Ethereal Elegance! Halle Berry Stuns In Gown With Dramatic High Slit At The 2023 Oscars

Dani Sanders
Halle Berry

Actress Halle Berry had the upper hand (or rather, the upper leg) in Oscar dresses in this year’s edition of the Academy Awards night. Her exquisite dress had everyone wowing, including fans. Here are all the details you need to know.

Who Was The Dress’s Designer?

 Dress’s Designer
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Tamara Ralph was the designer behind the legendary slit dress adorned by Halle on Oscars night. She put her blood, sweat, and gold dust supplies into this gorgeous dress, and it showed.  

What Did The Dress Look Like?

The gown was made out of a silky, white satin material, with ethereal rose gold crystal flowers drooping from the neckline, and from the right leg slit. The rest of the dress was kept plain to accentuate the flowers, as well as the skin peeking from the slit. Not just that, the beauty of the dress was taken to all new levels with a sexy cutout in the middle. 


How Did Halle Accessorize The Dress?

 The Dress
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The Moonfall actress paired minimalistic Pomellato gold hoops with the dress, so as not to take the attention away from the breathtaking dress. Alongside the hoops, Halle was sporting some gold rings, along with gold high heels.

What Was Halle’s Makeup Like?


Enhancing the elegance of her look, Halle was wearing soft Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow in gold, along with coordinated lipstick. 


How Was Halle’s Hair Done?

The 56-year-old actress had a wavy hairdo, with her short hair swept to the side, and a wavy tendril covering her one eye. The entire outfit was screaming elegance, and the fans made sure that Halle knew that.

The Styling Process

Like many other actors, the Monster's Ball actress also shared clips from her styling process on her social media. She took to Twitter to post a close-up of her hair and makeup, and captioned it “In case you forgot…”

How Did The Fans Respond?

The fans went absolutely nuts over the look. They replied to Halle’s makeup tweet with all kinds of compliments and praises, and one even called Halle “Mother”.


Who Did Halle Attend The Oscars With?

Halle Berry
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The actress was accompanied by her boyfriend, Van Hunt, at the event. And standing there with her sweetheart, she made fashion statement after statement, casually tossing her train into the air, and donning several poses.


What Was Halle’s Contribution To The Oscars?

The Oscars
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Halle had the honorable chance to present the best actress award to Michelle Yeoh. These two are the only women of color to receive an award in this category over the 95-year history of the Oscars. 

What Did Halle Wear To The Afterparty

It’s never just the main show when it comes to the Oscars, and the stars have a fashion legacy to carry into the afterparty. Halle did just that and rocked a beautiful sheer black minidress.

Who Was The Dress By?

None other than Oscar de la Renta designed the stunning piece, with the bell silhouette. And worn by the gorgeous Halle, the dress was taken to new heights. 


What Was The Dress’ Design?

The bell-shaped dress was covered in sequined bows that were arranged in layers and gave the dress a beautiful sheen.

How Was The Dress Styled?

Dress Styled

Lindsay Flores was Halle’s stylist for the night, and he paired the dress with Niwaka jewelry in silver with shoes from the Italian luxury brand, Casadei. Halle also had a black bodysuit underneath the sheer dress.

Hair And Makeup

The makeup was kept subtle to accentuate the dress, and her hair was done in a similar way to the main event, with a side swoop to her pixie cut.

What Were The Fans Thoughts On The Afterparty Dress?

Just like the awards night dress, fans were crazy about Halle’s afterparty dress, and just how sexy it looked. They took to different social media platforms to say their praises.

A Throwback To Halle’s Own Oscar Win

Halle Berry
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Back in 2002, the 56-year-old became the first black actress to win a Best Actress Oscar. She described the win as heartbreaking in a 2019 interview with Variety. She said that she’d expected her fellow stars to become the first woman to do so and didn’t know why she was the one chosen.

Halle Has Always Been A Fashion Icon

From the iconic Catwoman costume to the recent high-slit dress at the Oscars, Halle’s always managed to take everyone’s breath away with her beautiful outfits. And it wouldn’t come as a surprise if she continues doing that. 


The Mothership

Halle is all set to appear in the upcoming science fiction film The Mothership. The movie will be released this year.

What Is Halle’s Role In The Movie?

In the movie, Halle plays Sarah Morse, a woman who comes across an alien spacecraft hidden right underneath her farm home a year after her husband suddenly disappears.