Bride-to-be Wants to Wear Heels at Wedding, Fiance Objects

bride wearing flats on wedding
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Weddings can be stressful, but for one bride-to-be, the stress is coming from an unexpected source - her fiance's height insecurity. The couple is preparing for their big day, but the groom-to-be has requested that his bride wear flat shoes instead of high heels. He claims that wearing heels will make him look even shorter and lead to ridicule from his male friends and family. However, the bride feels that wearing heels will make her look her best and complement her wedding dress. The couple is at odds, and even the groom's mother has gotten involved. She has accused the bride of being selfish and immature for not considering her fiance's feelings. The bride is now wondering if she is in the wrong for wanting to wear heels. What do you think? Is the bride being selfish, or should she be allowed to wear what she wants on her big day? Read on to find out!

Navigating insecurities: When a partner's height is a sensitive topic

higherground77 | higherground77

Fiance objects to bride's wedding heels, claims it's 'awkward'

higherground77 | higherground77

Bride-to-be's heel preference causes conflict with fiance 😕

higherground77 | higherground77

Mother-in-law shames bride over shoe choice for wedding 👠

higherground77 | higherground77

Bride wants to wear heels at wedding, but fiance disagrees 😔

higherground77 | higherground77

Fiance opposes bride's wedding heels, citing height concerns.

higherground77 | higherground77

Groom's height insecurities causing trouble for bride-to-be's footwear choice.

higherground77 | higherground77

Fiance objects to bride's desire to wear heels at wedding

higherground77 | higherground77

Fiance objects to bride's wedding heels causing arguments and tension.

higherground77 | higherground77

Age clarification sparks curiosity, but what about the heels? 👠

higherground77 | higherground77

To wear heels or not to wear heels? Bride-to-be's fiance objects

Every bride wants to look her best on her big day, but what happens when the groom's insecurities get in the way? This bride-to-be wants to wear heels at her wedding, but her fiance is objecting. He's insecure about his height and doesn't want to be made fun of by his friends and family. He's even gone so far as to involve his mother who is pushing the bride-to-be to reconsider. Is this a case of the groom's insecurity taking priority over the bride's happiness? Or is the bride being selfish for wanting to wear high heels despite her fiance's objections? This isn't the first time the couple has argued about his height, but it's the first time he's asked her to not wear heels. What will the bride do? And how will this affect their relationship going forward? Stay tuned for comments and reactions.

Fiance objects to bride's heels, commenter suggests discreet platform shoes.

marellathecrab | marellathecrab

ESH. Fiance runs to mommy to solve the problem 🤦‍♀️

justlemmeread | justlemmeread

Commenter calls out fiance's immaturity, gets support from others.

Brilliant_Air76 | Brilliant_Air76

Compromise is key. ESH, but a heel for photos? 🤔

capriolib | capriolib

Fiance's mom joining argument is a red flag. Bride deserves heels 💃

Revolutionary_Ad1846 | Revolutionary_Ad1846

Bride and groom-to-be both show emotional immaturity; ESH 🙄

SpeakerCareless | SpeakerCareless

Fiance's mommy issues over wedding shoes causing drama 🙄

isi_na | isi_na

Compromise is key in a marriage 👨‍🎓

Elfich47 | Elfich47

Bride-to-be's choice of shoes causes red flag and NTA response.

MontagueYork | MontagueYork

Bride-to-be wants to wear heels, fiance insecure about height. NTA.

BigDrakow | BigDrakow

Bridezilla, momma's boy, and MIL - ESH in wedding drama 🤦

mattywatty92 | mattywatty92

Defending the bride-to-be's choice while calling out the fiance's insecurity 😒

TabaxiDruid | TabaxiDruid

Fiancé throws a tantrum over wedding heels, runs to mommy 🙄

RamblingManUK | RamblingManUK

Be a tall goddess on your own wedding day! 💃

Latter-Jellyfish-240 | Latter-Jellyfish-240

Breaking gender stereotypes: Bride-to-be takes a stand for high heels 💪👠

Yellowmellowbelly | Yellowmellowbelly

Comment section derailed by Mummy, sparks sassy reply

napsXfactsXsnacks | napsXfactsXsnacks

Short man calls out fiance's insecurity, warns of mother-in-law involvement. NTA 🙅‍♀️

Whocaresevenadamn | Whocaresevenadamn

Red flags before marriage, NTA but is it worth it? 🚩❤️

GonnaBeOverIt | GonnaBeOverIt

ESH - Fiance's insecurity ruins wedding day, OP should compromise ❤️

OkPhilosopher1313 | OkPhilosopher1313

Fiance runs to mommy to manipulate you. 🤔 NTA

ArtemisLotus | ArtemisLotus

Fiance objects to wedding heels, seeks mom's approval. NTA.

