Madonna, 64, Brings All the Glam With Her Photoshoot on Oscar Night

Dani Sanders

Madonna proves age is just a number as she rocks an edgy black corset and fishnet tights in a fun-filled photoshoot on Oscar night. The Queen of Pop flaunts her bold fashion choices and flawless makeup look, leaving fans excited about her upcoming world tour.

Madonna Lets Loose with Playful Photoshoot During 95th Academy Awards Night

Giphy | The Academy Awards

Madonna had a blast during the 95th Academy Awards night! Instead of just attending the ceremony, she decided to spice things up by having a playful photoshoot with her team. She even shared this hilarious moment with her fans on Instagram.

Madonna's Dazzling Style

At the recent event, Madonna, the legendary Queen of Pop, appeared in a daring all-black ensemble with fishnet tights and shoulder pads. The outfit consisted of a low-cut bustier paired with a chic blazer, perfectly showcasing Madonna's toned physique.

Madonna's Fashion Game on Point: Silver Accessories and Leather Gloves

Madonna always impresses us with her unique fashion sense. She added a touch of sophistication to her outfit by pairing it with silver accessories and a pair of chic leather gloves.

Madonna Rocks Voluminous Beach Waves Ahead of Upcoming World Tour


The anticipation is high as the talented actress prepares for an exciting world tour celebrating her illustrious career and iconic discography. But before that, let's talk about her stunning look at a recent event! The actress dazzled everyone with her fiery red hair styled in voluminous beach waves.

Madonna Teases Fans with Photos and Possible Tour Dates in A Clip

The mother-of-six recently took to social media to share a clip of her fun-filled night at the Oscars with her team. In the caption, the pop icon teased her fans with the possibility of upcoming tour dates, writing, “Oscar night with @jr and the gAng- gang!”

Madonna Rocks Bold Look: Black Corset Top, Micro Shorts, and Hot Pink Heels

Giphy | Madonna

Madonna, the iconic musician, made heads turn with her striking fashion statement at a recent event. She looked stunning in a black corset top with a sweetheart neckline and daring micro shorts. But that's not all - she added a bit of flair to her outfit by donning fishnet tights and extremely hot pink platform heels.

Madonna Has Always Been a Fashion Trailblazer

To complete her bold look, Madonna layered several chains and pendants around her neck and accessorized with metal belts, adding an extra edge to her ensemble.

Madonna Gets Ready for the Camera

Ready for the Camera
Giphy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

During a recent fast-paced clip, Madonna was spotted touching her hair, makeup, and outfit before facing the camera again.

Madonna Looks Glamorous with Bleached Brows and Full Fluttering Eyelashes

Madonna looked stunning with her glamorous makeup featuring bleached brows and full, fluttering eyelashes. Her makeup perfectly complemented her daring outfit!

Madonna Glows with Rosy Pink Blush and Dusty Pink Pout

During the recent shoot, Madonna looked radiant with her makeup featuring rosy pink blush swept across her cheeks and a dusty pink pout.

Madonna Rocks Fiery Red Hair with Dark Roots

Madonna's fiery red hair stole the show with its bold middle part and dark roots. Her voluminous beach waves perfectly framed her face, adding a touch of playfulness to her otherwise edgy look.

Madonna Strikes a Pose

Strikes a Pose

In a recent behind-the-scenes video of her photoshoot, Madonna was seen striking a pose on her knees while flipping her full, wavy hair. Her effortless moves perfectly captured her fun and playful spirit.

Madonna’s Recent Photoshoot with Her Team and Artist JR

Giphy | A$AP NAST

In addition to her shots, Madonna posed for a group photo with her team during a recent photoshoot. In one of the photos, she can be seen hugging multimedia artist Jean-René, also known as JR.

Madonna Joins Her Dancers for a Playful Circle Shot

Madonna took things to the next level by joining her dancers in a playful circle shot. In the picture, she can be seen lying down with Charles 'Lil Buck' Riley, Loic Mabanza, and Sofia Boutella, all striking a fun and carefree pose.

Madonna Credits Her Creative Team for Her Bold Look

In her recent Instagram post, Madonna showed gratitude to her creative team for helping her achieve her daring look. She tagged hairstylist Andy Lecompte, celebrity makeup artist Wendi Miyake, and stylist Rita Melssen, acknowledging their hard work.

Fans Speculate Photoshoot Teases Additional Tour Dates

Madonna's recent photoshoot has caused quite a stir among her fans. In the comments section of her Instagram post, they expressed their excitement and anticipation for a potential tour announcement.

Madonna Announces Additional Concerts for The Celebration Tour

The music icon took to social media on Friday to announce that she will perform additional concerts as part of The Celebration Tour.

Madonna's World Tour Dates Revealed

Madonna's fans have eagerly anticipated the start of her world tour, and the wait is finally over. The tour will begin in Vancouver, Canada, on July 15, 2023, and wrap up with a grand finale near Los Angeles, California, on January 8, 2024.

Madonna's 40th Anniversary World Tour to Be Her Biggest Yet


According to reports from an anonymous music executive, Madonna is set to embark on her “biggest tour yet” to celebrate her 40th anniversary in the music industry.