Morgan Freeman's Bold Statement with Satin Glove on Paralyzed Hand At Oscars 2023

Dani Sanders
Morgan Freeman

The Oscars are all about bold fashion choices that leave an impression. While celebrities gracing the prestigious red carpet left us swooning over their evening ensembles, Morgan Freeman's black satin glove caught the most attention this year. Read more about why Freeman always flaunts a glove on one of his hands.

The Glove That Stole The Spotlight 

Morgan Freeman donned a striking black satin glove on his paralyzed left hand as he took to the stage as one of the presenters at the 95th Academy Awards on Sunday.

100 Years Of Warner Bros

The bold elbow-length glove was widely noticeable on his left hand as Margot Robbie leaned on it while the pair entered the stage to celebrate 100 years of Warner Bros.

Coordinating In Black

The 85-year-old actor looked irresistible in a black tux paired with a white shirt, while Margot dazzled in a black sequined off-shoulder gown.

A Grave Injury

Freeman received a near-death encounter in 2008 when his car flipped off the Mississippi highway, leaving his hand paralyzed.

Lost Control Of The Car

Freeman lost control of the car near his house in Charleston and had to be airlifted to a hospital 100 miles away from where he had landed.

Going Off The Road

The Mississippi Highway Patrol Sergeant, Ben Williams, who handled the case, said, "The vehicle went off the edge of the road and flipped several times."

Rescued By The Jaws Of Life

safe now
Giphy | ABC Network

The Guardian reported the fatal accident saying, "They had to use the jaws of life [hydraulic cutters] to extract him from the vehicle."

Joking In Pain

When he was being rescued, the reporter revealed that Freeman was "lucid, conscious. He was talking, joking with some of the rescue workers at one point.”

Sleeping While Driving

Sgt. Williams reported the possibility that Freeman could have fallen asleep on the road since the involvement of drugs or alcohol was ruled out.

The Seatbelts Were On

He further added in his report that Freeman and his co-passenger, Demaris Meyer, had their seatbelts on, but the car's airbags failed to deploy.

A Show Of Good Spirits

good spirit
Giphy | PBS

Attorney Bill Luckett, who is also Freeman's business partner, shared his updates following the accident, saying that he's in "good spirits, but he’s in a lot of pain.”

The Pain Goes Up And Down

In an interview with Esquire after being released from the hospital, Freeman commented that the pain goes "up and down the arm. That's where it gets so bad. Excruciating."

A Failed Promise 

The doctors had previously stated that the condition of Freeman's hand would improve by 2011. However, his hand still remains paralyzed.

Severe Nerve Damage 

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The immobility in his left hand is due to the severe nerve damage from the crash, for which he is required to wear a compression glove to prevent the blood flow from stopping.

Updates On The Hand 

Speaking about his crippling affliction, Freeman said, "I suffered nerve damage and it hasn't gotten better. I can't move it. If you don't move your hand, it will swell up. Do you know you move your hand about a million times a day?"

The Glove Appears At The FIFA World Cup

The glove last garnered the world's attention when Freeman was invited to the official opening ceremony at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, sporting a beige glove on his left hand.

95th Academy Awards

The 95th Academy Awards ceremony was hosted by the late-night show host, Jimmy Kimmel, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

The Criteria For Nominations Changes 

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This year Hollywood finally listened to audience favorites and box office hits such as Top Gun: Maverick instead of repeatedly promoting arthouse favorites.

'Everything Everywhere All at Once' Bags The Most Awards 

The Indie film Everything Everywhere All At Once bagged seven Oscars out of the nine categories it was nominated for, making it the movie with the most wins that evening.