Mom And Her Kids Walk Out Of Airport After Finding Out They Were Put In Economy While Fiancé's Kids Were In 1st Class

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A woman quits her job to focus on getting her degree. After her fiancé booked their thanksgiving flight, she discovered that he placed her kids in economy while his were in 1st class. She and her kids left the airport, and he continued the trip with his kids. Was she right to leave? Read on to find out.

Supermom talks about juggling child care and chores while pursuing degree 🦸‍♀️

thethrowaway156 | thethrowaway156

Left in economy while fiancé's kids fly 1st class for Thanksgiving 🤔

thethrowaway156 | thethrowaway156

Unfair seating arrangement leaves mom and kids in economy 🙁

thethrowaway156 | thethrowaway156

Fiancé puts mom and kids in economy while his kids in 1st class 😠

thethrowaway156 | thethrowaway156

Mom stands up for herself and kids against unequal treatment ✊

thethrowaway156 | thethrowaway156

Mom receives backlash for standing up for her kids' comfort ✈️

thethrowaway156 | thethrowaway156

Mother shamed for wanting fair treatment on Thanksgiving airline flight.

thethrowaway156 | thethrowaway156

Deciding between family and comfort on a vacation with in-laws

thethrowaway156 | thethrowaway156

Fiancé puts his kids in 1st class and hers in economy 😠

thethrowaway156 | thethrowaway156

Navigating unequal treatment and family drama 👀

thethrowaway156 | thethrowaway156

Heartbroken mom leaves fiancé after unequal treatment on plane 💔

thethrowaway156 | thethrowaway156

Grateful for support after airport seating mishap with kids ❤️

thethrowaway156 | thethrowaway156

Mom and kids walk out of airport after 1st class seating dispute 😠

A woman was shocked to find out that her fiancé had booked them first class tickets for their thanksgiving trip, but had put her kids from a previous marriage in economy. When she expressed her concern, her fiancé became angry and told her to follow his rules. She refused and left the airport with her kids, choosing not to spend the holiday with his family. After constant berating, she has decided to end the relationship and leave with her kids. Read on for the comments and reactions to this family drama.

Blended family nightmare: fiancé's kids in 1st class, OP's in economy. NTA

corgwin | corgwin

Fiancé prioritizes his kids over yours, reconsider this marriage 💔

Independent-Top3524 | Independent-Top3524

Fiancé excludes kids from 1st class, worries about future treatment 🤔

DemainTomorrow | DemainTomorrow

NTA. Red flags abound in fiancé's entitlement, control, and lack of consideration.

TrainingDearest | TrainingDearest

Putting the fiancé and his kids first? NTA, reconsider the relationship 💔

snarkingintheusa | snarkingintheusa

Fiancé's favoritism leads to heartbreak for mom and her kids 😔

GennyNels | GennyNels

Financial control and red flags. OP made the right choice. 💪

KurlyKayla | KurlyKayla

Fiancé gave his kids 1st class seats & put yours in economy 😠

SamSpayedPI | SamSpayedPI

Putting the fiancé's kids in first class sends a message. NTA 👏

Babshearth | Babshearth

Protect your children from this selfish fiancé 🚫👨‍👧‍👦

Fnupps | Fnupps

Commenter advises to leave fiancé after he mistreated her and her kids 🚩

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment and advice on standing up for your kids ❤️

101bees | 101bees

Putting kids in different classes shows favoritism, not luxury 💸

Queen_Aurelia | Queen_Aurelia

Believe what they tell you up front. 🏃‍♀️💨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Taking a stand and taking back control. 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fiancé's family made it clear your kids are not family – NTA

Thimbleofknowledge | Thimbleofknowledge

Commenter supports OP and makes a witty comment.

DinoSnuggler | DinoSnuggler

Redditor advises reconsidering engagement after fiancé's behavior in airport

classicgirl1990 | classicgirl1990

Standing up for yourself and your kids is not entitled 💪

HomelyHobbit | HomelyHobbit

Fiancé puts his kids in first class, but not yours? NTA.

