Presley Family Feud Intensifies as Riley Keough and Grandmother Priscilla Clash

Ashley Hunte
Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough appeared with Lisa Marie Presley and twins Harper and Finley for the Elvis premier last year.
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In the months following the tragic death of Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley's only child, a rift continues to grow between several members of her family.

Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough have been embroiled in legal battles regarding Lisa Marie's estate. Now, the feud has gotten even worse in the wake of a custody dispute over Riley's twin sisters, Finley and Harper.

The Twins Are Under Their Father's Care.

Michael Lockwood, Lisa Marie's ex-husband and father of the twins, both 14, is now the sole guardian of them.

This Ends A Years-Long Custody Battle.

Years before her death, Lisa Marie had been attempting to win sole custody of her daughters. Married in 2006, Lisa Marie began divorce proceedings over a decade later, in 2017.

Lisa Marie Claimed To Have Found Inappropriate Images On Michael's Computer.

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Their children were put into custody after Lisa Marie accused Lockwood of having inappropriate pictures involving children on his computer. Lockwood denied the claims, and the case was dropped.

California Courts Have Ruled In Lockwood's Favor.

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Though Lockwood did not attend the court hearing, which happened on Tuesday, he was acknowledged to have "de facto" full custody of the twins.

This Has Saddened And Angered Riley.

Riley had sided with her mother during the custody battles over the years. Now, she is said to be angered over "losing" her sisters to Lockwood, whom she views as an "outsider."

Priscilla, On The Other Hand, Has Sided With Lockwood.

During the custody hearing following Lisa Marie's death, Priscilla didn't raise any objections toward Lockwood's fit as a parent.

Before Her Death, Lisa Marie Was Not On Speaking Terms With Her Mother.

Despite appearing at numerous events together that celebrated the release of 2022's Elvis, Lisa Marie was not on speaking terms with Priscilla after the latter sided with Lockwood during the custody battle.

Lockwood Appeared At Lisa Marie's Memorial Despite Not Being Invited.

A source close to Lisa Marie spoke with PEOPLE about Lockwood's presence at the memorial. Riley was incredibly angry over the fact that he appeared.

It Seems That He Went With Priscilla.

The source said, "He came to Memphis under the pretense that he had to chaperone the twins — and he forced his way in with Priscilla's help. The last thing Lisa Marie would have wanted was for Michael to be there."

Riley And Priscilla Have Been At Odds Over Lisa Marie's Will.

In 2016, Lisa Marie removed Priscilla and former manager Barry Siegel from being trustees on her Promenade Trust and estate, replacing them with Riley.

She Also Named Her Two Eldest Children As The Only Heirs.

Riley and brother Benjamin Keough were Lisa Marie's only heirs as of 2016. After Benjamin's tragic death by suicide in 2020, Riley was left as the sole heir.

Priscilla Is Challenging This.

Not long after Lisa Marie's memorial, Priscilla filed a petition to contest the will, as well as the 2016 amendment to the trust.

Both Harper And Finley Are Beneficiaries Of Lisa Marie's Estate.

Lockwood has since filed a request to be appointed as guardian ad litem for the twins, which would allow him to represent the twins during the probate case.

Lockwood Had Attempted To Get Spousal Support From Lisa Marie In The Past.

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The musician appeared in court in 2018, requesting that they order Lisa Marie to pay $263,000 per year in spousal support so that he may continue maintaining the lifestyle they had while together.

However, Both He And Lisa Marie Had Signed A Post-Nuptial Agreement.

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The agreement barred either party from spousal support or property from the other in the event of divorce.

Their Divorce Was Finalized In 2021.

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Lisa Marie and Lockwood split custody over the twins, with the former paying the latter $6000 in child support.

Lisa Marie Passed Away In January.

On January 12th, days after appearing at the 2023 Golden Globes ceremony, Lisa Marie was found unresponsive in her California home.

She Was Rushed To Hospital After Being Treated On Scene.

Paramedics noted that Lisa Marie still had "signs of life" following a suspected cardiac arrest, and brought her to a local hospital for further treatment.

She Passed Away Later That Day.

Sources confirmed that Lisa Marie had passed away that evening. She was 54 years old.

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