Woman Receives Backlash for Not Putting Boyfriend's Name on House Title

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A woman inherited a house from her grandmother and gave half of it to her boyfriend. However, she didn't put his name on the title because he didn't contribute financially towards it. His family is now calling her out, saying that she doesn't trust him and doesn't expect the relationship to last. She stands her ground and says that she wouldn't add a man to the title unless they were married and paying for half of the rates. Her boyfriend feels like it's a sign that she doesn't trust him and that she's blackmailing him into marriage. Is she being unfair, or is she justified in her decision? Read on to find out.

Facing criticism for not adding my boyfriend's name on house title 😕

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Sibling love prevails: Woman selflessly gives up bigger house inheritance

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Financial contribution leads to house title drama 💰🏠

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Generous girlfriend or taken advantage of? 🔍🏡

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Boyfriend excluded from house title to prioritize education 💰👩‍🎓

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Backlash for not putting bf's name on house title 🏠

aitaexchildmy | aitaexchildmy

Facing criticism for not putting boyfriend's name on house title 😕

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Trust issues arise as boyfriend's name is not on title.

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To add or not to add? Woman faces backlash for decision 💍

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Woman faces backlash after not adding boyfriend to house title 💔

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Should partners be added to the title of houses?

A woman is receiving backlash for not putting her boyfriend's name on the title of her house. Her grandmother left her two houses, and she chose the smaller one, while her sister got the bigger one with her husband's name added to the title. The woman's boyfriend did not contribute financially towards the house, so she did not put his name on the title. However, his family is now calling her a b***h and claiming that she doesn't trust him. She believes that adding someone to the title should only happen after marriage and financial contribution. The boyfriend feels that she doesn't trust him and is blackmailing him into getting married. The situation has caused tension and disagreements between the couple. What do you think? Is it reasonable to add partners to the title of houses before marriage and financial contribution? Or is it best to wait until those commitments are made?

NTA. Boyfriend and his family are entitled and ungrateful.

4682458 | 4682458

NTA, boyfriend's family overstepping boundaries. No obligation to add his name.

joanclaytonesq | joanclaytonesq

Inheritance is yours, not his. BF and family are gaslighting you. 💯

penguin_squeak | penguin_squeak

Protect your assets and beware of huge red flags 🚨

Rice-Correct | Rice-Correct

Protect your house! NTA and boyfriends are overrated. 👑

JDaleFranklin | JDaleFranklin

Boyfriend's family demands half of girlfriend's inherited house, ultimatum given.

X-ile226 | X-ile226

Protect your assets, never give away ownership. NTA 👍

Just-Fix-2657 | Just-Fix-2657

Woman rightfully defends her ownership of property from entitled boyfriend's family 💪

mrslII | mrslII

Boyfriend's family demands house ownership, but OP keeps her stance.

Bluejewel_13 | Bluejewel_13

Protect your inheritance and memories, never put his name on it 💪

Aggravating_Art_4809 | Aggravating_Art_4809

Protect your assets 💰: Why putting your boyfriend on the house title is not a good idea

PoopKnifeTwinkleCunt | PoopKnifeTwinkleCunt

Claim your property! You're the boss! 🏡👑 NTA!

reyduquecool | reyduquecool

Stand your ground and protect your inheritance 💪🏠✨

swsvt | swsvt

Inheriting a home can save you a lot of trouble 🙏

bmolsen86 | bmolsen86

Boyfriend not entitled to girlfriend's inheritance, NTA 🤑

Fetedepantaloons | Fetedepantaloons

Protect your assets 💰, no ring no house name.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let entitled family pressure you into making a bad decision. 💪

Conscious_Abrocoma77 | Conscious_Abrocoma77

No need to share what's yours. NTA! 👏

snowwbird2 | snowwbird2

Defending her decision to not put boyfriend on house title 💪

Titty-Tugger | Titty-Tugger

Protect your assets! 🙅‍♀️

Mishy162 | Mishy162

Avoid the mistake! Think twice before putting an ex's name.

SteelMemes | SteelMemes

Preserve your family's legacy. Don't put your boyfriend's name on the title. 🏠

LouisV25 | LouisV25

Sarcastic suggestion for not putting boyfriend's name on house title 😏

Personal_Tourist_152 | Personal_Tourist_152

Boyfriend not entitled to house? 👀 NTA wins!

TheBlueManatee | TheBlueManatee

🚩 Trust issues with entitled boyfriend. NTA for sure.

Shoddy-Nothing-4123 | Shoddy-Nothing-4123

Protect your assets! Don't let anyone guilt you into sharing 🏠

mama_llama_88 | mama_llama_88

Protect your assets, don't let your boyfriend's parents exploit you 💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defend your property! 👊 Don't let anyone bully you into sharing.

Crow_Wife | Crow_Wife

Protect your assets! NTA for not putting bf's name 🏠

Arefue | Arefue

Smart move! Don't let him take advantage of you 👍

lochnessrunner | lochnessrunner

Independent homeowner sparks discussion on trust and marriage expectations.

LadyDouchebag | LadyDouchebag

🤔 Double standards in relationships: financial vs. emotional commitment

the_real_pam_halpert | the_real_pam_halpert

Protect your assets 💰 and avoid gold diggers 👀

koifishyfishy | koifishyfishy

Debate ensues over adding boyfriend's name to house title 🏠

venturebirdday | venturebirdday

Stand your ground, NTA. Don't give away what's rightfully yours. 💪

FuddieDuddie | FuddieDuddie

Love and property: Why this woman chose to keep it solo ❤️🏠

just-another-cat | just-another-cat

Curious comment sparks discussion about unclear situation with boyfriend's parents.

lovelynutz | lovelynutz

Boyfriend's name not on house title, NTA wins support 👍

HasSomeSelfEsteem | HasSomeSelfEsteem

Living separately during dating stage is normal 😊

easymmm | easymmm

Protect your assets and your arse, don't put his name.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Boyfriend wants half her inheritance, won't marry her? 🤔

overseas-mango | overseas-mango

Protect your assets, NTA. Don't give in to unreasonable demands. 💪

Each0to0their0own | Each0to0their0own

Financial expert advises against buying house with non-married partner 💍

Intelligent_Purpose6 | Intelligent_Purpose6

Protect your assets, not his ego. Keep the title yours! 💪

neelie69 | neelie69

Protect your assets, not his ego! 💪🏼👸🏻

sperans-ns | sperans-ns

Woman not wrong for not putting boyfriend's name on title ✅

Momof5munsters | Momof5munsters

NTA, OP! 🙌 It's your asset, not his. Ownership discussion can wait.

MuskyLion | MuskyLion

Secure your future, not his ego 💰💪

Outrageous_Dog_4319 | Outrageous_Dog_4319

Protect your assets 💰. NTA for not adding partner to title.

holierthanmao | holierthanmao

Protect your assets 💰 and don't let anyone take advantage

latefortheskyagain | latefortheskyagain

Inheriting a house and getting bullied by boyfriend's parents 😒

Aggravating_Art_4809 | Aggravating_Art_4809