Neighbor's Teenage Son Spends Night In Jail After Breaking Into My Rooftop Garden

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Teenager in jail
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When a neighbor's teenage son repeatedly trespassed on my property and destroyed my garden, I gave his mother an ultimatum: make him stop or I'll call the police. When they continued to ignore my requests, I followed through and called the cops. One of the boys was caught and spent the night in jail. Now I'm questioning whether I was too harsh. Was I teaching him a lesson or punishing the parents? AITA? Share your thoughts.

Redditor seeks advice after neighbor's son breaks into rooftop garden

storm_lady | storm_lady

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A unique house layout with a rooftop garden and two garages.

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Gardening goals! Turning rooftops into beautiful gardens 🌸🌼🌱

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Caught on camera: Neighbor's son and friends break into garden 🌼

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Concerned neighbor warns parents of rooftop garden break-in danger.

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Frustrated gardener gives ultimatum and gets insulted by neighbor

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Teenager caught red-handed breaking into rooftop garden 🌿👮

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Neighbor's son spends night in jail with drug dealers and thugs.

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Redditor questions if punishing neighbor's son was too harsh 🤔

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🌱🚪Teenage neighbor breaks into rooftop garden, ends up in jail

A rooftop garden owner faces a dilemma when her neighbor's teenage son repeatedly breaks into her garden despite being told to stop. After an ultimatum and several warnings, the owner calls the police and the son spends a night in jail. Some people are calling the owner harsh, while others believe she was teaching the teenager the consequences of his actions. What do you think? Was the owner justified in her actions or did she take it too far?

Neighbor's entitled family crosses the line - NTA for pressing charges 👏

Xoinkaera | Xoinkaera

NTA. Charges were necessary for the parents' poor parenting skills. 👍

DisneyAddict2021 | DisneyAddict2021

Protecting my property and holding them accountable, NTA 🌱👨‍🌾

robot141 | robot141

Teaching a lesson 📚👨‍🏫 NTA drops charges on teenage garden thief.

bloodfeier | bloodfeier

NTA. File a civil suit for damages 💰💼 Their behavior is unacceptable.

Sweet-Meaning9809 | Sweet-Meaning9809

Video evidence doesn't lie 📹 Stand your ground, NTA.

Angry_Grammarian | Angry_Grammarian

Barbed wire may protect garden, but won't fix neighborly relationships 😬

jacquilynne | jacquilynne

NTA receives support for holding neighbor's son accountable. 😎

plo84 | plo84

Security measures advised for dealing with sketchy neighbors

No_Pineapple6086 | No_Pineapple6086

NTA, commenter suggests taking legal action for compensation. Reply explains why they didn't and wanted to scare the kid instead. 🌿👨‍⚖️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defend your property and your rights. NTA 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter suggests OP may not be telling the whole story 🤔

Kitty_Katarina | Kitty_Katarina

You warned them, NTA. Parents should have taken responsibility 😊

AmateureMunner | AmateureMunner

Homeowner is NTA for dropping charges and getting a restraining order 🔒

SinfulHunter | SinfulHunter

Protect your property! 🏡 NTA did the right thing.

HarlesBronson | HarlesBronson

Protect your property, keep the camera on and running 📷

KanadeALF | KanadeALF

International garden vandalism: Not just a US problem 🌍🌿

nipnopples | nipnopples

Commenter calls out post as fake, others agree 🤔

ThisIsWhoIAm78 | ThisIsWhoIAm78

Breaking into rooftop garden leads to teen's arrest. NTA wins.

Tiffy_the_Doc | Tiffy_the_Doc

Charges dropped, but consequences still served. 🚔🌱

lapsteelguitar | lapsteelguitar

Respect your neighbor's property or face the consequences 🚫👀

[deleted] | [deleted]

Gardening feud escalates: Teen arrested for trespassing on neighbor's rooftop 🌱🏢

46675788932 | 46675788932

Neighbor's son arrested, commenter suggests getting father arrested too.

IHaveNoUsernameSorry | IHaveNoUsernameSorry

Understanding the legal system and bail process in different countries.

