Cate Blanchett Wows On Green Carpet In Bold Fashion Choice

Dani Sanders
Cate Blanchett
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Living up to her long history of delivering eye-catching and stunning looks, Cate Blanchett arrived at The Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2023 with an unusual yet graceful fashion choice. Read more about the actress's look and the events of the night below.

Put On A Show

Cate Blanchett is known for stealing the limelight when it comes to her fashion choices, and her outfit at The Green Carpet Fashion Awards surely didn't disappoint.

An Unusual Addition

While the entire ensemble painted a refined and sophisticated picture, the large pink satin bow at the forefront added a hint of extravaganza.

Trend Of Pastels

Trend Of Pastels
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The Australian beauty wore a pastel green blazer decked with black lapels and matched it with pants and a dress shirt of the same tone. 

Adding Extra Effects 

A black tie was added to the outfit to complete the look and add an extra effect to the pale shirt. The final addition to the evening attire was the pointed black heels, coordinating with the whole pastel and black combination.

A Subtle Makeup Look

Subtle Makeup Look
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The 53-year-old actress opted for a subtle makeup look and matched it with a pale pink lipstick shade. Her gorgeous blonde hair was left loose for the occasion coming down to her shoulders in soft waves.

A Mix Of Attendees

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The GCFA event occurred on March 9 in Los Angeles and had a wide mix of attendees ranging from A-list celebrities, social activists, and personalities promoting sustainable fashion.

A Prestigious Award

The night's most prestigious award was the plastic innovation prize which includes $1.2 million and investment prizes to assist the winner in scaling their ideas to replace thin-film plastics.

An Actor/UN Messenger

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio performed his duties as a UN Messenger for climate change as he presented the healer award to Sonia Gujajara.

Protecting The Environment

In her acceptance speech, Sonia said, "we protect the air that you breathe and the water you drink here on this side of the world."

The Industry's Sage

The award for the industry's sage was presented to Gabriela Hearst, who recalled being raised in South America on a ranch where they "worked the land in pre-industrial ways."

A Union Of Fashion And Climate Change

Climate Change
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The fashion house's creative director, Chloe, shed light on a four-stage plan to incorporate climate success into the fashion industry.

The Founder 

Livia Firth, a film producer, and creative director of Eco-Age founded the GCFA in 2017 as a platform to drive fashion toward sustainable practices.

A-Listers In Attendance

Apart from Cate Blanchett and Leonardo DiCaprio, other A-Listers in attendance included Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, Georgia May Jagger, Quannah Chasinghorse, Jerry Hall, and Annie Lennox.

The Academy Awards

 Academy Awards
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Cate is currently gearing up for the 2023 Academy Awards that will take place on March 12 where she is nominated for the Best Actress Award for her role in Tàr.

Past Accolades

Previously Blanchett scored the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for The Aviator in 2005 and Best Actress for Blue Jasmine in 2014.

Wins And Nominations

Her role in the psychological drama Tar landed her the Critics Choice and Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress this year.

New Movie Round The Corner

It seems like Blanchett is occupied for the rest of the year as she's focusing on her upcoming film Borderlands alongside Jamie Lee Curtis.

An Intergalactic Mission 

In Borderlands, Cate plays the role of Lilith, the society's outlaw, who heads an intergalactic mission in search for her missing daughter.

Based On A Video Game

Video Game
Giphy | Back to the Future Trilogy

Curtis plays a scientist, Dr. Patricia Tannis, who's struggling with her own sanity. The science fiction comedy movie is based on a video game and directed to perfection by Eli Roth.