Angela Bassett's Shockingly Viral Oscars Loss

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Angela Bassett in Film Independent Spirit Awards
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The 2023 Academy Awards recently, and as expected, many renowned and talented actors received the rewards for their amazing performances. Sadly, Angela Bassett wasn't one of them, and her sad reaction to losing an award to Jamie Lee Curtis has gone viral. Here are the details.

When Was The 2023 Oscars Held?

The Oscar Awards
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On March 12, Hollywood's most acclaimed talents gathered in California in their best-tailored tuxedos and dresses for the 95th Annual Academy Awards.

Angela Would Have Made History

Among the esteemed nominees was Angela Bassett, whose win would have been the first of her decade-long career and Marvel Studios' first-ever acting Oscar.

Angela Already Bagged Two Awards For Her Role

Actress Angela Bassett
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With wins for Angela's portrayal of Queen Ramonda in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever scored at the 2023 Golden Globes and NAACP Image Awards, the veteran actress was a favorite to take home the golden statue.

Angela Loses To Jamie

However, Angela lost the Best Supporting Actress category to fellow icon, Jamie Lee Curtis, for the latter's role in Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Jamie Wears An Excited Look 

The epic moment Jamie went on stage to receive her first Oscar was captured on camera and showed the actress wearing a surprised yet happy look.

Angela Is Disappointed 

However, the same could not be said of Angela, who looked very disappointed. Unlike fellow nominees, Hong Chau, Kerry Condon, and Stephanie Hsu, the actress failed to applaud her colleague.

Angela's Reaction Goes Viral 

A few hours after the awards night, Angela's reaction has gone viral, with many social media users criticizing and branding the Hollywood icon a sore loser.

Twitter User Is Displeased With Angela's Reaction

One Twitter user noted that Angela was a fantastic actress. However, it was quite a shame that she didn't applaud when Jamie clinched the award.

Tweep Brands Angela A Sore Loser 

The tweep added, "Everyone wants to win. However, most won't. That's life. And sore loser is never a good look."

Fan Says Angela Is Cursed 

Another respondent described Angela's reaction as poor sportsmanship. Meanwhile, a fourth person wrote that Ariana DeBose placed a curse on the actress when she name-dropped Angela in a rap at the BAFTA Film Awards.

Tweeps Defend Angela 

While social media users quickly criticized the American Horror Story star for her reaction, others defended her, questioning if Jamie was a worthy winner.

Fan Addresses Critics

One fan directed their tweet at those describing Angela as a sore loser, asking their reactions if they put in hard work and Oscar-worthy performances for over 30 years only to be barely recognized.

Fan Describes Angela's Reaction As Real 

The fan further explained that there was nothing wrong with Angela's reaction, as it was "real and raw." Another fan also shared her views, even though she loved Jamie.

Tweep Says Angela Should Have Won 

Angela Bassett
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The tweep explained that Jamie's role, which won her the award, wasn't even the Best Supporting Actress performance in the movie. According to her, Angela stayed seated when the winner was announced, as she should have.

Fan Calls Angela A Queen

The fan noted that a queen never stands for an institution that refuses to recognize her. Another pointed out Jamie's surprised look, noting it reaffirmed Angela was the top contender.

Another Supportive Reaction 

According to the fan, whenever a Black actor was on the verge of making history for a remarkable performance, the Academy would opt to issue one "retroactively to a peer."

Jamie Did A Good Job

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis
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Irrespective of the public's opinion, there is no denying that Jamie did an amazing job playing Deirdre Beaubeirdre, which earned her a nomination. 

"Everything Everywhere All at Once" Was The Biggest Winner

Overall, Everything Everywhere All at Once was the biggest winner of the evening, with six more wins besides Best Supporting Actress.

Details Of The Other Categories 

The comedy-drama film's other wins were in the Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Editing, and Best Original Screenplay categories.