Alex Murdaugh's Beach House Has a New Owner

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Alex Murdaugh
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The Alex Murdaugh trial has shaken the entire American nation, and if you're looking for the latest updates on the attorney-turned-murderer, we've got the most recent ones for you below.

A Longtime Residence

Longtime Residence
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The family sea-facing residence shared by the Murdaugh family at the South Carolina beach is up on the market again after it was secretly sold by Murdaugh a few months ago.

Life Of A Multitasker 

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Along with his late wife's estate, Murdaugh sold the Edisto Island home for $955,000 in July 2022, which was around the same time he was arrested and convicted for the murder of his son and wife.

The Fraudster

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The sale came one year after Murdaugh had been faced with charges of insurance fraud, filing a false police report, and conspiring to commit insurance fraud.

Listed Again

The family property was sold to Jon and Gayle Lancto, Minnesota locals, who owned it for 6 months and have now listed it again for sale in January for $1.18 million.

A Wonderful House

Wonderful House

Commenting about what attracted them to the house, Jon Lancto said, "We decided to sell so we could move to an oceanfront property. It is a wonderful house that Mrs. Murdaugh loved."

A Moment Of Compassion

He shared their thoughts about the family's grave times: "We feel the utmost compassion for her family and all those affected by the tragedy of her and her son’s murder."

A 2002 Purchase

Alex and Maggie Murdaugh had purchased this four-bedroom and three-bathroom estate back in 2002 for a total of $415,000.

The Family's Second Home 

The estate became a second home for the Murdaugh family who frequented it as a vacation spot for nearly 20 years before the tragic murders.

The Sex Worker Incident

This news comes just a day after a former sex worker went public with her horrific and violent experiences with Murdaugh around 4 years ago.

Extreme Acts Of Violence

Acts Of Violence

Lindsey Edwards explained that on their first encounter, Murdaugh beat her up and choked her while "violently penetrating" her, prompting Edwards to run away naked.

Displays Of Savagery

Edwards shared her later experiences with Murdaugh and described them as more violent than the first one, where Murdaugh was engaged in "violent penetration and ripping hair out of my head."

Opportunity Of A Lifetime

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The South Carolina estate is labeled a "once in a lifetime opportunity" for the next owner, who will get a fully furnished property decked with designer brands.

Luxuriously Amenitized

Expanding to over 2300 square feet, the estate features a wood-burning fireplace, a gourmet kitchen, a sun deck, wood flooring, and vaulted ceilings.

The Sunroom Is A Plus

The sunroom showcases floor-to-ceiling windows and can be accessed from the primary, living, and guest bedrooms.

The Ground Level Features

On the ground floor, there is a dressing area, storage rooms, a fishing sink, and a shower for a quick rinse after spending the day at the beach.

The Murders

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Murdaugh's wife, Maggie, 52, and his son, Paul, 22, were murdered at their family farm in South Carolina. during the late hours of June 7, 2021.

Under Inspection

Murdaugh was taken for inspection for the murders of his wife and 22-year-old son. He has since been found guilty of the horrendous crimes and sentenced to two life terms with no opportunity for parole. He is accused of other fraudulent activities as well.

Close To Being Sold 

According to sources, the 1700-hundred-acre hunting farm where the murders occurred will be sold once the family's belongings are retrieved.

Who's The New Buyer?

A source reveals, "The new buyer is someone that has no connections with the family … none whatsoever."