Mystery Surrounds Tragic Death Of 7-Eleven Customer

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In the early months of last year, a woman passed away after being drenched in coffee by two other women. While they all belonged to the same city and knew each well, it is unclear what caused the heated dispute between the three.

However, a year after her death, new twists arise in the case and we've got them all lined up for you below.

Attack By Two

Two Caulfield women have been charged for alleged assault on a 7-eleven service station customer who died after allegedly being drenched in scalding hot coffee.

Due To Face Court

The two women, who identify as Andrea Madigan and Sarah Franklin, were supposed to appear in court last year for showing reckless conduct that caused serious injuries to a woman whose identity is not known yet.

Getting An Upgrade

Getting An Upgrade
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A source reported that their charges were dropped, following their clean record, but later finalized on March 5, going from assault to manslaughter.

Death In Two Days

The woman who was attacked passed away two days after the incident, the details of which have been recorded on the station's CCTV cameras.

Unable To Determine The Cause

Unable To Determine
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Daily Mail Australia has discovered that the forensic experts and Victoria Police have been unable to determine the exact cause of the woman's death.

Last Minute Finalization

The forensic investigation that has been going on since 2022 has only been finalized last month but without a clear picture.

Serious Health Complications

However, they did find out that the woman was plagued with several health complications and that they had a higher chance of causing the sudden death than the coffee fiasco.

Charged And Prosecuted

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Following the results, Madigan and Franklin are expected to stand trial and be prosecuted over the initial charges of assault.

An Abusive Moment

Daily Mail Australia revealed that the woman became abusive and was "being racist," which infuriated Madigan and Franklin and prompted them to splash coffee and assault her.

Well-known Acquaintances

Shop owners near the service station along Hawthorn Road reported that the three women belonged to Caulfield and knew each other well.

The Witness Explains

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One witness described that the exchange between the three women was not an assault but instead seemed like a "scuffle."

Charged And Released

Since both Madigan and Franklin had a clear criminal record, they were initially charged by the Victoria Police. Still, they were later released on bail that night despite the unidentified victim being in critical condition.

Kind And Courteous

Kind And Courteous
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Locals who claimed to be well acquainted with the two women recalled them as "kind and courteous" members of society.

Locals To The Rescue

One woman commented in favor of them, saying, "They're nice. They're polite. We see them all the time. They behave, they have nice manners."

Not Ready To Believe

Not Ready To Believe

However, the locals were not ready to buy the presumption that the fight may have broken out because of racial slurs.

A Jewish Community

Caulfield is a city in Australia known for its expanding Jewish community and represents around half of the Jews in Melbourne.

A Local Shopkeeper Reacts

A local shopkeeper shared his opinions saying, "I don't think it (the alleged offense) had any connection to race or culture."

The Maximum Sentence

Causing serious injuries in a rash manner can land the perpetrator in imprisonment for a maximum jail period of 15 years, whereas the sentence for manslaughter is 20 years in Victoria.

Judgment Awaits

Judgment Awaits
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The final verdict is now yet to come out, but regardless of what it may be or who it may favor, we fully hope that, ultimately, justice is served.

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