Lala Kent Exposes Shocking Details about Raquel Leviss & Tom Sandoval’s Affair!

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Lala Kent
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Lala Kent Spills The Tea

Raquel Leviss
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Vanderpump Rules star, Lala Kent, continues to bash her co-stars Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval over their three months long affair. Sandoval was cheating on his fiancée Ariana Madix with Leviss. Kent spilled the tea on them during her Amazon Live!

The Tea Is Hot, Hot, Hot!

As she doesn’t want to get in trouble for speaking up too much, Kent is careful in her live but continues to open up more about her co-stars. However, she is “exhausted” and “brain fried” as she continues to describe them as “two people who couldn’t be further from who they pretended to be.” 

Kent Admits To Never Liking Any Of Them

Yes, Kent also admitted during her live that she never liked any of them. She calls them both liars and fake people. 

She Is Glad The Truth Is Out

Kent is glad the two are now exposed into the open as “it feels good to have everyone else feel the same way” after “Sandoval’s mask fell.” 

How Is Ariana Doing?

And for Ariana Madix and how she is doing, the Give Them Lala Beauty founder said, "Ariana is moving with the motion of the ocean, you know? She's doing as well as can be expected."

Kent And Madix Recently

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"She's got a really great support team behind her," she said and then added that the two "haven't been super close for a while.” No matter what, Kent is on her side and willing to offer her every support possible. 

Lala Is Team Ariana 

"I think I'm a little abrupt for her right now. I'm very intense, and I don't know that that's the headspace she's in quite yet," Kent said. "I think I may be more beneficial when more time has passed."

Pumps Cast Members Come Together For Ariana

She added that those on the Vanderpump Rules cast who "had differences" - like Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay - have set everything aside to "rally around their friend."

Difficult Time For Shay Too

As for how Shay - who was the closest to Leviss - is coping with the fallout, Kent shared, "She's going through it. It's very hard when you trust people like that, and you start thinking about people differently."

Sandoval’s ‘Apology’

Sandoval recently released a statement apologizing to his business and business partners. When Kent was asked about the statement, she said, "My thoughts are: Tell us you're a narcissist without telling us you're a narcissist. It's just so textbook to me!"

Only Tom Is on Team Sandoval

Only Tom Schwartz, Sandoval’s business partner, and best friend support him. Everyone else seems to be on Ariana’s side, as she was wronged.

Kent Called It!

"I tried to tell y'all he's weak. I said it first. Did I not?" She said that Leviss and Sandoval have extremely flawed characters, and things will never be the same for any of them now.

Lisa Vandermpump Is Upset

Lala Kent added that Lisa Vanderpump "is very upset about all this." She is not happy, and it is safe to say that no one is enjoying this.

Kent And Leviss Have A Rough History

Back in the day, Kent and Leviss also had drama as they got into some legal drama. It was about the cast members getting a sexually explicit video of Leviss.

The Video Exposes The Affair

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The video, which Sandoval recorded, is the reason Madix found out she was being cheated on. Yikes! We did not expect that.

Kent Slashes Prices Of Makeup With Leviss

Kent released an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Leviss and has now put it on sale. She has also told Sandoval to “shut the f—- up.”

Madix Dumps Sandoval

Soon after she learned about the video, Ariana dumped Tom right away. The two had been communicating like that for months.

Sources Come Forward

Multiple sources now claim that Sandoval and Leviss saw each other whenever Ariana was out of town. One even claimed they hooked up while Ariana was sleeping.

Ariana Is Blindsided!

Ariana was blindsided entirely as she did not see this coming. She is heartbroken and also feels betrayed. Leviss has made no public comments on the situation.