Revealing the Untold Secrets of the 'Vanderpump Rules' Cheating Scandal

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At its peak or lowest, reality TV has always been full of shocking drama, with backstabbers hurting their friends or partners and even “sisters” engaging in conflict for their reasons. The truth is that these shameful acts create tension and spark interest in the viewers, which is what reality TV has always been about.

All Eyes On Vanderpump Stars

However, it is rare for a betrayal in a reality tv show to attract so much attention that goes beyond its regular fan base. And this time, VR has gone up thanks to Scandoval.

Vanderpump Rules - What Is It?

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Vanderpump Rules originated in 2013 as a spinoff from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. The decade-old reality show follows the exploits of physically attractive people that work at SUR, owned by Lisa Vanderpump.

What Is ‘Scandoval’?

“Scandoval” is the name of a scandal that broke apart the cast of a show that has been on the air for a decade now.  Vanderpump Rules is a reality tv show with all the corny drama you can imagine. The show's viewership had its ups and downs, well, at least until now.

Recap On Sandoval And Madix

You might be interested by now and thinking about what happened, so keep reading on.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix were on the show for a long time and, most importantly, in a relationship for ten years before Sandoval cheated on Madix with her best friend (now former best friend) Raquel Leviss.

Tom Sandoval

Firstly, the man who cheated on his girlfriend and the main culprit in this drama, Tom Sandoval, 39, is a male model and former bartender. Tom and his best friend also co-own two well-known bars in the LA area, Schwartz and Sandys and Tomtom.

Ariana Madix

Ariana Madix
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Now let’s talk about Ariana Madix; she was Tom Sandoval's girlfriend for nine years before being cheated on. Ariana is 37 years old and is a humble, bisexual, blonde woman.

Sandoval Not Loyal

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Her bond with her boyfriend, Tom, seemed relatively strong, and they were so in love they even bought a farmhouse together for $2 million in 2019. The same house he used to cheat on her. Yikes!

Raquel Leviss

Raquel Leviss
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And finally, Raquel Leviss, 28, entered the show in 2016 as the girlfriend of another cast member, the foul-tongued-drunk DJ James Kennedy. They later broke up, and Leviss became best friends with Ariana Madix, only to betray her in the worst possible ways.

Well, What Exactly Happened?

On March 1, Sandoval performed with his cover band, Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras, at TomTom. His cell phone fell from his pocket and was handed over to Madix for safekeeping by someone. 

What Happened Before The Gig

Before the gig started, Tom told Page Six, "We have our ups and downs for sure, but I think we have been really good about respecting each other.” Hypocritical behavior at its best!

Madix Discovers The Truth

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Ariana went through Sandoval’s phone and discovered a sexually explicit video of Leviss. A little more investigation led to the discovery of Tom and Raquel’s secret affair, which had been going on for months.

Ariana’s Feelings

A source informed Page Six that Ariana is “heartbroken’ and ‘blindsided”, but Sandoval has always been a cheater. He has a history of committing such acts with previous partners too. 

How Did Ariana And Tom’s Relationship Start?


Tom and Ariana’s relationship started when he was hooking up with another cast member Doute, 40. She later accused Tom of cheating on her with a “Miami girl.

Leviss And Shay's Confrontation

Leviss and Shay had a violent encounter, according to Leviss. We wouldn’t be surprised as Shay is Madix’s best friend.

Shay Denies The Allegation

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Ariana shared a photo on Instagram of the injury and claimed that Shay pushed her against a brick wall, injuring the back of her head. Scheana Shay has denied the incident and claims that Leviss has made up the situation. 

Sandoval Seen At Leviss’ Apartment

Raquel Leviss
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Sandoval and Madix split soon after she discovered the affair. Sandoval was seen visiting Leviss’ apartment after the split. 

Sandoval’s Business Going Down

Fans are angry and have started posting bad reviews about Sandoval’s bars on Yelp. He went to Instagram to share an apology on behalf of his actions and requested angry fans to calm down and not thrash his business.

Tom Apologises To Ariana

Tom addressed Ariana in another Instagram post and apologized for his actions. “Most of all, I want to apologize to Ariana. I made mistakes, was selfish, and made reckless decisions that hurt somebody I love.”

Raquel Apologises To Ariana 

Leviss also apologized to Ariana for her actions. “There is no excuse. I am not a victim, and I must own my actions, and I deeply regret hurting Ariana”. Ariana has not made any comments yet.