Priscilla Presley Makes an Emotional Red Carpet Appearance Since the Passing of Lisa Marie

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Priscilla Presley
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Priscilla Presley makes a red-carpet return after the death of her daughter Lisa Marie Presley. The 77-year-old attended the major event and has a role in the upcoming project. Priscilla is currently not speaking with her granddaughter about Lisa Marie's will.

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'Agent Elvis'

Priscilla Presley
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The 77-year-old reported for a photo call at Agent Elvis screening on Tuesday. She looked radiant in classic black slacks with a white button-up top tucked into the waist.

She paired the look with a black blazer with shiny fabric details above the arm cuffs for a stylish vibe.

Hair And Makeup On Fleek

This beauty doesn't look like she has aged a day past 16 as she added a closed-toed black pump with lacey socks to her outfit. Her red hair bore a deep side part and fell softly past her shoulder, with the tip formed into a subtle wave.

She added a classy black necklace to the look and rounded it up with smoky eye makeup and rosy lips.

Two Months Since Lisa Marie Passed On

The singer and songwriter passed away from multiple cardiac arrests at her California home. The mom of four was said to have returned to her old ways of Opioids and other harmful substances before her death.

Looking Frail At The Golden Globes

Lisa Marie Presley
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Two days before her death, the singer appeared on the Golden Globes red carpet, and fans expressed their fear over her health as she looked frail. Video clips caught her constantly trying to hold on to people for support.

The Drama After

Priscilla Presley has now come forward after Lisa Marie's death to contest the content of her will, which has left Riley Keough as the successor and co-trustee of her estate.

Priscilla Claim's

The 77-year-old is contesting the will based on varying inconsistencies. She said Lisa Marie's name was incorrectly spelled, and her signature looked suspicious. She also maintained that she wasn't informed when the will was amended in 2016.

Riley Keough

Riley Keough
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Priscilla's granddaughter and Lisa Marie's first daughter is reportedly not having a good feeling about Priscilla's approach. According to sources close to her, she's sure her late mom would be disappointed by what's going on.

Adamant Priscilla

Keough is also doing her best to get them to settle out of court, but Priscilla is hell-bent on proving a point that she's right.

Not On Speaking Terms

Priscilla Presley
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As of now, the duo are not physically speaking to each other and are only communicating through their lawyers.

Priscilla In 'Agent Elvis'

Priscilla voices herself in the comedy series, which premieres on Netflix on March 17. She joins Matthew McConaughey as the voice of Elvis, Kaitlin Olsen, Johnny Knoxville, Tom Kenny, and Don Cheadle.

The Film Plot

The series follows the life of Elvis as he trades his jumpsuit for a jetpack when he joins a secret spy program to stop villains from taking over the world.

Co-Creator, Purrr

Priscilla has added one more feather to her cap as the co-creator of the series alongside John Eddie. She was joined by Mike Arnold for a question and answer session that took place at the venue of the screening.

Priscilla On Creating The Show

The star explained that her reason for creating the show was to introduce Elvis to the youth of today who keep wondering why he was so famous and to see him as a hero.

Dream Come True

She continued that the project is a dream come true for Elvis because it's what he's always wanted to do. Priscilla added the star had wanted to be a federal agent.

Gushing About Elvis

She had the sweetest things to say about her ex-husband.

"He was a beautiful human being and a very talented human being, and I want kids to see who he really was in this because he really was, he wanted to be an agent. And now he is."

McConaughey As Elvis

The decision to cast McConaughey as Elvis isn't far-fetched, as Priscilla commended his voice.

"He was a beautiful human being and a very talented human being, and I want kids to see who he really was in this because he really was, he wanted to be an agent. And now he is."

Same Southern Accent

She also stated that Elvis had the same southern accent as McConaughey when he was alive.

The Inspiration

John Eddie explained that the show drew inspiration from a 1970 photograph of Elvis and the 37th president of the United States, Richard Nixon.

Priscilla And Elvis

Priscilla And Elvis
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The pair tied the knot in 1967 in a Las Vegas ceremony that lasted just eight minutes. They welcomed Lisa Marie a year later and divorced in 1973.