Ok-Leopard6997 | Ok-Leopard6997

Fiancé's favoritism on display during flight seating arrangement. ❌

yesnomaybe123 | yesnomaybe123

Empowering advice for a mom in a toxic relationship 💪

queenlegolas | queenlegolas

Commenter suggests a bigger issue at hand in split family

DanteDrones | DanteDrones

Protecting your kids always comes first ❤️ NTA

waterfall_blue | waterfall_blue

Savage response to fiancé's classist behavior. 😎

i_am_art_65 | i_am_art_65

Choose your family wisely 🤔👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Mundane-Solution5657 | Mundane-Solution5657

Parenting inequality controversy sparks red flag for relationship 🚩

dwotw | dwotw

Fiancé's 1st class preference reveals his true feelings towards kids. 😡

Keepcalmandreadon81 | Keepcalmandreadon81

Reconsider the engagement? 🤔 NTA comment sparks debate.

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

Don't settle for a man who treats you and your kids as second class 🙅‍♀️

monkeysaurusmom | monkeysaurusmom

Double standards in first class treatment between step and biological kids 💺👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Snowybird60 | Snowybird60

Standing up for fairness in air travel 🛩️

Selena0410 | Selena0410

👍 Good call, don't marry him

Careless_Junket_6224 | Careless_Junket_6224

Fiancé's 1st class display: separating kids by class. NTA.

AllisonfromPalmdale0 | AllisonfromPalmdale0

Fiancé's 1st class vs your kids in economy? 🤔 Red flag.

lipgloss_addict | lipgloss_addict

Fiancé's 1st class favoritism exposes his true colors 😒

angelaheidt | angelaheidt

Putting kids in different classes is weird and dramatic 😒

heycomeoverhere | heycomeoverhere

Fiancé's unequal treatment of kids sparks airport walkout ✈️

YeeHawMiMaw | YeeHawMiMaw

Mother of 2 speaks out against unequal treatment of step-kids 👏


Supportive comment suggests leaving fiancé after seating dispute. 💔

Filteryourmoment | Filteryourmoment

Red flag avoided! Engaging caption for a justifiable NTA comment.

NeeliSilverleaf | NeeliSilverleaf

Empathetic reply urges poster to analyze bigger issue ⚠️

KittKatt7179 | KittKatt7179

Standing up for her kids against classist fiancé and family 👏

Mortalcompanion | Mortalcompanion

Favoring his kids over yours in 1st class? 🤔 NTA

op_yappy | op_yappy

Stand up for your family! 🙌

Scottish_squirrel | Scottish_squirrel

Supportive comment to a mom who stood up for her kids 🙌

DLCMotroni | DLCMotroni

Airline's first class bias causes family flight fiasco 😡✈️

paragontrigger | paragontrigger

Supportive comment encourages OP to stand up for their kids ❤️

Pixel_Sunshine_1295 | Pixel_Sunshine_1295

Passive-aggressive NTA comment throws shade at fiancé and MIL 👀

msdu5276769 | msdu5276769

Protect your family and ditch the fiancé 👋

B-Girl-Ca | B-Girl-Ca

Putting kids in different classes caused family division. NTA 👍

celest_99 | celest_99

Fairness in seating arrangement, NTA call-out 🔥👏

mmeezzz | mmeezzz

Put your kids first. Leave the man. 🙅‍♀️

kcoinga | kcoinga

Heartbreaking warning about disrespecting stepkids, 🚫🧒👩‍👧‍👦

Ethelfleda | Ethelfleda

Fiancé prioritized his kids in 1st class? Time to leave 💔

Own-Cauliflower2386 | Own-Cauliflower2386

Putting kids in separate classes shows family favoritism. NTA.

Wombatseal | Wombatseal

Think twice before settling for a man who values class over family 💗

Equivalent_Secret_26 | Equivalent_Secret_26

Mother's fiancé prioritizes his kids in first class. NTA advice.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Serious warning to reconsider marriage in this situation.

youhearditfirst | youhearditfirst

Serious warning about marrying into insensitive and unequal family 👀

DoesntLikeTurtles | DoesntLikeTurtles

Supportive comment suggests leaving fiancé due to unequal treatment on flight

g_beach | g_beach

Protect yourself and your rights. Lawyer up and move on 🔥

BlueberryBlossom13 | BlueberryBlossom13

Flying together: the only way to go ✈️

exotics | exotics

Fiancé put her kids in economy while his in 1st class 😡

anon466544 | anon466544

Escape from that situation! 😩

Total-Hour-4445 | Total-Hour-4445

NTA and a word of caution for the fiancé 💔

pnutbuttercups56 | pnutbuttercups56

Wedding cancelled? NTA comment on a fiancé's seating arrangement

Katiekoo_72 | Katiekoo_72

Stand up for yourself and your kids! 💪👩‍👧‍👦 Don't tolerate disrespect.

shallweskate | shallweskate