Priscilla Presley Makes Brave Red Carpet Appearance After Daughter Lisa Marie's Death

Chisom Ndianefo
Priscilla Presley
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Priscilla Presley suited up for her first red carpet appearance since the tragic passing of her daughter, Lisa Marie, last February. The 77-year-old joined the cast at the new Agent Elvis animated series premiere on Netflix in L.A.

Classic Suit For The Night

Presley wore a classic black suit with a white shirt and black neckpiece. She let her red hair fall around her face in a straight bob and wore glossy rose-pink lipstick.

First Time Out

It marked the first time Presley stepped out after her daughter's memorial at Graceland.

Hosting A Panel With The Co-Stars

The actress joined a panel with the co-creator, showrunner, and cast John Eddie, Mike Arnold, and Matthew McConaughey. They explained the idea behind the series, which featured McConaughey as the lead voice of Elvis.

Realizing A Dream

The King of Pop became a secret government spy working to fight dark forces in America. It's a realization of Elvis' dream of being a comic book character.

The Inspiration

Elvis and Richard Nixon
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Co-creator Eddie explained that they drew inspiration from an old picture of Elvis with Richard Nixon. The King of Pop wanted to work for the Drug Enforcement Agency but never lived his dream.

Something Different

Eddie didn't want a live-action remake because that's already done with Austin Butler delivering an unforgettable performance. Instead, the animated series was a new direction in immortalizing the superstar.

Introducing Elvis To A New Generation

For Priscilla, it was the best way to introduce her ex-husband to a new generation who'd never met him but encountered an Elvis everywhere in Las Vegas. She wants the youth to understand his influence and power.

The Perfect Voice

Close up of Matthew McConaughey
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She signed off on onboarding McConaughey because of his Southern drawl which reminded her of Elvis' Memphis' background.

Who Else Is On?

Agent Elvis would arrive on Netflix this month and it stars Priscilla in a voice role as herself alongside Don Cheadle, Kaitlin Olson, Johnny Knoxville, Niecy Nash, and McConaughey in the lead.

Staying True To Elvis' Life

Despite some creative liberty in the animated series, Priscilla assured Elvis' fans that they stayed true to his reality.

The storyline included the late singer's pet chimpanzee, Scatter, who escaped from a Bel Air residence and became a menace to the neighbors.

Watch The Trailer Below

Family Feuds

Meanwhile, Priscilla is still fighting her granddaughter, Riley Keough over Lisa Marie's trust which named Riley and her siblings as sole beneficiaries.

Pictures Don't Tell The Full Story

Priscilla Presley, Elvis and Lisa Marie Presley
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On Jan. 22, during Lisa Marie's memorial at Graceland, no one knew that there was trouble brewing underneath the surface. Priscilla read a poem by one of her granddaughters (unspecified) and moved everyone to tears.

Fighting Over The Will

However, shortly after the memorial, news of the family feud hit the internet. Priscilla is filed a suit disputing the authenticity of Lisa Marie's will which bequeathed all her property to the children.

Strained Relationships

Per People, Lisa Marie and Priscilla had a tense relationship before the former's death and had stopped talking since 2016 when the singer split from Michael Lockwood, the father of her twins.

Priscilla Was Team Lockwood

Priscilla allegedly sided with Lockwood causing Lisa Marie to write her out of her will. Meanwhile, Riley supported her mother over her step-father leading the late singer to name her the sole beneficiary of the will.

Giving All The Wealth To The Children

The former Will named Priscilla and Lisa Marie's ex-business partner, Barry Siegel as co-trustees. However, Riley, Finlay, and Harper now own the Graceland mansion with a 15 percent stake in the Elvis' business.

Priscilla Fights The Will

Priscilla alleges that there are discrepancies with the will but other witnesses including Lisa Marie's friends claim there are none.

History Repeats Itself

Riley Keough, Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley at the Elvis premiere
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Like her fractured relationship with Lisa Marie, Priscilla now has a tense relationship with her granddaughter, Riley. Sources claim they don't get along and Riley is taking care of her twin siblings.