Michael Lockwood Seeks to Represent Daughters Amid Lisa Marie Presley Trust Dispute

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Amid the ongoing trust dispute involving Lisa Marie Presley's estate, Michael Lockwood, the father of Lisa Marie's twin daughters, has filed a legal request to be appointed guardian ad litem for his children.

Lisa Marie's Death

Lisa Marie Presley
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Lisa Marie Presley passed away on January 12, 2021, at the age of 53. Her death was attributed to a drug overdose, and it came as a shock to her family, friends, and fans. In the wake of her passing, her loved ones have been grappling with grief and the legal battles over her estate.

Lisa Marie's Legacy

Lisa Marie Presley was a renowned singer-songwriter and the only child of the legendary musician Elvis Presley. She was known for her unique voice and music that explored love, heartbreak, and self-discovery themes. She released three albums during her lifetime and was working on a fourth at the time of her death.

Lockwood Attempts to Represent the Best Interests of His Daughters

In an attempt to represent the best interests of his twin daughters, Michael Lockwood has formally requested the court to appoint him as guardian ad litem in the ongoing trust battle involving Lisa Marie Presley. 

Lockwood Seeks to Be Appointed Guardian Ad Litem 

As per the legal documents, Lockwood submitted his request to the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday. He stated that he should be granted the position of guardian ad litem to advocate for the rights of his 14-year-old daughters, Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood. 

Probate Court Hearing

The upcoming probate court hearing on April 13 will be crucial in the ongoing dispute over Lisa Marie Presley's estate. The court will consider the appointment of a trustee and the distribution of assets from the trust.

Guardian Ad Litem

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A guardian ad litem is a court-appointed individual tasked with representing a minor child's best interests in a legal proceeding. The guardian ad litem is not a party to the case and is expected to be impartial in their role, advocating for the child's welfare and making recommendations to the court. 

What Being Guardian Ad Litem Would Entail for Lockwood

Lockwood requests the court to appoint him as the 'guardian ad Litem and grant him the power to speak on behalf of his daughters.  Furthermore, he has made it clear that there is no conflict of interest in his request because he is not a beneficiary of the trust under scrutiny.

Worth of The Trust Fund 

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The trust is believed to contain at least two life insurance policies worth $25 million and $10 million. It has become a major source of tension between Lisa Marie's family members, including her mother, Priscilla Presley, and her eldest daughter, Riley Keough. 

Priscilla Replaced as Trustee 

Priscilla was originally a trustee of the estate but was removed by Lisa Marie a few years before her death and replaced by Riley. The trust reportedly includes the rights to the Graceland mansion and a 15% stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Harper and Finley Gave Consent 

Harper and Finley signed a consent form agreeing to Lockwood's appointment as their guardian. This is the most recent development in Lisa Marie's ongoing trust dispute. 

Graceland To be Inherited By Lisa Marie’s Daughters

After Lisa Marie passed away on January 12, her representative informed ET that her father, Elvis Presley's former residence, Graceland, would be inherited by her three daughters - 33-year-old Riley Keough and the 14-year-old twins, Harper and Finley.

Riley’s Appointment Challenged 

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It was later revealed that Lisa Marie's daughter Riley and her son Benjamin, who passed away in July 2020, were named as co-trustees of Lisa Marie's trust in 2016. However, Lisa Marie's mother, Priscilla, is challenging the legitimacy of Riley's appointment in court, citing concerns about its authenticity and validity.

A Difficult Time For Riley and Priscilla 

According to a source, the recent weeks have been a difficult and emotionally trying time for Riley and Priscilla as they continue grieving Lisa Marie's loss.

Riley’s Feelings Regarding The Legal Battle 

Per the source who spoke with ET, the past few weeks have been extremely difficult and emotionally draining for Riley and Priscilla. Riley still grieves her mother's death and is devastated to be involved in a legal dispute with a family member. 

Priscilla’s Feelings Regarding The Legal Battle 


Meanwhile, Priscilla remains determined to pursue her case in court. She is confident of her chances of winning.

Riley and Priscilla Are Not Communicating 

The source further revealed that the two parties are not currently communicating directly. However, the communication is being done through their respective lawyers. 

Riley Devastated 

The source explained that Riley is devastated by the fact that the dispute has become a public matter. She believes it is not something her mother would have wanted. 

Riley Trying to Stay Positive 

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Currently, Riley is reportedly under a lot of stress. However, she is doing her best to stay positive and focused on her upcoming project, the premiere of her new series, Daisy Jones & The Six. Her husband and daughter are providing her with much-needed support and positivity during this difficult time.