The 'Real Housewives of Miami' Get Ready for a Wild Season 5 Reunion

Ashley Hunte
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The reunion special for The Real Housewives of Miami promises to be an entertaining time, to say the least.

Ahead of its release on Peacock this Thursday, the streaming service dropped a drama-filled trailer full of profanity, arguments, and plenty of yelling.

The Trailer Starts Out With A Bang.

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Or rather, with a few shots. The entire cast of the show, which includes Guerdy Abraira, Dr. Nicole Martin, Lisa Hochstein, Larsa Pippen, Julia Lemigova, and Alexia Nepola, sit down with host Andy Cohen while downing a shot.

Andy Asks The Women Questions About Their Lives.

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The trailer teases a pretty in-depth conversation about the ladies' sex lives before Andy asks Larsa about her relationship with Marcus Jordan.

Of Course, Not Everything Is Fun And Lighthearted.

The women discuss Martina's diagnosis with Andy.
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The trailer teases a moment in which Martina Navratilova discusses her cancer diagnosis, which is a difficult moment for those on set.

The Conversation Also Ends Up Steering Toward Infidelity.

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The cheating allegations against Dr. Lenny Hochstein get brought up in the conversation as well.

The Trailer Also Shows Plenty Of Explosive Moments.

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At one point, Andy states that "A lot of people commented, the girls all have a real sisterhood." This is undercut by shots of the women looking less than convinced.

Plenty Of Fights Happen, Too.

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Multiple scenes within the trailer show the woman arguing with one another, oftentimes doing so quite loudly.

It Was Difficult For Andy To Get A Word In Edgewise.

Andy Cohen making a confused, distressed face.
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Andy attempts to speak multiple times in a clip shown toward the end of the trailer but gets constantly interrupted by the cast's arguments.

It Gets To The Point Where Even He Starts Yelling.

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Andy attempts to get the arguments under control, but he eventually loses his cool as well.

There's Also A Mysterious, Incriminating Letter.

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The trailer shows a moment in which Andy is handed a letter addressed to Adriana de Moura, which accuses Marysol Patton of Abuse.

Fans Will Have To Wait Just A Little Bit Longer For The Drama To Unfold.

The three-part reunion special premiers on Peacock on March 9th, but fans can keep calm by watching the trailer, which is up now.

Fans Reacted To The Trailer.

Users comment on how much they love RHOM.
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Fans are definitely looking forward to the reunion special and took to the comment section for the video to express how much they're loving it.

Though, Some Felt There Might Be Too Much Drama.

Some users were unhappy with certain cast members.
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Some fans felt that certain cast members, namely Alexia, might be taking the drama a little too far as of late.

RHOM Has Had A Pretty Tumultuous History.

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The season originally began airing in 2011 and went on for three seasons. But after the divisive third season, the series went on hold but was revived for a fourth season in 2021.

Nicole Martin Sat Down To Discuss The Fate Of The Show With ET.

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In an interview published last month by ET, Dr. Martin discusses the toxicity surrounding RHOM's third season.

Martin Worries That History May Repeat Itself.

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She said, "When you come for people's families, you come for their careers, you come for their children, then you start to hate your fellow castmates, right?"

She Expressed Concern For The Show's Fate.

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"If you can't sit across a dinner table without wanting to basically poke each other's eyes out, like, how do you do a whole season?"

She Also Discussed The Filming Of The Season 5 Reunion.

Wendy Williams looking frustrated and saying, "You're exhausting me."

"It was very long, there was a lot of yelling," Lisa said. "It was hard to get a word in, Andy was super frustrated. He had to intercept so many on so many occasions during that day, because no one would let anyone else talk."

She Also Commented On How Andy And Larsa Got Into A Yelling Match.

Joey from Friends looking absolutely shocked.

She discussed how, during taping, Andy ended up yelling at Larsa. Because they spend so long filming and only select scenes end up in the reunion, she hoped that part would get to stay in.

It Was A Moment That Really Impressed Lisa.

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"So, I was like, I hope he doesn't edit out his yelling at her because, in my mind, it was well deserved," she said.

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