Asian Woman Brutally Body-Slammed By Robber While 23 Miles Away From Houston ATM

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Nhung surrounded by family
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An Asian mother of three, Nhung Truong, might have to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life after she had a scary and unforgettable encounter with a robber, who body-slammed her and damaged her spinal cord. Here are the details.

A Normal Day Becomes Tragic 

On February 13, 2023, Nhung was expecting to make a simple withdrawal from a Bank of America ATM in Houston, but shortly after, her life would change forever.

Surveillance Footage Showed The Physical Altercation 

A surveillance camera captured the terrifying moment the victim struggled for her life after being attacked by a robber — a Black man in his early 20s. 

What Happened? 

Before the attack, reports revealed that after Nhung withdrew the money on Blackhawk Boulevard, the robber followed her nearly 24 miles away to a shopping center on Bellaire.

The Robber Attacks Nhung 

There, the suspect attacked the woman from behind, wrapping her in a violent bear hug until she dropped her belongings, which included passports for an upcoming trip back home.

The Suspect Gets Very Physical 

Next, the robber snatched an envelope from Nhung's scattered belongings and was about to flee when he turned around and became more physical with the woman.

The Robber Body Slams Nhung 

In the clip, the suspect grabbed the woman and brutally body-slammed her to the ground. Sadly, the robber then made away with Nhung's $4300 — the money she had saved up to visit her family in Vietnam.

Nhung's Family Insists The Money Isn't A Big Loss 

Nhung surrounded by her family
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While the money was quite huge, Nhung and her family revealed it wasn't a big loss. To them, the big loss was the victim's legs, as the incident left her paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

Nhung Feels Horrible 

Shortly after the incident, the mom of three explained that she felt horrible and sad, adding that the doctors didn't know when her legs would start functioning again.

Nhung Is Hopeful 

Nhung is hopeful
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Meanwhile, Nhung is not giving up hope and is optimistic that she will walk again. A month after the tragic incident, the woman is in rehab and wants the world to know her story.

The Victim's Words 

"I just need to practice, try to walk and stuff. I'm very sad that this happened to me and I just want to let people know to be careful," the victim explained.

Nhung's Children Are Worried 

While Nhung looks forward to a full recovery, her kids are bothered about how the family will cope. During a chat, Nhung's son An Duong said he could still attend school, but his mind was messed up.

Nhung's Son Shares His Thoughts 

According to the young man, he could not stop thinking about his mom and worrying about who would take care of her in his absence. Nhung's daughter Van also relayed that the doctors said her mom's full recovery chance was 50 percent.

Nhung's Daughter Shares Her Thoughts

"It's been really bad. We have to pay rent and stuff, and she's the only one that can work and help us. We don't know what to do. If a miracle happens, then she can walk again," Van noted.

The Family Set Up A GoFundMe

Nhung's family set up a GoFundMe
GoFundMe | GoFundMe

In the meantime, well-meaning individuals have been donating to a GoFundMe account set up by Nhung's family to help pay for the victim's medical expenses.

Details Of Nhung's Health 

Nhung learning to walk
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According to the information on the page, the initial goal was $50,000, and Nhung was expected to return home on March 9, 2023. However, the victim's condition didn't improve, and she was forced to remain at the hospital.

The Family Raise The Goal 

The write-up also explained that Nhung's discharge date was moved to March 15, 2023. Hence, due to additional financial costs, the family had to raise the goal to $120,000.

Over Half Of The Goal Has Been Raised 

As of March 14, the fundraiser has already reached over $90,000 with more over 1400 donors. At the same time, the family is seeking other means of raising funds, including applying for financial assistance and seeking support from the community.

The Search For The Robber Continues

In the meantime, the search for the suspect is still ongoing. The police believe the crime was a jugging incident that involved thieves stalking unsuspecting victims in places like ATM points. Then, they follow, rob, and sometimes attack them at the right moment.

The Robber's Features

The suspect has been described as a black male, approximately 5'8' and weighing 140 pounds. One can only hope that he is found and pays for his crimes.

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