Nobody Was Expecting What This Giant Alligator Did at a Florida Golf Course

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Images of a gator breaking through a metal fence in Florida (cropped).
instagram | @mattdevittweather

Florida might be home to sunshine and beaches, but it's also home to one of America's most menacing predators: gators.

And as if alligators weren't terrifying enough on their own as it is, a recent video shows one making quick work of a metal fence at a golf club.

The Terrifying Video Surfaced Last Week.

An alligator resting on a rock (not actual photo).
Unsplash | Lisa Yount

Posted at the beginning of March, the video shows the gator making an absolute mess of the fence.

The Entire Video Lasts Seconds.

A gator sticks its head through a fence, and a caption reads, "Only in Florida!"
instagram | @mattdevittweather

At first, the gator approaches the black aluminum fence, which was installed at a club in Placida.

It Then Proceeds To Stick Its Head Through The Fence.

An alligator and its baby swimming through swampy water (not actual photo).
Unsplash | Aldric RIVAT

The bars of the fence are much too narrow for the gator to fit through, but that doesn't stop the large reptile! It easily bends the bar, just by sticking its head through.

It Manages To Crawl Right Through The Fence.

The gator crawls through the gap it created in the fence.
instagram | @mattdewittweather

With a tiny bit of struggle, the gator manages to wiggle its way through to the other side of the fence.

All The While, The Gap In The Fence Grows.

A gator resting on some sand (not actual photo).
Unsplash | David Clode

As the gator moves its body and tail through the fence, it creates an even larger gap.

The Video Was Posted To Both Facebook And Instagram.

A gator resting on some grass near water (not actual photo).
Unsplash | David Cashbaugh

Matt Devitt, a meteorologist with WINK News in Florida, posted the video to his Instagram, but it was originally submitted by a viewer. Since being posted last week, the video has been liked over 63 thousand times.

The Gator Is Somewhat Of A Viral Sensation.

Devitt accompanied the caption with a post that reads, "Check out this big guy bend the aluminum bars and plow right through it this week in Placida. He eventually got through according to the WINK News viewer who shot the video. Only in #Florida!"

People Couldn't Help But React To The Video.

Commenters react to the video.
instagram | @mattdevittweather

Hundreds of Instagram users shared their thoughts. As some pointed out, the fence was made of light material and didn't really stand a chance against a powerful creature like a gator.

Gators Are Well Known For Maneuvering Around Fences.

A video showing an alligator sitting outside somebody's house.
Giphy | Storyful

Alligators climb over fences all the time. Though, they don't usually break their way directly as the one in the video did.

As Terrifying As They Are, They're Common Occurrences In Florida.

A large gator walking through a grassy area near houses.
Giphy | Storyful

There are an estimated 1.3 million alligators in Florida, and they're generally considered a threat if they're longer than 4 feet.

The Video Was A Good Reminder To Be Cautious Around Them.

A gator resting in swampy water.
Unsplash | Robin Werling

Users in the comments reminded locals and visitors alike to be careful around bodies of water while in Florida.

This Video Came Just Weeks After A Gator-Related Tragedy Was Reported.

An alligator swimming through a swamp.
Unsplash | Matthew Essman

Last month, an 85-year-old retiree was fatally attacked by a gator while walking her dog one morning.

Gloria Serge Lived In The Spanish Lakes Fairways Community.

A gator stalking through swampy water.
Unsplash | Joshua J. Cotten

The woman was walking her dog by a lake when an alligator named Henry approached. She was attacked while attempting to rescue her dog, who was the gator's original target.

The Creature Was Later Caught.

An alligator swimming through a clear section of water.
Unsplash | Shelly Collins

After the attack, authorities caught and euthanized Henry.

Several Others Were Also Removed From The Area.

A family of gators resting on a wooden dock.
Unsplash | Alexis Montero

A neighbor of Serge confirmed that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission came to the community to remove several gators from the area to make it safer for residents.

The Community Houses Several Lakes.

An alligator, just barely visible while swimming through a deep lake.
Unsplash | J Dean

According to the neighbor Judy Murray, who spoke with TMZ, the community has about five or six lakes.

It's Also Unknown What Will Happen To The Gators.

A gator wading through a swampy section of water and grass.
Unsplash | Max Harlynking

Though the neighbor answered TMZ's questions, she was unsure what the commission was going to do with the captured alligators.

Another Neighbor Witnessed The Attack.

A gator sitting in some muddy grass.
Unsplash | Glenn Haertlein

A neighbor witnessed the gator stalking Serge and attempted to save her by calling 9-11.

Ultimately, Only The Dog Survived.

An alligator swimming through a lake, with only the top of its head and back above the surfeace.
Unsplash | Joshua J. Cotten

According to Murray, the dog, Trooper, survived and is now living with Serge's family.

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