Fans Are Shocked as CHEATING Accusations Are Thrown At Liam Hemsworth Following Miley Cyrus' New Single 'Muddy Feet'

Fatima Araos
Closeup of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus
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Miley Cyrus has a new song called Muddy Feet, and it has some telling lyrics that are now sparking theories about her ex, Liam Hemsworth.

Just as her other song, Flowers, is supposedly about him, fans think this new track was inspired by his alleged cheating.

Collaboration With Sia

The 30-year-old singer collaborated with Sia on the song, which was released on Friday, March 10.

Fans Think It's About Liam Hemsworth Cheating

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What makes fans think it’s about her Aussie ex cheating on her multiple times during their on-and-off relationship that lasted about a decade?

It's In The Lyrics

The lyrics include the lines, “And you smell like perfume that I didn’t purchase / Now I know why you’ve been closing the curtains / Get the f**k out of my house.”

Revealing Lines

“I don’t know / Who the hell you think you’re messin’ with / Get the f**k out of my house with that s**t / Get the f**k out of my life with that s**t,” she also sings.

The Theories On Social Media

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Hemsworth, 33, isn’t explicitly named, of course, but many fans are taking to social media with claims that the track is about him.

Did The Song Confirm Cheating Rumors?

One person tweeted, “Did Miley just confirm that Liam cheated on her multiples times at her house on #MuddyFeet omg 😱”

Criticisms Against Hemsworth Were Harsh

Another wrote, “How TF Miley stayed with Liam that long when all he did was cheat?! I don’t understand😬”

Speculative Theories

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Some theories got super detailed, complete with the number of women he allegedly cheated with.

12 Women?

One speculated that the number of tracks was a clue, saying, “There are 12 tracks and a demo on Miley’s new album, representing the twelve women Liam cheated on her with, and herself, which he treated like a practice run.”

Or 14?

The number even went as high as 14, although some people were skeptical and questioned where that number came from.

'Internet Made It Up?'

“Where did Liam cheat with 14 women come from? I ain't defending him, will always defend my girl miley I'm just wondering if the Internet made it up? 😭😂,” one person tweeted.

'Flowers' Is About Him, Too

On January 13, Hemsworth’s birthday, the Wrecking Ball hitmaker released her song, Flowers, which also appears to shade the Hunger Games actor.

She Sings About Their Failed Marriage

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
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The song is about their failed relationship and includes lyrics about their Malibu home that burned down in a wildfire in 2018.

'Built A Home And Watched It Burn'

“We were good / We were gold / Kind of dream that can’t be sold / We were right / ‘Til we weren’t / Built a home and watched it burn,” she sings in Flowers.

Empowered Statement

Although she “didn’t want to leave” at first, she continues the song with an empowered statement. “I can buy myself flowers / Write my name in the sand / Talk to myself for hours / See things you don't understand,” the lyrics say.

Cyrus and Hemsworth's Romance History

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth posing together
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Cyrus and Hemsworth met as teenagers in 2009 on the set of their film, The Last Song.

Secret Wedding

Closeup of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus
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They had an on-and-off relationship for almost a decade, which culminated in a secret wedding in December 2018.

Losing Their Home

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth posing together
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A month earlier, in November 2018, the pair lost their multimillion-dollar home in a California wildfire.

Separation And Divorce

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus posing together
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In August 2019, less than a year after their wedding, the Hannah Montana star announced that she and Hemsworth were separating. He filed for divorce days later, which was finalized in January 2020.