Old-Elderberry-9946 | Old-Elderberry-9946

Protect yourself and your garden with cameras and barriers 📷🌱

Salamandajoe | Salamandajoe

Protecting your property: NTA for standing up to trespassers 🚩

TheKatzMeow84 | TheKatzMeow84

Taking matters into your own hands 👊🚨

VaderTheInhaler | VaderTheInhaler

🤔 Should OP have taken legal action for damages?

AnxiousPresentation2 | AnxiousPresentation2

Former inmate defends jail as a learning experience for entitled teens.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teens destroy garden, face consequences. Justice served 🌱⚖️

5168mou | 5168mou

Stand your ground! 🌱👊🏼 Don't let them vandalize your property.

RandomSleepyPanda | RandomSleepyPanda

Calling the police may have consequences but NTA in this situation 🚓

alcoholicmovielover | alcoholicmovielover

Handled rooftop garden break-in like a boss 💪 #NTA

ThrowAway942020202 | ThrowAway942020202

Protecting your property and safety is not a**hole-ish 💪

CartesianCo-ordinate | CartesianCo-ordinate

Teaching consequences to neighbor's son, but risking relationship with neighbors 😬

Kraw24 | Kraw24

Teen learns valuable lesson after trespassing in rooftop garden 🌱

OutrageousStick6881 | OutrageousStick6881

👍 Winning prizes for playing stupid games. #NTA

Kayhowardhlots | Kayhowardhlots

You gave fair warning, NTA for pressing charges 🙌

Aitasuperfan | Aitasuperfan

NTA. Parents should have controlled their kid. Garden vandalized 🌿.

aaliceb | aaliceb

Justice served! 🔨 NTA stands their ground.

alexoid182 | alexoid182

Not the a-hole for pressing charges, tough neighbor situation 😬

trekie88 | trekie88

Parent supports rooftop garden break-in punishment, hopes for son's improvement

Hopeful_Estate2224 | Hopeful_Estate2224

Hold your ground and keep your garden secure 🌱👊

MaineBoston | MaineBoston

Preventing future crime, NTA saves rooftop garden from intruders 🌱👍

OutlandishnessNew259 | OutlandishnessNew259

Clear-cut case of not being the a-hole.

grogu_enthusiast | grogu_enthusiast

Taking responsibility for someone else's child's actions. ✔

Accomplished-Sugar-7 | Accomplished-Sugar-7

Teaching respect for property 💪🏼 and dropping charges 👏🏼 for a lenient lesson.

Fuzzy_Necessary4642 | Fuzzy_Necessary4642

Assertive NTA shuts down disrespectful behavior 👊🏼🚫

bigfattiddiesbaby | bigfattiddiesbaby

Entitled neighbor's son breaks into garden, NTA drops charges?

dawno64 | dawno64

Parents should face consequences for son's actions. 🤕

ShotBarracuda6 | ShotBarracuda6

👍🏼Multiple warnings given, NTA. Teen spends night in jail.

someone-w-issues | someone-w-issues

Teaching actions have consequences, NTA drops charges 🚫⚖️

pot_and_kettle_meet | pot_and_kettle_meet

Breaking in = consequences 🚓👍

spinalhornet32 | spinalhornet32

Good job handling the situation 👍

IBeTrippin | IBeTrippin

Teaching a lesson without ruining a future 🌱⚖️

Rainybeachgoer | Rainybeachgoer

You have the right to protect your property 👏👨‍🌾

atreides85 | atreides85

Disciplining kids is crucial. NTA for holding him accountable 👏

Few-Nerve4490 | Few-Nerve4490

Owning half of the duplex limits eviction options. NTA 👍

Xplant2Mi | Xplant2Mi

Neighbor breaks into rooftop garden, NTA for being upset 😡

Wienerwrld | Wienerwrld

Take charge of your safety. Get a camera, record interactions, sue.

EvanWasHere | EvanWasHere

Your property, your rules. NTA all the way! 👍

VanitasReigns | VanitasReigns

Neighbor's son breaks in, commenters agree NTA and offer support 🌱👍

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