Man Seeks Opinions on Fair Baby Care Division During Maternity Leave

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A father has caused controversy by asking his wife to take care of their newborn during the night hours while she is on maternity leave. The man works during the day and has requested that his wife takes care of the baby during the night so he can sleep. He has offered to take over all chores and baby care when he finishes work and on weekends. However, his wife believes that they should split the baby care equally during the night. The issue has sparked a debate on whether his request is fair or if he is being selfish. What do you think? Share your opinions in the comments below.

Fair division of baby care responsibilities during maternity leave 🍼

rayzrisme | rayzrisme

Dedicated dad offers to be superman to exhausted wife 🦸

rayzrisme | rayzrisme

New dad seeks opinions on fair baby care division during leave

rayzrisme | rayzrisme

👶🏻💼 Seeking opinions on fair baby care division during maternity leave

A new father is inquiring for opinions on how to divide baby care responsibilities during his wife's 16 weeks of maternity leave. He has requested that she take care of the baby during midnight hours while he sleeps since he has work during the day. He has offered to take over all other responsibilities including chores, cooking, and taking care of the baby after work and on weekends. However, his wife believes that the division of labor should be equal. The man is now seeking opinions on the matter. What do you think? Should baby care responsibilities be divided equally during maternity leave or is it fair to have one parent take on more responsibilities during specific hours? Share your thoughts below.

Sleepless nights and childcare responsibilities during maternity leave debated. 💤

Comprehensive_Food35 | Comprehensive_Food35

User defends themselves with facts, but receives helpful feedback 💡

shiddedfardedpeeded | shiddedfardedpeeded

NAH. Newborn care is hard, but prioritize her physical healing.

katiejanestitsandass | katiejanestitsandass

Sharing baby care responsibilities is crucial for new parents! 👶

Maynon_ShellCity | Maynon_ShellCity

New dad wonders if he should help with night shifts 🌙

DaleCoopersWife | DaleCoopersWife

Split shift is the way to go 👍

DiscountKnown6388 | DiscountKnown6388

Sleep is key during maternity leave: both parents need it. NAH.

Daefea | Daefea

New dad prioritizes work over fair baby care division - YTA 💤👶

a_toxic_rose | a_toxic_rose

Mom explains the toll of sleep deprivation on parents' health ❤️

MindyMouse326 | MindyMouse326

New moms need mental breaks, not just physical. 🙌

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User calls out unfair baby care division during paternity leave 😠

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Dad-to-be asks about fair baby care division during maternity leave 💭

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A dad shares his experience with taking on night duty during maternity leave 😴

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One mom's experience with newborn care: husband should help more.

Worldly_Science | Worldly_Science

Fair division of baby care during maternity leave - NAH suggests an agreement between partners is needed, as nobody else can decide what's fair. Replies emphasize the importance of flexibility and communication to ensure both partners' needs are met.

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Sleep when baby sleeps - dads need grace too! 😴💤

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Fair division of baby care during maternity leave - reasonable ask 👶

meagancavell | meagancavell

Consider sharing baby care hours to ensure restful nights. 😴

rosered936 | rosered936

Dividing baby care shifts is a fair solution. NAH (for now)

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NTA for taking night duty while spouse on maternity leave.

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Fair division of baby care during maternity leave: YTA

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New dad seeks advice on baby care and giving his wife a break 🙏

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Wife and mother supports fair baby care division during leave ✊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Engaging with empathy: A mother's exhaustion and a husband's responsibilities. 💪

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Stay-at-home mom shares fair division of baby care with working husband 👶

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Supportive comment section applauds father's dedication to family balance 👏

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Supportive reply suggests compromise for new parents' mental health ❤️

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Fair baby care division debated: Is OP really not the a**hole?

chefbilly1117 | chefbilly1117

Sharing baby care duties during maternity leave worked great! 😊

rollinshn | rollinshn

Father seeks fair baby care division during maternity leave

Deftonia | Deftonia

Sharing baby care duties can improve mom's mental health 😊

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Helpful advice on fair baby care division during maternity leave 👶

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Husband seeks sleep, not a blank check post-birth. NTA 👍

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Maternity leave: a well-deserved break or double duty? 🤔

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Debate on fair baby care division during maternity leave - NTA vs YTA

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Sleepless nights ahead for new parents, who's on duty?

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Fair division of baby care during leave? Compromise for sleep.

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Don't be a baby, let her sleep 😴

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Equal division of baby care during maternity leave works wonders! 🤩

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Flexible baby care division agreement between spouses recommended 👍

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New mom discusses fair baby care division with husband 🍼

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Asking partner to work night shift during maternity leave? YTA 🤔

tomtink1 | tomtink1

Early maternity leave is unpredictable and exhausting for both parents 🤯

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Fair division of baby care during maternity leave - NTA perspective 👍

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Dividing baby care during maternity leave: NTA seeks advice 🤔

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Sharing the load during maternity leave: fair or unfair? 💤

Canning-mama-1998 | Canning-mama-1998