Father Demands Daughter Pay Back Debt After Years Of Estrangement

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A father on a Reddit thread has sparked a heated debate after he demanded his adult daughter pay him back $18k. The father claims that his daughter abandoned him, her stepmom, and half-sister at the age of 15 to live with her mother and stepfather. According to the father, his ex-wife and her husband allowed their daughter to do whatever she wanted, and as a result, their daughter preferred living with them.

The father admits to being stricter and having rules, which his daughter did not like. Their relationship soured further when the daughter did not keep in touch while on a school trip, leading to the father grounding her. The daughter's mother came to pick her up, apnd the daughter did not return to her father's home.

The father has been paying child support and half of his daughter's college expenses, which have added up to $18k. He wants his daughter to pay him back, but she wants to rebuild their relationship first.

Is the father justified, or is he being an a**hole? Read on to find out.

Daughter faces debt from estranged father. 💰

metalvito | metalvito

Father blames ex-wife for spoiling daughter in bitter custody battle 🤔

metalvito | metalvito

Dad's strict rule for daughter leads to debt repayment demand.

metalvito | metalvito

Father demands payback for years of estrangement over grounding.

metalvito | metalvito

Father's tough love after daughter's long absence 🤝

metalvito | metalvito

Father-daughter estrangement leads to financial dispute. 😔

metalvito | metalvito

Father feels abandoned by daughter, struggles to explain to family 💔

metalvito | metalvito

Father demands repayment for estranged daughter's college expenses 💰

metalvito | metalvito

Father demands 18K debt from estranged daughter's mother 💰

metalvito | metalvito

Father demands daughter pay back debt after years of estrangement 💰

metalvito | metalvito

Father demands repayment for estranged daughter's college expenses 💰

A father shares his story about his daughter who abandoned him and her family when she was 15 years old. She chose to live with her more lenient mother who let her do whatever she wanted. After years of estrangement, the daughter has been trying to reconnect with her father, but he insists that she pay back the 18K in child support and college expenses he has had to pay since she turned 18.

He believes that his daughter only cares about money and needs to prove that she cares about repairing their relationship. What do you think about this situation? Share your thoughts and reactions below and read what Reddit had to say.

Father demands daughter pay back debt, called 'horrible' and 'narcissist'

Emiliodash88 | Emiliodash88

Father demands daughter pay back child support, called out for being hypocritical. YTA 🤦‍♂️

Loose-Dirt-Brick | Loose-Dirt-Brick

Father demands daughter pay back debt after estrangement: YTA

Mo-Makes | Mo-Makes

Father demands daughter pay back debt after years of estrangement. Commenters call out his abusive behaviour and lack of care for her feelings. YTA.

One-Stranger | One-Stranger

Father keeps track of daughter's debt, demands payment: Commenters call him out for cruel and selfish behavior. 😡

aitfaenthusiast2312 | aitfaenthusiast2312

Father demands repayment for child support, calls daughter unloving. YTA.

Rainbow62993 | Rainbow62993

Father demands daughter pay back debt after estrangement. Commenter calls out controlling behavior. YTA.

rishcast | rishcast

Father isolates daughter, demands repayment of legally mandated payments. YTA 🤦‍♂️

missyanonymousy | missyanonymousy

Daughter doesn't owe you anything. Be grateful she's talking to you 🙏

disappointmentcaftan | disappointmentcaftan

Family law attorney calls out father for selfish and vile behavior 😬

cuntakinte118 | cuntakinte118

Father demands daughter pay debt after estrangement, labeled YTA by commenters 😡

Tensumi | Tensumi

Father demands daughter pay back debt after years of estrangement. Commenter calls out the father's 'near-abusive' behavior and entitlement. YTA

Dioptre_8 | Dioptre_8

Father demands daughter pay back debt after years of estrangement. Commenter calls him out for being controlling and selfish. 🚩

FailEntire211 | FailEntire211

User seeks clarification on the post's moral stance. 😕

Mindless-Economics-3 | Mindless-Economics-3

Daughter's estranged father demands debt repayment, labeled YTA by commenters. 💰🤨

reykenobi2_0 | reykenobi2_0

Daughter takes advice, OP shocked Pikachu face, deemed YTA 🙄

the_lusankya | the_lusankya

Father demands daughter pay debt, accused YTA for controlling behavior.

