Stepbrother Wears My Sneakers After I Said No, AITA For Calling Him Out On Instagram?

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A teen's love for his sneaker collection has caused a rift in his family. He refused to let his stepbrother borrow a pair and got into an argument with his stepdad. Things escalated when the stepbrother wore the shoes anyway and the teen called him out on Instagram.

The situation has left the household tense and the teen is wondering if he was in the wrong. Read on to find out if he's the a**hole in this situation.

Keeping things anonymous, sharing the sneaker saga on Instagram 👀

throwaway-shoes | throwaway-shoes

New stepfamily dynamics, M17 shares living with stepdad and stepbrother

throwaway-shoes | throwaway-shoes

SB wants my sneakers, but is it right to take them?

throwaway-shoes | throwaway-shoes

No means no! Sneaker collection is off-limits 🚫

throwaway-shoes | throwaway-shoes

👟🚫 Setting boundaries with stepbrother over my sneakers

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👟 When borrowing goes wrong - shoes destroyed, relationship strained

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Protect your sneaker investment, wear sparingly or not at all!

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Sibling sneaker dispute leads to Instagram drama, who's wrong? 👟❌

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Sneaker dispute turns into argument about rent, value and entitlement.

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Sibling sneaker-saga: Insta post exposes stepbrother's shoe disobedience

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Caught my stepbrother in my sneakers, called him out on IG

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Sibling sneaker feud causes social media storm, with heated exchanges 🔥

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Sibling shoe theft leads to family feud, AITA or justified?

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Tension rises after sneaker incident 😬

throwaway-shoes | throwaway-shoes

Boundaries crossed: Calling out stepbrother on Instagram for shoe theft

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👟🚫 Can siblings share shoes? A tale of sneaker ownership.

A teenager is in a dilemma after his stepbrother wore his shoes without permission. The poster, who has a passion for sneakers, refused to let his brother wear them, citing reasons such as his shoes being too valuable and his brother not being careful with his own shoes.

The situation escalated when the stepbrother wore the shoes anyway and posted about it on Instagram, leading to a heated argument between the two families. The poster is now wondering if he was wrong for not letting his stepbrother wear his shoes and then calling him out on Instagram.

In this age of materialism, is it okay to be possessive about one's belongings? Or should siblings be allowed to share everything? See what Reddit had to say and share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Stepbrother stole sneakers, got called out on Instagram, NTA for defending.

TinyRascalSaurus | TinyRascalSaurus

Stepbrother took shoes, comment suggests if OP is charged rent, he should report SB for theft.

yhatzee89 | yhatzee89

SD charges rent to 17yo stepson who steals OP's sneakers. AH.

farrieremily | farrieremily

Protect your sneakers at all costs 🚨👟 NTA, move out ASAP

CanofSoy | CanofSoy

Stepbrother wore OP's sneakers against their wishes, mom and stepdad blame OP, but bio dad passed away. Support from stepmom

tlf555 | tlf555

A comment reminding OP that they are not the reason for family conflict, with supportive replies ❤️

AdGroundbreaking4397 | AdGroundbreaking4397

Locking up your belongings isn't the solution 🚫🔒

Barn_Brat | Barn_Brat

Respect boundaries! 🚫👟 NTA for calling him out on Instagram.

IcyAmphibian6455 | IcyAmphibian6455

Stepbrother stole shoes, posted proof on social media, NTA for calling out

kkfluff | kkfluff

Protect your sneaker collection with valuable tips 👟🔒

Revwog1974 | Revwog1974

Standing up for yourself against sneaker-stealing stepbrother, NTA 👟

BrieCheezee | BrieCheezee

Preserve the value of your sneakers and avoid drama! 👟🚫

NightNurse14 | NightNurse14

Calling out a sneaker thief on Instagram, Hard NTA 👟🚫

queennyla | queennyla

Protect your sneakers with a lock and avoid toxic family.

