A Woman's MIL Blames Her for Having a Daughter Instead of a Son

Mother blaming daughter in an argument.
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When a woman tells her mother-in-law that she's having a girl, she gets a disappointing response. Her mother-in-law tells her that she should have tried harder to have a boy instead and that a daughter is just going to be given away. The woman tells her mother-in-law to brush up on basic biology.

The husband defends her, but he also tells her that she shouldn't have spoken to his mother like that. The woman is unsure if she should apologize to her mother-in-law or not. Read on to find out what happened next in this situation.

Friend of brother turned husband: A love story in brief.

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MIL upset over grandchild's gender, ignores health and happiness 🤰🚫

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MIL blames woman for having a girl instead of a boy 😠

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No control over baby's gender: Woman shuts down MIL's blame game 😂

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Facing MIL's gender disappointment in having a daughter. 😔

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MIL pressures son for a male heir, discredits daughter's worth. 😠

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Woman schools MIL on basic biology after sexist comment 🧐

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Navigating a difficult MIL and spouse communication with respect 🧐

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Mom-in-law shows gender disappointment towards unborn daughter 😞

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Woman feels guilty for standing up to MIL's sexist comment 😔

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Mother-in-law blames woman for having a daughter, demands a son 👶🏻

A woman shares her experience on Reddit of being blamed by her mother-in-law for having a daughter instead of a son. Despite her attempts to explain that the gender of their child was beyond her control, the mother-in-law insists that she should try harder for a boy next time. This causes tension between the couple, with the husband defending his wife but also feeling uncomfortable with the way she spoke to his mother.

The woman is left wondering if she should apologize for her reaction, even though she was insulted by her mother-in-law's comments. The situation raises questions about gender expectations within families and the pressure to have a certain gender of child.

The comments and reactions to the post reveal the different ways in which people have dealt with similar situations, offering support and advice to the woman. It also highlights the importance of setting boundaries and standing up for oneself in difficult family situations.

Mother-in-law devalues granddaughter for not being a grandson. 😠

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Daughters are not worthless - Mama bear up and fight back 🐻

winsomebunny | winsomebunny

MIL thinks daughter is a failure; OP wins with science 🔬

McflyThrowaway01 | McflyThrowaway01

MIL values men over women, but OP and husband stand up for daughter 👍

Ogreguy | Ogreguy

MIL upset over family name, but daughter can keep/hyphenate it. Hilarious dad response.

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Breaking gender norms and rejecting legacy expectations 🤘

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Celebrating a well-deserved victory 🎉👏

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MIL blames woman for having a daughter instead of son. NTA.

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Husband mad you refused to take MIL's abuse? NTA 🙅‍♀️

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Pregnancy hormones: the ultimate truth serum! 🤰🏻💬

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Respect begets respect. Don't tolerate misogyny 👍

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Husband as mediator: A fair solution for a difficult MIL 👍

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Stand up for your daughter's equality, NTA 🙌

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Defending daughter against sexist MIL earns NTA title 💪

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Commenter supports OP's response to MIL with diplomacy 👍

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Standing up to a ridiculous MIL with humor 😂

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Biology lesson shuts down MIL's sexist comment 👏🏼👏🏼

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Celebrating daughters 🎉❤️ NTA for something beyond control.

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MIL hits a double play in AH-ery, devaluing daughters and blaming

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Defending her unborn child, justified OP shuts down MIL 🙅‍♀️

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Setting boundaries with a difficult MIL, NTA response 😂

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MIL's sexist attitude towards granddaughters. NTA for setting boundaries.

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Educating with humor: Color chart comeback shuts down MIL's sexism 🎨

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Mom-in-law blames woman for daughter not son. Woman claps back.

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Breaking the cycle of misogyny: a powerful message 💪

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Mother-in-law blames OP for having daughter instead of son 🙄

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Clapback at r/confidentlyincorrect MIL's gender disappointment 🙌🏼

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Standing up to bullying is never wrong. NTA 🙌

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Breaking gender stereotypes with science! 🧬👶

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Have a serious conversation with your husband about MIL's sexism 👩‍❤️‍👨✊

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Handling a difficult MIL with a daughter vs son bias 🤷‍♀️

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Breaking the gender stereotype with science 🧬👶

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Standing up to a misogynist MIL 🦆💪

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Commenter hilariously blames the husband for having a daughter 😂

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MIL upset for having granddaughters instead of grandsons 😒

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User defends woman's response to MIL's sexist comment. 💪

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Ridiculous suggestions on how to 'try harder to have a son' 😂

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Hilarious reply to a ridiculous comment about gender selection 🤣

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MIL goes psycho over having a girl instead of a boy 🙄🙄😒🤦🏾‍♀️, OP NTA but be careful 😱

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Defending science and shutting down insults like a boss 💪

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Breaking down sexist MIL's comments - NTA stands up

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Empowering response, show him the support you have.

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Breaking outdated gender roles with snark, NTA wins.

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Mom-in-law's sexism exposed, daughter-in-law not at fault. NTA 👍

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MIL's gender bias gets called out with a witty reference 👑

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Science shuts down MIL's sexism 🧬🚫 NTA wins!

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Clap back at MIL's sexism with science 💪

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Cutting ties with toxic MIL over daughter's gender. #NTA 💪

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