mrbullbutter | mrbullbutter

Commenter strongly believes father is in the wrong. YTA 🙅‍♂️

Reddit_Gunboat | Reddit_Gunboat

Commenter calls out father as 'YTA' and applauds daughter's decision 👏

Patrick_Kanes_Mullet | Patrick_Kanes_Mullet

Commenter calls father abusive for demanding repayment 💸

msszenzy | msszenzy

Commenter calls out father for being TA and warns of consequences.

CrunchyCookies51 | CrunchyCookies51

Commenter calls out father's unreasonable demands, defends prioritizing chosen family ❤️

DowntownMorning1655 | DowntownMorning1655

Commenter thinks father is TA and hopes family agrees 😳

GingNinj420 | GingNinj420

Father's controlling behavior towards daughter is unacceptable 🤬

Odd_Transition222 | Odd_Transition222

Parenting gone wrong 😬 Grounded for not texting enough?

deemossy | deemossy

Father's unreasonable demands lead to estrangement and debt repayment. YTA 🙄

mapp093 | mapp093

Ouch! The verdict is in and it's not looking good 😬

Mommy-Q | Mommy-Q

Father demands repayment and control, but loses daughter's love. YTA. 👎

radandro | radandro

Father prioritizes $18K over relationship with his daughter 💰👎

CursedAtBirth777 | CursedAtBirth777

Empath senses YTA - a demanding and unsympathetic father 👎

worried-individual | worried-individual

Comment section full of disdain for heartless father 👎

MostStress92 | MostStress92

Father demands daughter pay back debt after estrangement 😠

Anxietyoverkill | Anxietyoverkill

Father is called out for neglecting his daughter's emotional needs 😔

MerrillSwingAway | MerrillSwingAway

Commenter calls out father's absurd request for child support repayment 💰

allie-echo | allie-echo

Commenter calls out father in estrangement case, using strong language. 💥

walmartboburnham | walmartboburnham

A troll comment with no replies 🤷‍♂️

Durzydurz | Durzydurz

Commenter disagrees with father demanding repayment, calls him out

Knox_7304 | Knox_7304

Daughter not at fault, father's demand unjustified. 😒

Proud_World_6241 | Proud_World_6241

Father demands money from estranged daughter, deemed controlling by commenters 😒

OutlandishnessNew259 | OutlandishnessNew259

Father chooses money over repairing relationship with daughter 👎

Tulip2001 | Tulip2001

Debt repayment goes both ways. 👇

ramy82 | ramy82

Father demands daughter pay back debt - Commenter calls out abusive behavior, defends daughter. YTA.

Ruckus_Riot | Ruckus_Riot

Commenter calls out father's behavior, predicts karma will strike.

meezerbear9 | meezerbear9

Sassy comment shuts down entitled father's demand for money 💁

InTheory_ | InTheory_

Commenter calls out father for setting financial boundary with daughter.


Father demands repayment from estranged daughter, deemed YTA by commenter.

Intelligent_Stop5564 | Intelligent_Stop5564

User calls out father for being the a**hole 🤨

GeekyMom42 | GeekyMom42

Father's controlling behavior pushes daughter away - YTA 🤨

guest_3592 | guest_3592

Father demands daughter pay debt, internet labels him an a**hole 🙄

KermitsRegrets | KermitsRegrets

A dark prediction about the daughter's future 🤔

Trevors-Axiom- | Trevors-Axiom-

Commenter strongly believes that the father is in the wrong 💥

ltsmobilelandman | ltsmobilelandman

Commenter calls out father's narcissistic behavior, supports daughter. 💪

Busy_Understanding81 | Busy_Understanding81

Commenter calls out father's emotionally abusive behavior, YTA.

Infinite-Tie-9482 | Infinite-Tie-9482

Commenter calls out OP's behavior in estrangement dispute 💥

HaiHaitheRedPanda | HaiHaitheRedPanda