Woman Gets Job Back To Avoid Caring For Husband's Autistic Niece

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After a miscarriage and her husband becoming the legal guardian of his autistic niece, this woman struggles with caretaking responsibilities as a part-time worker. She gets her old high-demanding job back, leaving her husband alone with the niece. Is she selfish or just fed up? The post has sparked controversial opinions from both sides. Read on for more details.

Husband becomes legal guardian of niece, wife expresses concerns.

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Woman quits job to start family, but is it worth it?

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Finding purpose during tough times with a remote part-time job.

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Mother quits job to care for daughter with disabilities

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Struggling to care for husband's autistic niece - meltdowns and exhaustion 😔

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Dealing with an autistic child's food sensitivities can be challenging.

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Husband's anger escalates as wife refuses to care for niece.

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Woman stands up to husband and takes a break 👏🏼

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Woman quits in protest, man forced to take leave, apologizes

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Woman gets old job back to avoid caring for autistic niece 💼

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Struggling with family conflict over job and caregiving responsibilities 🤷‍♀️

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🤔 Are they the a**hole in this situation?

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Update on woman who got job to avoid caring duties

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👩‍👧‍👦 Woman gets old job back to avoid caring for husband's niece 👩‍👧‍👦

After her husband became the legal guardian to his sister's daughter, a woman gave up her career to be a stay-at-home mom. However, after her sister-in-law passed away and she became the primary caretaker to her niece with non-verbal autism, dyslexia, and severe sensory issues, she found herself at her wits' end. When her husband failed to uphold his promise to take care of the child, she left to stay with her mother and got her old job back, which requires travel and in-office work. This decision has caused a rift between her and her husband's family, who think she is being selfish. What do you think - is she the a**hole in this situation?

Understanding and empathizing with autistic children is important. 💬

undonenofun | undonenofun

No a-hole here. Explanation needed 👀

Captains-Log-2021 | Captains-Log-2021

Former nanny shares experience of caring for autistic child, advises husband to get a caregiver. 💼👩‍👦‍👦

keenkittychopshop | keenkittychopshop

Husband's broken promise leads to unforeseen consequences 😕

SeventhSea90520 | SeventhSea90520

No blame, no shame. 🤷‍♀️ Niece's family should provide care.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Having her old job back will allow for qualified help. 💪

Mundane-Currency5088 | Mundane-Currency5088

Don't let him off the hook! 🎣 Hold him accountable 👊

Remarkable_Sun6239 | Remarkable_Sun6239

Caring for a child with autism can be challenging. Take care.

kagomechan86 | kagomechan86

Being a caretaker is tough but don't blame the innocent girl 😕

adkai | adkai

Support worker advises on caring for individuals with disabilities 💚

DogBreathologist | DogBreathologist

Husband should take responsibility for his autistic niece's care 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❌

Jac918 | Jac918

You did nothing wrong. He should take care of it. 👍

TheWanderingMedic | TheWanderingMedic

Caring for an autistic child requires specialized work and understanding 💙

spirtualscientist | spirtualscientist

Should she end her marriage over caring for his niece? 😕

LifeAsksAITA | LifeAsksAITA

Husband needs to step up. Dyslexia ≠ developmental disorder. 🙅‍♀️

Valayria12 | Valayria12

Don't have a child with this person.🚫💔

Late_Engineering9973 | Late_Engineering9973

Setting boundaries with family can be tough 😢

Former-Current6961 | Former-Current6961

Navigating family expectations and balancing responsibilities as a caretaker 🤔

YeouPink | YeouPink

Don't let anyone steamroll you into taking on unwanted responsibilities 🚫👊

Silent_Shadow123 | Silent_Shadow123

Taking on a special needs child is a huge undertaking 🤝

messymamajessie | messymamajessie

Taking responsibility for your actions. 👍

Evil_Genius_1 | Evil_Genius_1

Standing up for yourself and the child, NTA 🙌

amydehp | amydehp

Navigating caretaking responsibilities and personal fulfillment 💼👩‍👧

theflinkkid | theflinkkid

Marriage in shambles due to caring for autistic niece. ESH.

WhatanAsh | WhatanAsh

Don't be a martyr. Get your job back. 🙌

onetrack-pony | onetrack-pony

Husband's promise to be sole caretaker of niece unfair to OP 😔

gemini_trash_0612 | gemini_trash_0612

Breaking promises and shifting responsibility. 🤔

myzaco | myzaco

Savage advice to end a messy situation. 💔

Direct_Candidate_454 | Direct_Candidate_454

Encouraging response to woman avoiding caring for autistic niece.

cummy_devil_doll | cummy_devil_doll

Family responsibility or not? NTA for niece's care.

miriam377 | miriam377

Stand your ground! 💪🏼 Don't let them guilt trip you.

FlamiaTheDemon | FlamiaTheDemon

Suggestion for care homes and therapy for better preparation. 👍

Shemishka | Shemishka

Spouse taking you for granted? NTA suggests institutionalization.

