One Year Later: Remembering the Life and Legacy of Traci Braxton

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Traci Braxton
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Let’s celebrate the memory of Traci Braxton one year after her passing. Today it has been one whole year since Traci Braxton left us. Family and fans are still paying tribute to her departed soul with love and kindness.

Traci Braxton, An Amazing Singer Who Left Us So Early

Traci Braxton was an incredibly talented singer who was the sister of Toni and Tamar Braxton. Her vocals were just surreal. Her various songs live rent-free in our hearts, including “Un-Break My Heart,” “Long As I Live,” “Breathe Again,” and many more. 

She Was A Bring Beam Of Light 

 Beam Of Light 
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She wasn’t just a singer, a fantastic sister, a wonderful daughter, an honorable wife, and a loving mother. Her performances and career earned her a lot of respect while she followed the path of their passion.

Lost The Battle With Cancer

Traci Braxton
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She was just 50 years old when she succumbed to her long battle with cancer; may her soul rest in peace. Her husband confirmed the news and cause of her death in his statement caught by PEOPLE.

Remember The Heartfelt News Broke The Internet Last Year?

Traci’s sister shared a heart-wrenching message on the internet: "it is an utmost regret to inform you that Traci has passed away. Her family members urged for privacy while they all mourned the death.”

She Is A Memory To Cherish

Memory To Cherish
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The time has passed in the blink of an eye, and the picture her sister posted with Traci and other siblings in black and white still lives in our heads.

Traci’s Mother Posted Several Tributes In Her Daughter’s Name

Her mother wrote, “the first anniversary being with the lord!” She also shared a beautiful photo of Traci. These meaningful words just shattered the hearts of everyone around.


You Are Not Here In The Flesh But You Are In The Hearts 

Her mother wrote a note that filled the eyes of whoever came across it. She said, “Traci might not be in the flesh, among all of them, but her spirit is in her mind and heart. And I will always be there!”


Her Mother Says I Held You In My Arms For The Last Time

Traci’s Mother says she is very grateful for being there when she took her first and last breath. She also says that she feels her happy spirit from day to day.


Your Time And Your Season Came To An End

Despite the ups and downs, her Mother adores Traci and loves her with all her heart. With some last words, Evelyn ended by saying, “… your time and season came to an end.”

Proud Mom Shares Core Memory Of Some Precious Moments

Proud Mom
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Her mother also shared a video of Traci and her other children leading them in a song; she captioned it by saying, “how lovely and precious these moments are, a reminder of how they all used to be little and used to listen to their mom singing.”

Trina Shares A Photo Of A Hummingbird And A Candle


She captions the trio picture saying that she celebrates Traci and has no montage to show. She adds that she rewinds to all the happiness and Traci-ness brought into her life.

Towanda Posted A Photo Of Carousel

Towanda is also baffled by how fast the year went by; she tells how much she misses her physical presence. She is thankful for all the good days leaving behind loads of memories. She expressed her love through words.

Toni Shared A Photo Inclusive Of Sisters

Toni captioned the photo saying it was her favorite sister's picture. She also expressed her love and how much Traci is being missed.


Special Way Traci’s Family Keeps Her Legacy Alive

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All the sisters have a hummingbird necklace which means a lot to them because it has actual ashes of Traci in it. This is the sweetest thing anyone could ever do to revive happy moments.

A Hummingbird Necklace

They all have one necklace, and they carry it wherever they do because Traci wants to visit everywhere her sisters go. This was said by Tamar last April on Dish Nation.

What Is The Reason Behind A Hummingbird Necklace

She further states that Traci had five hummingbird tattoos on her back, representing each Braxton sister. Traci wanted to be a hummingbird, and she inspired her sisters to be one, which is the real reason behind it.

Forever Angel Hummingbird 

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She ended the interview by cheering a sweet tribute to her forever angel hummingbird. The sisters keeping the legacy alive is so inspirational to the world!

Traci’s Husband And Son Also Shared Memories

Traci was a great mother and a wonderful wife to Kevin Surratt Sr. They have been happily married for around 30 years. In a post, he wrote that he sends all the glory to God for what relationship he blessed him with. He ended with “… RIP my Queen” and lots of love.

I Love You Forever

I Love You Forever

The little champion Kevin Jr. who was there by his mom’s side, laying his head on her chest, says how much he loves her and that he knows she will always be with him.