Topless Protester Interrupts Avril Lavigne During Live Broadcast

Ashley Hunte
Clad in all black, Avril Lavigne attempted to ignore the topless protester who interrupted her introduction on the Juno stage on Monday.
Getty | Dale MacMillan

With award show season in full swing, fans look forward to amazing performances and watching their favorite celebs cinch awards. But there are always going to be outrageous live moments that take everyone (including those on stage) by surprise.

During this year's Juno Awards, a Canadian music award ceremony, Avril Lavigne was interrupted when a protester made her way on stage and proceeded to take her top off.

Lavigne Was Introducing A Performance.

The Canadian music icon, 38, took the stage Monday night to introduce AP Dhillon, the first-ever Punjabi performer at the event.

In The Middle Of Her Speech, A Protester Appeared.

The woman, clad in a pink jacket and cargo pants, manages to get past security and walk up onto the stage.

As She Walks, She Takes Her Top Off.

The now-topless woman, wearing pasties, walks around with words and phrases written all over her torso.

She Was An Environmental Protester From Ontario.

A multicolored "Canada" sign.
Unsplash | Andy Holmes

Despite the Junos being held in Edmonton, which is in the province of Alberta, the protester was taking a stand against an issue within the province of Ontario.

The Woman Wanted To Share A Message With Canada.

A person in the woods holding a maple leaf, the symbol of Canada.
Unsplash | Guillaume Jaillet

She was protesting the Ontario government's controversial decision to develop housing along the greenbelt, a protected area of land within the province.

Phrases such as "protect the greenbelt" were written on the protester's body.

But Her Protest Was Disruptive To The Rest Of The Show.

A girl smugly saying "if you ignore it, it will go away."

Avril Lavigne initially tried to ignore the protester, continuing on with her speech even after the woman arrived on stage.

Eventually, Enough Was Enough.

Martin Lawrence dramatically pointing and saying, "be gone!"
Giphy | Martin

Even Avril has her limits. The Sk8er Boy singer decided to take it upon herself to confront the protester, especially since security was seemingly slow to react.

The Moment Was Caught On Live TV.

Avril finally suspends her speech to tell the woman to "Get the f*** off, b****." She also seemingly flicks one of the protester's breasts.

Moments Later, Security Escorts Her Off Stage.

An image of a security guard standing post outside.
Unsplash | Obi - @pixel7propix

With that handled, Avril can continue on with her introduction of AP Dhillon.

The Show Continued On.

Host and MCU star Simu Liu praised Avril's handling of the stage crasher, adding "sorry for the boobs" to the audience.

Avril Even Went On To Win An Award That Night.

Avril got the TikTok Juno Fan Choice award that night, which marks her 10th Juno award overall.

She Referenced The Viral Moment In Her Acceptance Speech.

"Nobody try anything this time or the Canadian’s gonna come out in me and I’ll f–k a b**** up," she said as she accepted the award.

It's Not Clear What Will Happen To The Protester.

A person whose wrists are bound in handcuffs.
Unsplash | niu niu

According to a report from Tuesday, the protester is a 37-year-old woman. The Edmonton police are pressing charges against her, but those charges remain unknown to the public as of now.

Avril, Meanwhile, Has Been Making News For A While.

The month of March has been full of Avril Lavigne-related news. Not long after exiting a relationship, Avril was seen linking up with a different celebrity.

Avril And Ex-Fiancé Mod Sun Broke Up In February.

The pair got engaged in 2022 but called it quits last month.

Now, She's Seemingly In A Relationship With Tyga.

It looks like Avril swiftly entered a new relationship.

The Two Have Been Photographed In Public Together.

Both Avril and Tyga, 33, appeared together at Paris Fashion Week last week.

They Were Seen Kissing And Holding Hands.

Pink, hand drawn hearts floating up in the air.
Giphy | Caro Martini

The pair seem to be in a very new relationship. A source spoke to PEOPLE, saying, "Tyga and Avril are getting to know each other. It's very new. It's very casual."

Avril, Meanwhile, Served Amazing Looks At Fashion Week.

Avril wasn't just there to attend parties and hang out with her new man. The singer also showed off some incredible looks during Fashion Week.

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