Rumors of Kyle Cooke's Infidelity Fly - Here's What He and Amanda Batula Had to Say

Sunny Peter
Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula
Getty | Jamie McCarthy

It wasn't long ago that the Summer House reality star Kyle Cooke was entangled in a massive cheating scandal. However, it seems like men just don't learn, as the 40-year-old star finds himself being dragged into yet another cheating rumor. 

Read more about the anonymous tip hinting at Cooke cheating on his wife, Amanda Batula, below.

Laughing Off The Rumors 

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula are paying no heed to the circulating rumors that Cooke cheated on Batula again.

Andy Cohen Searched For A Response 

Interviewing Batula on his show Watch What Happens Live, Cohen brought up the Deuxmoi post that mentioned a "married" reality TV star who has a "past cheating history" was "hooking up" with someone last summer.

The Original Gossip

The original Deuxmoi post read, "Now that this reality show is back on air, seems like a good time to air some dirty laundry about a certain soon to be 40 cast member."

The Dirty Details

Delving deeper into the dirty details, the post continued, "Friend of a friend was hooking up with this married man last summer when the season was filming … no shockers there given his past cheating history. Hope wifey didn’t send [sic] a prenup after all!”

Clearly About Kyle 

Commenting on the post, Batula said, "Well, it clearly is about Kyle. … I’m the only wife on the show, and I call him Cookie Monster," referring to the subject "🍪 monster" mentioned in the anonymous email.

The Timing Doesn't Add Up

Sharing her response with Cohen, Batula revealed, "I laughed at it, and I thought the timing was very convenient that it, like, came out given what was going on at the time on the show."

The On-Air Tension At The Time

Batula then clarified that she was hinting at the on-air feud between Cooke and their cast mate, Carl Radke, at the time the rumor was released.

A Defending Statement

Cooke defended himself against the rumor from the audience, saying "There wasn’t a night [last summer that I was] not accounted for."

Sleeping On The Tea

He further stated, "And it’s like, you sleep on that tea for eight months and then you send it into Deuxmoi? Come on!"

The Wife Chimes In

Batula, who got married to Cooke in 2021, stepped in to confirm her husband's statements and said, "I live with him!”

Not The First Time

However, this isn't the first time the Summer House couple, who have been dating each other since 2015 has been dragged into a cheating scandal. 

A Suspicious Guy's Trip

At the premiere of Summer House Season 3, Cooke came clean about his infidelity and revealed, "A year ago, I was on a guys’ trip, I blacked out, and I woke up with a girl in my bed. I’ve never felt worse in my entire life.”

Moving On From The Dirt

Following the famous saying, "love conquers all," the couple managed to move on from the infidelity scandal and tied the knot in September 2021.

Repeating The Same Mistakes 


On March 9, another post surfaced on Deuxmoi's Instagram account that read, "As we witness the fallout from the mess that is Scandoval, a Bravo couple on the opposite coast will soon find themselves in a very similar mess. He will be exposed for another ‘mistake.’ Will she be able to forgive and forget this one?”

Getting The Others Involved

Many speculate that the blind item is directed at Cooke, and Cohen has been asking other members of the Bravo reality show to share their two cents about the situation.

Diverting The Attention

While all members of Summer House have remained quiet about the recent post, Danielle Olivera opened up about the preceding post and claimed it was about Oliver Gray.

That Explains The Breakup

On the February 27th episode of WWHL, Cohen responded to Olivera's story by saying, "Well, that would explain why they are broken up," referring to Oliver Gray and his ex-girlfriend, Mya Allen.

An Unbelievable Twist


While the talk show host may have bought Olivera's interpretation, viewers are convinced the two posts are about Cooke since Allen and Gray never married.

Still Going Strong

As for Cooke and Batula, they are still going strong and were spotted at an event by their co-star, Avery Singer, before showing up on WWHL together.