Wife Refuses To Help Husband Who Intentionally Triggers Severe Allergy

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Severe allergy
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In a recent post on Am I the A**hole subreddit, a wife shares her frustration over her husband's intentional triggering of his severe dairy allergy. Despite her husband's admission of timing his allergic reaction to her days off, the wife refuses to help him when he falls ill. The situation escalates, leading to accusations from her husband's family that she is a sh*t wife who is trying to kill him. Read on to find out if the wife is in the wrong, or if her husband deserved his fate.

Protecting spouse's life is a partner's responsibility, not an option.

throwawaythepizzapie | throwawaythepizzapie

Hardworking wife struggles to rest amid financial woes. 😔

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When love for food crosses the line: A dangerous obsession 🍔

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Husband fakes allergy to get wife's attention and care ❤️

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Wife threatens to stop caring for husband with severe allergy 🤧

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Husband intentionally triggers wife's allergy with a smirk 😒

throwawaythepizzapie | throwawaythepizzapie

Husband intentionally triggers allergy and suffers consequences, wife refuses help.

throwawaythepizzapie | throwawaythepizzapie

Husband intentionally triggers allergy, wife refuses to help. 😡

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When allergies turn into accusations and family drama... 🙄

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Facing guilt for not helping spouse after dangerous allergy trigger 🤔

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Intentional allergy trigger: Wife refuses to help a**hole husband 🤷‍♀️

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🚫🥛Wife refuses to help husband who intentionally triggers severe allergy🤒

A dairy allergy can be a serious health issue, especially when it comes to Enterocolitis. But what happens when someone intentionally triggers their allergy? In this post, a woman working long hours is faced with the decision to help her husband who regularly triggers his dairy allergy. After a buildup of frustration, she tells him that she won't take care of him if he makes himself sick again. But when he does, she sticks to her word, leaving him to suffer alone. Was she right to do so? Or was she risking his life by not helping him? Read on to find out and join the debate in the comments below.

NTA for refusing to help husband who triggered allergy intentionally.

MongooseAdvanced5301 | MongooseAdvanced5301

Disturbing behavior from husband, NTA for not helping him.

beckdawg19 | beckdawg19

Husband's selfish behavior is endangering his wife's health 💔

TendoninBOB | TendoninBOB

Partner intentionally triggers allergy for attention, NTA for not mothering.

Affectionate-Show331 | Affectionate-Show331

Husband's deliberate allergy trigger is emotional abuse. NTA.

rhymes_with_mayo | rhymes_with_mayo

Husband's fortnightly allergy attack: a deeper problem beyond cheese cravings 🧀

Left-Car6520 | Left-Car6520

Savage suggestions to deal with a husband's food allergy antics 😂🍕

PerkyLurkey | PerkyLurkey

Dairy-free options not cutting it for allergic husband 🥛🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for yourself and enforcing boundaries. NTA 🙌

Catatomical | Catatomical

Spouse's severe allergy exploited for manipulation 🤯

ocdante | ocdante

Cheese-loving husband triggers severe allergy, wife refuses to help. 🧀❌

Staricakes | Staricakes

Suggests calling ambulance for husband's mental evaluation and avoiding medical debt.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner expects caregiving, but won't respect severe allergy 🚫🥛

graysonthegrate | graysonthegrate

Users call out fake post, demand better quality content. 🙄

BrightOrangeFlowers | BrightOrangeFlowers

Partner or child? Lack of consideration in a powerplay 🤔

CakeEatingRabbit | CakeEatingRabbit

Husband triggers allergy, wife works 2 jobs to support him. NTA.

Informal_Menu_595 | Informal_Menu_595

Spouse intentionally triggers allergy; NTA for not enabling behavior 🚫💉

TheQuixoticTribble | TheQuixoticTribble

Unemployed husband with dairy allergy refuses to help himself. 🤷‍♀️

Tessa_Kamoda | Tessa_Kamoda

Husband triggers allergy to monopolize partner's limited time off. NTA.

calliatom | calliatom

Husband intentionally triggers wife's severe allergy, gets called abusive.

genericfaeire | genericfaeire

Setting boundaries with a**hole husband, counseling might help 👨🏻‍👩🏻👨🏻‍👧🏻

mm172 | mm172

Unemployed husband intentionally triggers allergy, wife refuses to help. NTA 🤷‍♀️

HattieTheSwann | HattieTheSwann

Supportive comments suggest leaving husband who triggers allergy 🚫🤧

tubelcek | tubelcek

Spouse intentionally triggers severe allergy 😡. Giving up dairy isn't hard 🐄.

Perpetual_learner8 | Perpetual_learner8

Don't enable toxic behavior, even if it means tough love 💪

lunasey | lunasey

Don't enable his Munchausen's Syndrome. Stand up for yourself! 🙅‍♀️

AskMeKnowQuestions | AskMeKnowQuestions

Single life seems better than catering to a selfish partner 😒

Taby_kitten | Taby_kitten

Dealing with a toxic partner? Here's a sneaky solution 😈🤫

dev-246 | dev-246

Partner prioritizes dairy over spouse's limited time off. NTA.

SparklepantsMcFartsy | SparklepantsMcFartsy

Spouse intentionally triggers allergy, commenter says NTA (not the a**hole). 🙅

justlookingrn2 | justlookingrn2

Commenter praises husband's accountability for allergy-triggering actions. 🙌

Aelfhelmer | Aelfhelmer

Taking responsibility for allergies: NTA parent refuses to enable husband.

Fancy-Meaning-8078 | Fancy-Meaning-8078

Living with a severe allergy is hard enough. NTA for setting boundaries.

aussietex | aussietex

Grown man intentionally triggers allergy, wife refuses to help. NTA 👏

TheFeralBookworm | TheFeralBookworm

Enabling a severe allergy can lead to fatal consequences 😱

MarxFuryRoad | MarxFuryRoad

Support for not tolerating intentional harm 💪🏼

ofsmut | ofsmut

When a bluff goes wrong 😳 NTA but relationship doomed 💔

ComfortableEmu7791 | ComfortableEmu7791

🚩 Divorce on the table? 🤔

MissMcK | MissMcK

Husband deliberately triggers allergy and expects wife to care for him 😒

its2005again | its2005again

Agreeing with the commenter, that behavior is unacceptable 😒

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