I Told a Man He Was Too Old to Have a Toddler. AITA?

Old man and toddler
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In what seems like a classic case of age difference in a relationship, a woman is questioning her actions after criticizing the man she went on a date with. She finds out that he has a 3-year-old toddler and decides that it is a deal breaker for her. However, she continues to go on the date and only tells him later. He calls her out on it and the conversation takes a heated turn. But who is in the wrong? Is age just a number or is it a valid concern in a relationship? Read on to find out more.

Age ain't just a number, but did she go too far? 🤔

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Trying to ghost him, he persisted. How to politely decline? 🤔

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Age gap drama: can love conquer all? 🤔

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Age-shaming a man for having a toddler at 51. AITA?

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Foot in mouth moment leads to awkward dinner and backlash 😬

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Am I the A**hole? Let's find out 👀

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Too old for a toddler? AITA? 🤔

Age is just a number, but what happens when that number is too high for a toddler? A 51-year-old woman went on a date with a 54-year-old man who had a 3-year-old child. She found out during the date, and it was a deal-breaker for her. However, she continued to see him, but when he wanted to see her again, she told him the truth. He called her a hypocrite since she was a single mom herself, but she argued that her kids were grown. The conversation turned heated, and she told him that having a baby at 51 showed a stunning lack of judgment. Was she in the wrong? Some people agreed with her, while others thought she was being too judgmental. What do you think? Keep reading to find out what other people had to say about this controversial topic.

NTA for telling a man he's too old for toddler 🧒🏻

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mature rejection handling is key 🤝

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for herself against a persistent and disrespectful man 💪

LoggerheadedDoctor | LoggerheadedDoctor

Having a baby at 73 is irresponsible and creepy 👶👴

Live-Flounder4417 | Live-Flounder4417

NTA gives truth bomb in reply, with a classic movie reference 🎥

Diznygurl | Diznygurl

50-year-old with toddler from 26-year-old, NTA dodged bullet 😂

gothic-hippie | gothic-hippie

NTA! You tried to be polite, he kept bugging you 😒👴

book_worm_102 | book_worm_102

Rejecting someone doesn't have to be 'nice.' NTA 😎

AdDramatic3941 | AdDramatic3941

Polite attempts to bow out of an awkward situation. 🤝

[deleted] | [deleted]

Age gap, insults, and leveraging: NTA for rejecting him.

Koala_Tea_Drama | Koala_Tea_Drama

Setting boundaries is important. NTA for standing up for yourself.

mykingdomforawaffle | mykingdomforawaffle

Not every dinner date deserves a second opportunity. 🍴

Routine-Pea-9538 | Routine-Pea-9538

Woman explains why she told a man he was too old to have a toddler 💁‍♀️

StrangeTough4733 | StrangeTough4733

NTA for not wanting to deal with a toddler at 25/26 💁‍♀️

Veauros | Veauros

Calling out ageism and disrespect, NTA stands her ground 🙌

Smart-Park-5210 | Smart-Park-5210

Commenter believes having a child over 45 is irresponsible 🤔

lego1989 | lego1989

You don't owe him an explanation. NTA 👍

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Commenter expresses concern over man's past behavior with younger women. 💭

mcmurrml | mcmurrml

Dodged a bullet 💥. NTA for calling out pushy behavior.

Flimsy_Street_6460 | Flimsy_Street_6460

Dodged a bullet and snapped? 💥 NTA for setting boundaries.

Crafty-Emotion4230 | Crafty-Emotion4230

Age is just a number, but this comment shows it matters 😬

iamltr | iamltr

Setting boundaries in dating: NTA for sticking to them 👍

LavenderPearlTea | LavenderPearlTea

Men share their vasectomy stories in support of comment.

pdxkirk | pdxkirk

Commenter empathizes with OP's experience of rejecting men. NTA.

MissPeskyFace | MissPeskyFace

Dating a man with a toddler: Poor planning or red flag?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Age is just a number? NTA for being honest.

ThrowRA1039485 | ThrowRA1039485

Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries. 💪

Lekkusu | Lekkusu

Setting boundaries and splitting the bill. 🚫💰

SphinxIV | SphinxIV

Politely declining advances doesn't warrant a dinner payment. NTA.

Raven_Maleficent | Raven_Maleficent

Age is just a number, but this dad's got some explaining 🤔

Marzipan_civil | Marzipan_civil

Standing up to unwanted advances can be scary. NTA 💪

olivedrops | olivedrops

Honesty hurts - NTA for telling man he's too old 👴🏻👶🏼

highmynameisbear | highmynameisbear

Setting boundaries can be tough, but sometimes necessary. 🚫

Livingeachdayatedge | Livingeachdayatedge

Calling out bad planning or being judgmental? 🤔

SirWinstontheCat | SirWinstontheCat

Age is just a number, but entitlement is unacceptable 🙅‍♀️

redcore4 | redcore4

Setting boundaries and standing firm, NTA dodged a bullet 🎯

jdessy | jdessy

Age ain't nothing but a number...or is it? 🤔

Able_Engine_9515 | Able_Engine_9515

Age-gap parenting raises red flags. NTA for pointing out.

Interesting_You_2315 | Interesting_You_2315

Single mother struggles with 54-yo 'toddler'. NTA.

PrettyLady_Designer | PrettyLady_Designer

Refusing partners is okay if done respectfully. NTA 👍

thejexorcist | thejexorcist

Stand your ground! NTA for setting boundaries 💪

Both-Flow-7383 | Both-Flow-7383

Age is just a number... or is it? 🤔

Stl-hou | Stl-hou

Dodged a rocket launcher! Commenter questions man's past behavior 🚀

foodie120 | foodie120

Age is just a number, but a toddler at 50? 😂

Characterde | Characterde

Insisting on paying for your own part: Polite or Awkward? 💰

Haztlen | Haztlen

Poor communication, bad start. 🤔 NTA or YTA?

edogfu | edogfu

Politely declining a date with a man with young kids. NTA 👍

sdgeycs | sdgeycs

Standing your ground and calling out red flags 🙌

Resagarden | Resagarden

Setting boundaries is important. 👍

SkillDeep2301 | SkillDeep2301

Setting boundaries in dating. 🚫👶🏼

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