South African Rapper Costa Titch, 27, Passes Away After Collapsing on Stage at Ultra Music Festival

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Costa Titch
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Death can come unexpectedly, and this couldn’t be truer for the fans of the South African Rapper who collapsed on stage and passed away. Costa Titch – real name Constantinos Tsobanoglou – was only 27 years old.  

Who Was Costa Titch? 

Costa Titch was a rising star when it came to the world of rap in South Africa. The artist originally started off as a backup dancer before eventually launching his career as a rapper.  

Where Was The Show?  

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The 27-year-old rapper was performing at the Ultra Music Festival arranged at the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg. The incident happened on Saturday, 11 March.   

What Happened On Stage? 

Titch had just finished his set and was at the receiving end of thunderous applause from the crowd. A member of his team was encouraging his fans to put their hands up as the artist got ready for another song.  

Was There Any Sign Of His Health Before He Collapsed?  

Footage captured by the fans shows that there weren’t any apparent signs of his condition during his performance. 

He Had Tripped During The Performance 

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However, in the middle of his song, the artist tripped. Titch had simply gotten up and continued his performance. He looked just as energetic as before.  

Titch Appeared Unsteady  

Minutes after, Titch could be seen struggling to stand before eventually collapsing onto the floor. The crowd continued to cheer even as security staff and crew members rushed onstage to help him.  

Did Costa Titch Die On Stage? 

Costa did not pass away on stage. The staff members immediately took the young artist to a nearby hospital. However, there wasn’t much anyone could do.  

The Family Is Going Through A Difficult Time 

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While there had been many rumors about his health and condition, the artist’s family released a statement confirming his death. They thanked his fans for their ongoing support during this difficult time. 

The Family Releases A Statement  

“Death has tragically knocked at our door. Robbing us of our beloved son, brother, and grandson, Constantinos Tsobanoglou,” The statement said, “Who South Africa had come to love and idolize under his stage name ‘Costa Titch’. It is with deep pain that we find ourselves having to acknowledge his passing at this time." 


The Family Requests Some Space 

They further requested the fans to give the family time and space to gather themselves. They need time to “make sense of what has befallen” them. 

Fans Had Posted Videos Concerned For His Health 

After Titch had collapsed on stage, many fans had taken to social media to express their concern and prayers for the artist. Most fans just hoped that he was okay.  

Tributes Pour In For The Rapper 

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It wasn’t just his fans mourning Costa Titch’s loss. But rather, many prominent artists released statements expressing their sorrow over the artist’s tragic demise. The list included names such as Da Les, Rouge, and others.  

Other Prominent Individuals Convey Their Condolences  

Titch loss was felt throughout South Africa. Julius Sello Malema, a popular member of the parliament, also shared a tweet with the rapper’s name and a heartbreak emoji.  


What You Need To Know About Costa Titch  

Costa Titch was positioned to be a rising star of South Africa’s Music Scene. He had just broken into the industry back in 2020. 

Costa Titch Was A Rising Star 

The rapper was known for his hit songs such as Activate and Nkalakatha. He had even signed on to Akon’s record Label, Konvict Kulture.  


Titch Was Excited About His Future 

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The 27-year-old was looking forward to reaching a wider audience around the world thanks to his signing.  

What Titch Had To Say About The Deal 

In a recent interview, Titch’s excitement could easily be seen about signing on to Akon’s Label. “After the success of my 2022 catalog, we felt it was time to partner with a global entity,”

Titch had said, “So we can continue to push the barriers on an international scale.” 

SAMRo Released A Statement Of Condolence 

After his tragic passing, The Southern African Music Rights Organization released a statement on Twitter expressing their sorrow.  


A Loss Felt By The Whole Industry 

The Twitter statement read: “SAMRO is saddened by the passing of popular rapper Costa Tsobanoglou, better known as Costa Titch. Heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and broader music industry.”