PoppysMelody | PoppysMelody

Fiance's controlling behavior raises red flags for relationship. 🚨

LavenderPearlTea | LavenderPearlTea

Solve the height difference with 👞👠

Salmon-Bagel | Salmon-Bagel

Son's fiancee wants to wear heels to wedding, drama ensues. 😳

JebbAnonymous | JebbAnonymous

Bride-to-be wants to wear heels, fiance objects due to height insecurity


Don't let him hold you back! 💪🏼 You deserve better.

Greyeyedqueen7 | Greyeyedqueen7

Fiancé's mom vs. bride's heels - NTA prevails. 👠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bride-to-be stands up for fashion choice, husband's mother interferes 💍

mapleguild | mapleguild

Breaking up over shoes? 👠 NTA, find someone who lets you shine.

Theodora1976 | Theodora1976

Wedding drama: Fiancé's insecurity causing problems over bride's shoes 👠

brettyrocks | brettyrocks

Don't let anyone control what you wear on your day. 👠

TheEsotericCarrot | TheEsotericCarrot

Wedding compromises are important, but mother-in-law isn't invited. 👰

LiLadybug81 | LiLadybug81

Bridezilla's fiance runs to mommy over heels, NTA stands up

SnooCookies2614 | SnooCookies2614

Heels or no heels? A ridiculous debate leading to ESH.

SaraAmis | SaraAmis

Fiance's mom calls bride-to-be immature for wanting to wear heels NTA

Final_Figure_7150 | Final_Figure_7150

Empower women! Wear those heels, girl! 👠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fiance wants to control bride's shoes, gets mom to complain. NTA stands up for herself.

AwkwardBugger | AwkwardBugger

Groom's maturity questioned after bride's son gets involved 🤔

Prestigious-Phase131 | Prestigious-Phase131

Bride-to-be stands up for herself against controlling fiance and future MIL 🙅‍♀️

UglyWallpaperGirl | UglyWallpaperGirl

Bride-to-be stands up for herself against fiance's controlling behavior 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fiance objects to wearing heels at wedding, insinuates wife status. NTA.

nature_f00l | nature_f00l

Fiancé's double standard on wedding shoes? Not cool 😒

Lribbs | Lribbs

🚫 Don't marry him and his mom, NTA wins. 🎉

Ksharonmcg | Ksharonmcg

Groom's fragile ego won't let bride wear heels. NTA.

The_Syd | The_Syd

Fiance objects to bride's heels, commenters suggest relationship issues. ESH.

randiesel | randiesel

Height difference at weddings? NTA brother embraced it 👠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let his insecurity bring you down, wear those heels! 👠

SuperSassyPantz | SuperSassyPantz

NTA, compromise with flats or lifts for him. Talk it out.

Aggravating-Engine63 | Aggravating-Engine63

Stand your ground and don't marry a mama's boy 👠💪

bracingcashew | bracingcashew

Bride-to-be stands up to insecure fiance and future mother-in-law 👠💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Height difference causes wedding shoe drama. 🥿👠📷

Bubbly_Satisfaction2 | Bubbly_Satisfaction2

Solutions for a height difference on the wedding day! 👟

CommunicationOdd9406 | CommunicationOdd9406

Compromise on heels for wedding attire, ESH but possibilities.

BillsCori | BillsCori

Choosing heels shouldn't be a battle. NTA, stand firm! 👠👟

WHYohWhy___MEohMY | WHYohWhy___MEohMY

Fiancé's mommy issues are ruining the wedding: NTA needs counseling 🤦‍♀️

enonymousCanadian | enonymousCanadian

NTA, but work through insecurities before marriage. 👠💍

solarpowereddefault | solarpowereddefault

A bride-to-be wants to wear heels but her fiance objects. YTA or NTA?

bailahey | bailahey

Tall bride-to-be refuses to pander to fiance's insecurity 👏

RedRedBettie | RedRedBettie

Bride and groom clash over wedding heels, family drama ensues 🤦‍♀️

Guga912 | Guga912

Stand tall and wear those heels! 🙌👠 Partner needs perspective.

gracenweaver | gracenweaver

Short man defends bride's right to wear heels, shuts down hater 👠

PorkUrPine | PorkUrPine

Fiance asks about heels, escalates to his mother. Yikes! 😬

flewthecoop62 | flewthecoop62

Supportive comment encourages leaving toxic masculinity in a relationship 💪

Gaia_10 | Gaia_10

Bride-to-be settles for 1.5" heels, still 2" taller than fiance 😂

lizziebee66 | lizziebee66

Height doesn't define love. 🥰 NTA wins!

Dotty_Ford | Dotty_Ford

Wear the heels! 🤩 Don't let anyone hold you back.

JsCTmav | JsCTmav

Don't let mommy ruin your romance. NTA for wearing heels.

SharkClub12 | SharkClub12

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