropriate humor about 60s TV star

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Dad's reaction to daughter's prank has everyone in stitches 😂

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Daughter's inappropriate humor causes a stir among parents 🤦‍♀️

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To punish or not to punish? The debate on inappropriate humor.

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Debating punishment for daughter's humor - AITA?

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Parents teach sex ed instead of punishment for inappropriate humor 📚

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Dad's dilemma: Daughter's humor or discipline? 😕

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Dad questions parenting after daughter's inappropriate joke 🤔

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Dad's inappropriate joke leads to wife's silent fury 🤐

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Father debates punishment for daughter's inappropriate humor 🤭

A father shares his dilemma on Reddit about whether or not to punish his 12-year-old daughter for making a joke about TV censorship that her mom finds inappropriate. The daughter is a huge fan of her grandfather's favorite childhood shows and loves googling 'fun facts.' When she found out that ABC made Burt Ward take pills to shrink his d***, she deadpanned the joke to her parents, and the father found it hilarious.

The mother, on the other hand, was not amused and threatened to wash her daughter's mouth with soap if she ever used that word again. The daughter told her grandfather the joke, and he laughed so hard that the mother heard the commotion and forbade the daughter from telling the joke again.

However, the daughter repeated the joke to her friend during a playdate, and the mother is now demanding punishment. The father thinks that they should not make a big deal out of it and let the daughter get bored of it eventually, but the mother argues that the daughter is doing it for attention.

Join the debate on whether or not the father is an a**hole for not punishing his daughter in this situation.

Ignoring kids is their kryptonite. NTA for dad.

Relevant-Refuse7966 | Relevant-Refuse7966

12-year-olds and dick jokes – a match made in humor heaven 😂

kittieful | kittieful

A hilarious yet awkward discussion on the 'P' word.

lmchatterbox | lmchatterbox

Support for father's decision to not punish daughter's humor.

moondoggie1960 | moondoggie1960

Parent praised for not punishing daughter's harmless humor 👍

kikogi | kikogi

Debate over whether daughter is too young for a certain word 😶

EvolvingWren | EvolvingWren

Father not an a**hole for daughter's joke, wife needs to relax 💁‍♂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Using proper names for anatomy is important for children's safety ✅

elistar24 | elistar24

Humorous comment and replies bring joy and laughter to readers 😂

buttercupcake23 | buttercupcake23

No punishment needed for daughter's humor, NTA 👌

kmurphy798 | kmurphy798

Let the friend's mom handle it, NTA 🤷‍♂️

timespassing_ | timespassing_

Effective parenting doesn't always require punishment. NTA 👍🏼

SelfStudy657 | SelfStudy657

Hilarious inappropriate joke divides parents, but grandpa approves 🤣

SisterAlliance | SisterAlliance

Parent struggles with daughter's inappropriate humor and language 🤔

ChilindriPizza | ChilindriPizza

Let kids be kids, you're not an a-hole for ignoring it 😅

Undispjuted | Undispjuted

Marketing job gets weirder after searching about Burt Ward's penis 🤣

BKW156 | BKW156

Celebrating accurate anatomy education with a cool 😎 dad! 🙌

Due_Pattern7283 | Due_Pattern7283

When humor goes too far... NTA or ESH?

Thatsnodrumset | Thatsnodrumset

Normalize body parts for better communication and understanding 🙌

ProfCatWhisperer | ProfCatWhisperer

Encouraging humor while teaching appropriate conversation. 🤣

maaya_the_bee | maaya_the_bee

Factual and funny 12-year-old humor, wife needs to chill 😎

Wrong-Construction40 | Wrong-Construction40

Teaching what's appropriate without shaming - NTA 👍🏼

PotentialBread | PotentialBread

A relatable NTA comment with a humorous twist 😂

RayofSunshine_27 | RayofSunshine_27

NTA for not punishing daughter's proper use of anatomical terms 🙌

oldheart80 | oldheart80

Father defends daughter's humor while wife demands punishment.

aabbccbb | aabbccbb

Letting daughter use p-word: empowering or inappropriate? 🤔

HortenseDaigle | HortenseDaigle

Let kids be kids 🧒🏼👧🏽. Punishing for using correct terms? NTA

Jimston0910201 | Jimston0910201

Commenter defends OP's use of 'penis' and deems him NTA.

chuchofreeman | chuchofreeman

Breaking the taboo on anatomy jokes: NAH/ESH verdict explained 🍆

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parenting win: NTA for not punishing daughter's harmless humor 😂

CalligrapherPlus1536 | CalligrapherPlus1536

Father's daughter says correct anatomy term, wife gets angry. NTA.

ladytypeperson | ladytypeperson

Setting boundaries with humor: a delicate parenting balance ⚖️

sachetoftrout | sachetoftrout

Teaching pre-teens about sex education can be awkward, but necessary 💭

Rosalie-83 | Rosalie-83

Dad's leniency on daughter's humor sparks debate. 😏

rapidedward | rapidedward

Don't feed the trolls, but don't ignore the co-parenting context 👪

8Trainman8 | 8Trainman8

Irish humor wins again 🍀😂

Shadows_Lostsoul | Shadows_Lostsoul

Daughter's 'inappropriate' humor - NTA dad, YTA mom 🤪

Character_Study5220 | Character_Study5220

Teaching kids about appropriate humor 🤔👨‍👧

smolbirb123456 | smolbirb123456

Hilarious daughter gets a pass, dad not an a**hole 🤣

nick_of_the_night | nick_of_the_night

Daughter's 'inappropriate' humor defended by NTA dad 👏🏼👏🏼

Character_Study5220 | Character_Study5220

Parent defends daughter's humor, emphasizes importance of education and communication

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Humorous replies to NTA comment about inappropriate humor 🤣

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Daughter's inappropriate humor makes for hilarious yet messy family situation 😂

RoxSteady247 | RoxSteady247

Let kids be kids, but also respect your partner's parenting style 😂

JudgeJudy1001 | JudgeJudy1001

Humor is subjective 😆 NTA

kit_kat_7 | kit_kat_7

Father embraces daughter's humor, wife disapproves. NTA.

DC_Verse | DC_Verse

Daughter saying 'penis', wife mad. Commenters confused. 🤔

Euphoric-Round-5182 | Euphoric-Round-5182

Father defends daughter's use of anatomically correct term, wife overreacts. 🙄 NTA.

iowaiseast | iowaiseast

This comment praises the daughter's humor with a hint of sarcasm 😂

Jaded_Golf6256 | Jaded_Golf6256

Encourage open communication about sensitive topics with your child 💬

adeon | adeon

Inappropriate humor at 12, NTA for not punishing. 🤣

LiteraturesLove | LiteraturesLove

Comment section explores pills for male anatomy with humor 🍆😂

painkilleraddict6373 | painkilleraddict6373

Breaking stigma around anatomy education. 🍆💪🏼

Ihateyou1975 | Ihateyou1975

Encouraging grandparent-grandchild relationship, NTA 🤝

cheveresiempre | cheveresiempre

Breaking Taboos: Encourage open communication with your children 😂

sugondesewoman | sugondesewoman

Correct anatomical words for body parts are necessary. NTA 👍

catsarebetter003 | catsarebetter003

Fan praises daughter's humor, father embraces it. 😂👌

MamaBear92615 | MamaBear92615

Let her shine! 🌟 Embrace the humor and spread laughs 😂

Metoocka | Metoocka

Teaching kids proper anatomy terms is important for abuse prevention 😕

Comfortable_Mess8510 | Comfortable_Mess8510

Encouraging humor and anatomical knowledge in children, NTA.

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