Jennifer Lawrence Raises the Heat in No Hard Feelings Red Band Trailer

Benjamin Imiewanlan
Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars.
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32-year-old American actress, Jennifer Lawrence, returns to comedy following the release of the first trailer for No Hard Feelings. The film is set to see the star take on the daring role of Maddie who tries to seduce a 19-year-old boy.

Her Character

Jennifer Lawrence's Maddie staring at her debt with laptop
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Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of Maddie, an Uber driver struggling to keep up. Maddie is on the edge of losing her late mom's home if she doesn't come up with a way to make money.

The Plot

Jennifer Lawrence touching her lower lip

The movie features a desperate Maddie hired by a couple of wealthy parents to seduce their 19-year-old son, hoping to get him to open up before going to college. In return, Maddie will be given a Buick Regal once she improves their son's social life—but it won't be easy.

How It Begins

Maddie's previous night romp
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The trailer starts when Jennifer Lawrence's Maddie runs out of her house, seeing her car getting impounded by a tow driver she used to date.

Flirt Her Way Out

Jennifer Lawrence's Maddie trying to finagle her ex-boyfriend tow driver not to impound her car
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Trying to trick the tow driver out of impounding her car, she tries to tell the man, played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach, she misses him. But, it doesn't go as planned as the man she just hooked up with the previous night jumps out of the house and gets in the way.

Her Second Cousin

Maddie's "second cousin" grabbing her breast
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Seeing the hook-up has exposed her lie, Maddie explains to the driver that he is just her cousin. While explaining, her Italian-looking previous night romp goes and grabs her breasts from behind, and she yells to the driver, "Okay, he is my second cousin."

"Need A Car" Ad

Desperate to get a new job after losing her Uber car, she meets up with her friends and finds a job ad that reads, "Need a car? Date our son this summer to bring him out of his shell before college. In exchange, we'll give you a Buick Regal."

Wealthy Helicopter Parents

Maddie with her pals talking about the offer to "Date" some rich kid
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Doubtful of the job listing, Maddie tries to sideline the offer, but one of her friends tells her it might be real. He says, "Have you seen these helicopter parents? I'm surprised they're not gonna f*** him themselves."

Date Him or "Date" Him?

The wealthy "helicopter parents" telling Maddie of the job description
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After applying for the job, she gets to sit with the parents, who explain their son's socially awkward behavior. Jennifer's Maddie asks, "So when you say date him, do you mean date him or DATE him?"

The mother understands what she's trying to say and hurriedly answers yes. The father confirms her answer by saying, "date him, date him hard." Maddie responds with a promising statement, "I'll date his brains out."

Animal Shelter

Maddie wearing a hot pink cocktail dress trying to seduce Percy at an animal shelter
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The next scene follows with 19-year-old Percy, played by Andrew Barth Feldman, sitting in an animal shelter when Maddie walks in wearing a hot pink cocktail dress. "Mind if I touch your wiener?" Maddie asks a speechless Percy. In a double-entendre moment, she clarifies that she's referring to the pooch he is holding.

The Kidnapping

Maddie "kidnapping" Percy
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Failing to get him to have sex with her on her first few tries, Maddie tries to playfully kidnap him, but the anxious Percy maces her while in the car. The scene cuts to Maddie yelling, "Why?" on the floor, and Percy says, "You tried kidnapping me," to which she responds, "You're 19. Grow up!"

Open Up

After another failing attempt from Maddie, she deems him as "unf***able" to her pals. Next, she tries to get him drunk. Sadly, young Percy doesn't like the taste of Long Island Iced Tea; he spits it out, saying, "This is the worst Iced Tea I ever had."

Desperation Calls

Maddie takes off her close in front of Percy
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Desperate for a new car to save her late mom's home left to her, she takes Percy skinny dipping in the ocean late at night. Trying to get him aroused, she takes off her clothes in front of him before taking a dive into the water.

No Lifeguards

While waiting for Percy to get in the water, he complains of sharks and jellyfish that might be inside. Still unable to overcome his fears, he says, "It's really the lack of lifeguards that…," cutting his words, Maddie yells, "Just get the f*** in here right now."

His Changing

Percy pours himself a full glass of wine
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Next, Percy shows a slight change after his dad, played by Matthew Broderick, sees him overturning a bottle of wine into his cup and gulping it all at once.

The Party Scene

The trailer's final scene shows Maddie accompanying Percy to a teen party where he gets absolutely drunk and is being helped to the bathroom to vomit.

Watch The Throat

Percy throws punch at Maddie's throat mistakenly at a a party
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The father of the host of the party sees an elderly-looking Maddie at the party and tries to get her to leave. A drunken Percy tries to fight for Maddie by throwing in a punch, which the man dodges, and it lands on Maddie's throat.


Joining Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman in this R-Rated comedy film, are Broadway stars Matthew Broderick and Laura Benanti, who play the role of the wealthy parents. Natalie Morales from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Kyle Mooney, Scott MacArthur, and Hasan Minhaj will also star in this film.

Directed By

Famous for his directing skills in The Office, Gene Stupnitsky is the Director behind No Hard Feelings. The movie coming from Columbia Pictures will see Good Boys director team up with Jennifer Lawrence to create what is described as a "laugh-out-loud, edgy" comedy film.

Release Date

No Hard Feelings
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Originally set to release on June 16, 2023, the movie has been delayed by one week and will see Sony Pictures releasing it on June 23, 2023.