NowWithMoreChocolate | NowWithMoreChocolate

👟🚫 Stepbrother steals sneakers, OP calls him out on Instagram

Mamertine | Mamertine

Standing up to abusive stepfather, NTA. 👏

Classydame89 | Classydame89

Respect your boundaries, NTA 🚫👟

stahppppnow | stahppppnow

NTA for calling out stepbrother's entitlement over 'worthless' shoes 💁‍♀️

crazymamallama | crazymamallama

Stepdad enabling shifty behavior, NTA for calling it out 💪

Punkinpry427 | Punkinpry427

Not the a**hole for calling out step-siblings, let it go 💁‍♀️

Ladydi-bds | Ladydi-bds

Stepbrother stole my shoes, lied, and stepdad encouraged him. 😠

Imaginary-War6700 | Imaginary-War6700

15-year-old stepbrother disrespects personal boundaries, gets called out on IG 🔥

deftones006 | deftones006

Parenting boundaries crossed, stepbrother's entitlement put in check 😎

efultz76 | efultz76

Protect your kicks and plan your escape, 🏃‍♂️👟🔒

Mackymcmcmac | Mackymcmcmac

Calling out bad parenting 👨‍👧‍👦🚫 #NTA

SethAndBeans | SethAndBeans

Protect your hard-earned belongings! 🔒👟

ludobeardog1980 | ludobeardog1980

Protect your sneakers! 🚪👟 NTA for calling him out 📣

OrangeCubit | OrangeCubit

Protect your kicks and your space with a lock 🚪🔐

MissingStarlight | MissingStarlight

Assertive and justifiable NTA for calling out stepbrother's entitlement 👊🏼

crbryant1972 | crbryant1972

Stepbrother and stepdad are the a**holes, mom's got your back 🙌

AssociateGood9653 | AssociateGood9653

Protect your kicks and your privacy with a lock 🔒

AsherTheFrost | AsherTheFrost

Don't mess with OP's sneakers, or you'll get called out 👟📷

Anonymotron42 | Anonymotron42

👟 Stand your ground against entitled family member. #NTA

jjjjjjj30 | jjjjjjj30

Establish boundaries with your stepbrother, 💪🚪

Mama-Khaos | Mama-Khaos

Stepbrother steals sneakers, SD enables. NTAH calls them out on IG 💥👟

apothecamy | apothecamy

Sneaker-stealing stepbrother gets called out on Instagram, NTA 👟

DubsAnd49ers | DubsAnd49ers

Respect your boundaries, NTA! 👏

Aythatsmessedup | Aythatsmessedup

Empathetic response to abusive living situation, 🙏 advice to protect belongings.

Prestigious_Isopod72 | Prestigious_Isopod72

Asserting ownership, NTA calls out stepbro for stealing shoes 👟🔥

MicIsOn | MicIsOn

Protective mom threatens to leave over disrespectful comment, 😠

Kmia55 | Kmia55

Protect your sneaker collection! 🚨 Alternative storage options suggested. NTA.

sparklesparkle5 | sparklesparkle5

Demand payment for stolen items and cut ties with abusers. 💰👋

Hwats_In_A_Name | Hwats_In_A_Name

Standing up against abusive stepfamily, NTA! 👏

busy_bumrush1412 | busy_bumrush1412

Different feet, different shoes. NTA for saying no.

airisu86 | airisu86

Protect your kicks and your peace, NTA 🚪👟✌️

DignityIndex | DignityIndex

👏 Calling out a thief. You're not the a**hole! 👏

SmokeLast6278 | SmokeLast6278

Sibling drama with a sneaky twist 🤫

meifahs_musungs | meifahs_musungs

Set boundaries and get a lock 🔒 NTA

glynndah | glynndah

Respect your collector's item, NTA. 🚫👟

Conscious-Arm-7889 | Conscious-Arm-7889

Protect your kicks 🚨👟🔒 and stand up for yourself, #NTA

Something_or-Other | Something_or-Other

Protect your privacy and stand up for yourself, NTA!

Knittingfairy09113 | Knittingfairy09113

A storage locker might be a good idea 🤔

InternationalKick126 | InternationalKick126

Stealing sneakers for Instagram clout? 🤦‍♂️ NTA, move out ASAP.

Bettersibling20 | Bettersibling20

Stepdad forces stepbrother to wear sneakers, commenter calls out entitlement 🔥

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, but beware of your stepbrother's actions and laws. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sneaker culture: love it or hate it? 🤔

PathAdvanced2415 | PathAdvanced2415

Stepbrother and stepfather are a**holes for stealing your sneakers. 👟

truthlady8678 | truthlady8678

Stepdad should buy his own son sneakers 👟, NTA.

makeshiftmarty | makeshiftmarty

SB tries to flex with shoes he doesn't own, and gets embarrassed 😂

Beautypaste | Beautypaste

Stepbrother disrespects family and property, NTA for calling out.

Legitimate_Mail9044 | Legitimate_Mail9044

Stepdad accused of favoritism, NTA for calling it out 💪

BumpkinMonstie | BumpkinMonstie

Stepbrother's rejection: Commenter's mom's mistake? NTA 😐

ill_tempered_1978 | ill_tempered_1978

Protect your shoe collection from jealous thieves with a police report 🚨

Ablia | Ablia

Boundaries and entitlement issues with stepbrother, NTA 🙅🏼

lalalullabyyy | lalalullabyyy