Oscar-Winning Jamie Lee Curtis Introduces They/Them Pronouns For Her Trans Daughter

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Jamie Lee Curtis
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Jamie Lee Curtis is undoubtedly one of the most iconic stars in Hollywood. Away from her career, she is a mother to two kids. Time and again, Jamie has showcased her love for her kids. Recently, she did it again when she gave her Academy Award They/Them pronouns in honor of her daughter. Here are the details 

Jamie Makes Surprising Revelation 

Shortly after the Oscars, Jamie continued her victory lap with another iconic revelation — she decided her Academy Award is non-binary with They/Them pronouns.

Where Did Jamie Share The News?

The Everything Everywhere All at Once actress shared the revelation during an emotional appearance on Tuesday's episode of the Today show with hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie.

Jamie Introduces Her Statuette 

"Here they are!" Jamie said, appearing with the Oscar statuette right by her side after being welcomed to the show. Afterward, Savannah asked a question that implied the award was female.

The Reason For Jamie's Choice 

"Have we named her?" Savannah asked to which the actress replied, making the surprising revelation. Jamie explained that in support of her transgender daughter Ruby, she chose to call the award They/Them.

Jamie Expresses Happiness 

Iconic actress Jamie Lee Curtis
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Next, the actress said her award was settling in, adding that she never saw in a million years that she would have such an experience, and she was moved by everything.

When Did Ruby Come Out To Her Parents?

Ruby first came out to her parents, Jamie and comedy director Christopher Guest in 2020. The following year, Ruby and her mom spoke candidly about the experience in an interview with People.

Ruby Shares Her Experience 

Ruby explained that coming out to her parents was intimidating, but she wasn't worried as Jamie and Christopher had always been accepting of her.

Jamie Says It Was Hard 

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis
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Jamie revealed that tears were involved as she initially struggled to stop using her daughter's given name.  

Jamie Describes Herself As A Grateful Student 

However, when it came to supporting Ruby, Jamie said she was a grateful student. Jamie revealed it was like speaking a new language and learning new terminology.

Jamie Admits She Isn't Perfect At It 

The mom of two said she was new at it and wasn't pretending to know much. Jamie also admitted that she knew she would blow it but would like to avoid making big mistakes.

Jamie Watches Her Daughter With Pride 

In another interview, Jamie confessed she and her husband had watched in wonder and pride as their son became their daughter, Ruby.

This Is Jamie's First Oscar

Jamie Lee Curtis with her Oscar
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At the 95th Academy Awards, the Halloween Ends actress was emotionally overwhelmed as she received her first Oscar in her decades-long career. 

What Category Did Jamie Win?

Jamie won the Best Supporting Actress category for her amazing performance as an IRS agent in the critically acclaimed Everything Everywhere All at Once

Jamie Speaks About Genderless Acting Categories

In tribute to her child, the Christmas with the Kranks star also spoke out about the need for genderless acting categories shortly after her win at the Academy Awards.

Jamie Wants More Women To Be Nominated 

Speaking to reporters backstage, Jamie said she would love to see more women nominated so that there could be gender parity in all areas and branches.

Jamie Says Inclusivity With Binary Choices Will Be Hard 

The actress then pointed out the inclusivity that involved the bigger question, "How do you include everyone when there are binary choices, which is very difficult."

The Consequence Of Genderless Acting Categories 

Although Jamie talked about the need for genderless acting categories, she admitted that it would have an unintended effect on female winners.

What Is The Most Important Thing?

According to Jamie, removing gender from acting categories could cause voters to consolidate around men. But in the end, the most important thing was inclusivity and more women.

Jamie Watches Acceptance Speech Video For The First Time 

Two days later, the star broke down in tears as she watched the video footage of her acceptance speech for the first time since claiming the award. Undoubtedly, March 12, 2023, will always be a day to remember for Jamie.