I Sat On My Husband's Lap During Thanksgiving Dinner, And Things Got Awkward

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Thanksgiving dinner
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Dealing with a critical mother-in-law during holidays 😒

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Awkward Thanksgiving with MIL's double standards on ex-partners 🙄

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No seat at Thanksgiving dinner, MIL blames granddaughter. 😒🍗

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Thanksgiving drama: Who gets the chair? 😬🪑

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Wife sits on husband's lap during Thanksgiving dinner, things escalate 💺🍗

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Thanksgiving dinner takes an awkward turn: a tale of discomfort.

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Thanksgiving dinner gets uncomfortable with family tension 🦃

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Mother-in-law shames woman for sitting on husband's lap during Thanksgiving

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No room at the Thanksgiving table led to awkward lap sitting.

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Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws gone wrong 😳🦃

Thanksgiving dinner can be a stressful event, especially when dealing with in-laws. But what happens when you're the newest addition to the family and your mother-in-law seems to favor your husband's ex over you? In this post, a woman shares her uncomfortable experience when she was left without a seat at the table and her mother-in-law gave her seat to her husband's ex. What follows is an awkward attempt to make the best of the situation by sitting on her husband's lap during dinner. However, things only get worse when her mother-in-law and husband's ex leave early and later accuse her of ruining the dinner. Read on to find out more about this uncomfortable family dynamic and the fallout from this Thanksgiving dinner.

Husband's lack of consideration towards wife causes Thanksgiving awkwardness 😬

jaxbravesfan | jaxbravesfan

Husband's strange behavior raises questions about Thanksgiving seating arrangements 🤔

Jemma_2 | Jemma_2

Assertive comment and replies call out husband's inaction and MIL's behavior 👊

biglipsmagoo | biglipsmagoo

Husband failed to manage his mom's match making with ex.

ABeerAndABook | ABeerAndABook

OP handled the awkward seating situation gracefully. MIL was TA.

b1lllevansatmariposa | b1lllevansatmariposa

Daughter-in-law outplayed at Thanksgiving dinner. NTA wins! 😂

Floppyfishie | Floppyfishie

Awkward Thanksgiving dinner seating leads to humorous suggestions for next year.

bulgarianlily | bulgarianlily

Husband's spinelessness overshadows MIL's manipulations. NTA but red flags 🚩

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Misunderstood Thanksgiving guest causes tension between wife and mother-in-law 😕

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NTA, but MIL is being manipulative and husband is complacent 😒

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In-laws invited ex to Thanksgiving, NTA, but MIL needs boundaries 💥

BadReputationIDC | BadReputationIDC

Awkward Thanksgiving dinner turns into a power play. Everyone loses 😬

junipercanuck | junipercanuck

Husband should have stood up and offered his seat 💺

ShallWeStartThen | ShallWeStartThen

Commenter calls out husband's inaction in dealing with problematic mother-in-law.

JannaNYC | JannaNYC

Commenter doubts authenticity of weird Thanksgiving dinner story.

JWJulie | JWJulie

Husband should have offered a seat, but sitting on his lap was tacky 🤦‍♀️

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Spouse sat on lap during dinner, commenters question husband's reaction 🤔

Caribe92 | Caribe92

Asserting husband's loyalty over dinner seating. NTA 🙌

dart1126 | dart1126

MIL & ex acting like mean girls, husband should have helped 😕

MeldoRoxl | MeldoRoxl

Thanksgiving seating arrangements gone wrong, no a**hole here.

foreverspr1ng | foreverspr1ng

Thanksgiving dinner turns awkward due to rude mother-in-law and seating mishap 👀🍗

GeneralAgent7872 | GeneralAgent7872

MIL expects OP to stand, husband doesn't speak up. 🤦‍♀️

Cocoasneeze | Cocoasneeze

Ex's presence and comparison is childish. NTA for not attending.

missnewjulia | missnewjulia

NTA and a great response to MIL's petty antics 👏

KitchenDismal9258 | KitchenDismal9258

Defending against MIL's shaming tactics – NTA 🙌

risen87 | risen87

Inappropriate lap-sitting at Thanksgiving leads to awkwardness and ESH judgement, but MIL openly favours ex over OP.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Awkward Thanksgiving dinner seating leads to uncomfortable scene. 😬

Spider-Kat | Spider-Kat

When her plan to make things awkward succeeded, he handled it well. NTA.

ThinkingIsNotACrime | ThinkingIsNotACrime

Assertive response to judgmental MIL, but husband's lack support noted 🤔

RandomlyDi | RandomlyDi

Thanksgiving dinner seating drama, justified A or awkward situation?

Floriane007 | Floriane007

NTA stands up to MIL's power play, husband needs to explain.

goforbroke432 | goforbroke432

Guests uncomfortable as OP sits on husband's lap at dinner 😬

InvisiblePlants | InvisiblePlants

Rude host makes Thanksgiving awkward for guest. You're NTA 😊

Dittoheadforever | Dittoheadforever

Husband's mom invites ex to Thanksgiving, NTA for being upset.

melansi | melansi

Marking your territory during Thanksgiving dinner? 🦁👀 NTA wins.

wildjokerleia | wildjokerleia

Thanksgiving drama: Wife insults husband's ex and fails to solve problem.

Raida7s | Raida7s

Ex's presence at Thanksgiving dinner caused drama and discomfort 😬

Softmochi_yt | Softmochi_yt

Ex-wife and MIL trying to get them back together, awkward dinner

Apprehensive_Buy4920 | Apprehensive_Buy4920

Impressive handling of passive aggressive family 👏👏 #NTA

LompocianLady | LompocianLady

OP not the a**hole for sitting on husband's lap during dinner.

Artistic_Chapter_355 | Artistic_Chapter_355

Commenter celebrates OP standing up to MIL in humorous way 🤣

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Commenter questions husband's inaction in mother's inappropriate behavior. 🤔

Impossible-Cap-7150 | Impossible-Cap-7150

Responding absurdly to absurdity: a Thanksgiving to remember 🦃🤪

abitofsunshine_ | abitofsunshine_

User suspects infidelity, but comment defends OP's actions. 🤔

AioliNo1327 | AioliNo1327

Toxic Thanksgiving? 🦃 ESH in this family feud.

Now_Villager | Now_Villager

Thanksgiving dinner turns into a cringe-fest for all 🙈

Legitimate-Meal-2290 | Legitimate-Meal-2290

Spouse's failure to stand up for wife calls for YNTA.

MyTeaAndCozzies | MyTeaAndCozzies

You're NTA for sitting on your husband's lap, and stood up for yourself 👍

goobe_construction | goobe_construction

Hostile MIL plays musical chairs, but NTA flips the script 💺🎶

not_your-momma | not_your-momma