Britney Spear's Resurfaced Video Reminds Fans She Was Actually Pretty Open About Her Sex Life In The Early 2000s

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Britney Spears
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Ask about celebrities that are as open as a book, and Britney Spears will most likely be mentioned. She has been honest about her intimate life even before the woke culture "of owning your truth" became prevalent. And now an old video from the 2000s has resurfaced, reminding everyone why Britney is so real.

She Owns Her Sexuality

Britney Spear

Her frankness made one fan write, "I love how Britney was openly talking about her kinks…while pretending to be a virgin." Let's walk down the early 2000 memory lane. 



It All Started When Britney Turned 17

Britney Spears's seventeenth birthday was remarkable as she released her debut album—Baby One More Time, in 1999. 

Britney Was Not Too Young To Rule

Britney Spear

The debut album launched her into the commencement of her triumphant and groundbreaking career.

Then The Sex Related Questions Began To Roll In 

Roll In 

While Britney's music career flourished, the media seemed more interested in what was happening in her bedroom, even in her teenage years. 


How Did This Happen?

Britney was subjected to many intrusive and sexist conversations in her interviews. From the moment she was in the spotlight, the rising star was quizzed about her sex life. 


She Could Not Be A Virgin In Peace

Britney told the world she was not interested in having sex until marriage, but that response aggravated the matter and made her barraged with more sexist questions.

Britney Wanted It To Stop


Britney didn't like the narrative and constantly communicated her displeasure when bombarded with these interview questions. 

Britney Went As Far As Shutting Media Houses Up

Britney even went as far as shutting down some journalists for asking inappropriate questions and stressed that it was "personal" information and they were way out of line.


Britney And Justin Timberlake's Relationship Broke The Internet

 Justin Timberlake

The intrusion of privacy didn't stop. Instead, it increased as Britney, and Justin Timberlake's relationship was disclosed to the public. 

How Long Did The Relationship Last?

The lovebirds parted ways in 2002, resulting in more intrusive questions about her sex life after Justin hinted that Britney has weird sex fantasies.

What Did Justin Timberlake Say?

 Justin Timberlake'
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Justin Timberlake maimed Britney's public image when he disclosed that he had oral sex with the music star during his interview with Hot 97. 


Britney Bore The Brunt Of The Interview

This piece of information put Britney in a tight spot and started a narrative that she loathes talking about her sexual exploration in the limelight.

Is This True?

Contrary to the media narrative, Britney portrays herself in an overtly sexual way in her music videos and shoots.


Fans Are Beginning To Realize That

Fans are now starting to recognize that Britney was very okay with talking about her sex life in the early 2000s as long as she was asked in a better way. 


Britney's Old Video Has Resurfaced And Making Round

Britney's video interview from 2000 has resurfaced on the internet. In the video, she was 19 years old and was quizzed about several NSFW topics by interviewer Fiona Horne on Russell Gilbert Live

Britney Opened Up About Her Sex Life

In the video, she was comfortable talking about sex with so much joy on her face, ranging from favorite positions to seduction techniques.

Fans Can't Stop Talking

Conveying a video of the interview on Twitter earlier this week, one fan wrote, "I love how Britney was openly talking about her kinks and favorite sex position on TV while pretending to be a virgin."

Her Excitement Got People Talking

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Her excitement in the resurfaced clip has started a conversation about how the music icon enjoyed talking about her sex life but not giving the option to express herself without people prying. 

Britney Loves Sex

 "You could tell she loved this interview," one person wrote. "Britney has always loved talking about sex!" another said.