AKA_June_Monroe | AKA_June_Monroe

NTA. Taking care of autistic niece not in job description. 💼👎

ProfileElectronic | ProfileElectronic

Husband lies about caregiving, NTA for avoiding responsibility. 💪

celestina047 | celestina047

Husband volunteers to care for autistic niece, drops it on wife. NTA

MSully94 | MSully94

Parent with experience empathizes with woman's tough situation ❤️.

SquishySpark | SquishySpark

Husband signed up for it, he should be the caregiver 💼👩‍💻

TheDerbLerd | TheDerbLerd

Working with autistic kids is tough, NTA for not wanting responsibility 😔

torianii | torianii

A valid point raised about the niece's support system.

Difficult_Plastic852 | Difficult_Plastic852

Spouse's responsibility or not? NTA chose herself over obligation.

IllustratorNew8801 | IllustratorNew8801

Support for standing up against unfair caregiving responsibilities 👏👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman's insensitive behavior towards autistic niece raises concerns (ESH)

occamslizard | occamslizard

Stand up for yourself! 💪 You deserve to be heard.

cassandrafishbones27 | cassandrafishbones27

"Husband promised to take care, but didn't": NTA stands strong 🙌

aDirtyMartini | aDirtyMartini

Exploring day programs for adults with disabilities 🌞

stephoneme | stephoneme

Don't sacrifice your career for caregiving. NTA ✌🏻

NiobeTonks | NiobeTonks

Asking the important questions about long-term care for niece 🤔

yayrose | yayrose

Care for a disabled child leads to marital troubles. ESH.

StockComprehensive96 | StockComprehensive96

Equal parenting responsibilities. 👍

fragilemagnoliax | fragilemagnoliax

Divorce emoji. OP not responsible for husband's actions.

Admirable_One99989 | Admirable_One99989

YTA for leaving a child with zero supervision 🤷‍♀️

AggravatingTear2879 | AggravatingTear2879

Specialized facilities can provide better life quality for special needs individuals.

DreamingDragonSoul | DreamingDragonSoul

Parent of autistic child offers support and advice ❤️

RepresentativeAir208 | RepresentativeAir208

NTA: You are not responsible for your husband's niece 🙅‍♀️

oldcreaker | oldcreaker

Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries. You go girl! 💪

SetiG | SetiG

Don't let your husband take advantage of your good nature 😤💔

Individual-Rush-6927 | Individual-Rush-6927

Don't be an unpaid nanny! 🚫👩‍👧‍👦 Stand up for yourself and your time. 💪

ForestOfHandsNTeeth | ForestOfHandsNTeeth

Spouse assumes care, gets upset when refused. NTA 🚫👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Iamconfusion454 | Iamconfusion454

Parent of an autistic child sympathizes with OP's burnout and husband's lack of support.

Professional_Disdain | Professional_Disdain

Family needs to figure out niece's care, not OP. NTA 🤷

Cool-Clerk-9835 | Cool-Clerk-9835

Comment suggests divorce due to husband's behavior. 🤔

kombucha_shroom | kombucha_shroom

Caregiving responsibilities strain marriage, NTA suggests hiring help or placement.

Flat_Contribution707 | Flat_Contribution707

Spouse can't volunteer your care. NTA 👍

Impressive-Bench9223 | Impressive-Bench9223

Husband wants credit but not responsibility for autistic niece. NTA.

yikesyikes777 | yikesyikes777

Taking a stand for yourself and setting boundaries 💪

Blim4 | Blim4

Husband made a unilateral life choice, now suffering consequences 😔

jeynespoole | jeynespoole

Support for woman who avoided caring for autistic niece 👍

Math-n-Tacos | Math-n-Tacos

Not the a**hole for refusing to bear his responsibility 👍

psyk2u | psyk2u

Husband wants her pregnant wife to care for autistic niece. NTA.

Pinkie_Flamingo | Pinkie_Flamingo

Protect your finances and seek resources for niece's care. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP faces tough decision: care for niece or husband's job?

LeoMcShizzzle | LeoMcShizzzle

Take control of your life 💪 Don't let guilt-trips dictate it.

dominic_rock | dominic_rock

Husband lied about caring for autistic child; wife not the a**hole 💪

LunaLittleBlue | LunaLittleBlue

NTA - Legal help needed for disabled niece's care 🤔

Jennings_in_Books | Jennings_in_Books

Family support and broken promises lead to NTA judgement 👍

MiaW07 | MiaW07

Advice from an autistic person on caring for an autistic child 🧩

piefanart | piefanart

Family drama and abandonment surrounding autistic niece, everyone sucks here 😔

FPSPoonzy | FPSPoonzy

Not wanting to be a caretaker is understandable. 🤷‍♀️

Miserable_Sail4774 | Miserable_Sail4774

Compassionate NTA declines responsibility to care for husband's niece with autism ❤️

Bored-governmet-work | Bored-governmet-work

Seeking help and resources for caring for special needs niece ❤️

Pumpkin1818 | Pumpkin1818

Dealing with an unsupportive spouse in caretaking is unrealistic 💔

Ladyt1978 | Ladyt1978

Marriage goals not aligned, NTA for not wanting sole responsibility.

whita309 | whita309