Raquel Leviss Secures Restraining Order Against Scheana Shay

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Raquel Leviss
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Raquel Leviss reportedly filed for a restraining order against Scheana Shay. The Vanderpump Rules co-stars were friends before the shocking news. The restraining order came up after it was revealed that Leviss had an affair with Tom Sandoval when he was with Ariana Madix. 

Leviss Files For Restraining Order Against Shay

According to DailyMail, the 28-year-old filed for a temporary restraining order against Scheana Shay on Tuesday. The reason for Leviss's action against her former friend and co-star is still unknown.

The Exchange Was Physical

Scheana Shay
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However, the duo engaged in an altercation recently. Rumors circulating also state that the 37-year-old allegedly got violent during the altercation. As of now, it is still uncertain if the judge will grant Leviss the restraining order against Shay. 

Shay And Leviss Allegedly Engaged In A Heated Confrontation

The alleged altercation between Shay and Leviss happened after Shay learned about Leviss and Sandoval's affair. A source shared that the heated confrontation took place after the duo went for a drink with friends.

Details Of The Fall Out

The source claimed that at one point in the night, Shay lost Leviss but found her outside the bar on a call with Madix. The insider claimed that the actress could hear Madix bawling and inquired about it.

Leviss Opened Up To Shay

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This made Leviss open up to Shay about the affair with Sandoval. The source claimed the duo then engaged in a heated argument. After that night, the source shared that Leviss and the actress have not seen or spoken to each other. Also, the Victorious actress stopped following Leviss on Instagram. 

Madix Receives Support From Friends Amid Sandoval's Cheating Scandal 

In the wake of Madix and Sandoval's break up, the model is said to be receiving tons of support. An insider shared that girls from Madix's Vanderpump Rule's friend group have been taking turns to visit her.

Shay And Katie Maloney Visited Madix

Vanderpump Rules stars, Shay and Katie Maloney were spotted leaving Madix and Sandoval's home last week Friday. Sources also informed TMZ that there is no chance of Madix and Sandoval getting back together. Insiders shared that the duo's relationship was already on the rocks before the cheating scandal. 

Leviss Is Taking Some Lega Actions

Raquel Leviss
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In light of securing a restraining order against Shay, Leviss is also taking legal action against her Vanderpump Rules co-stars. The legal action was against the co-stars who might have gotten a recording of her intimate FaceTime with Sandoval.

Her Attorneys Reached Out To The Reality Stars

Per Page Six, Leviss's attorneys sent a letter to her fellow cast mates, urging them to delete the video and stop circulating it. The 28-year-old claimed the video was recorded illegally without her consent. However, sources have shared that the video was not in circulation and only Sandoval, Leviss, and Madix have seen the video. 

How Madix And Sandoval's Relationship Came To An End

In retrospect, the intimate video Raquel is clamoring over was the one that Madix became privy off. This led to the end of her nine-year relationship with Sandoval. She had been lounging during his Los Angeles performance when the clip popped up.

The Intimate Clip Was A Catalyst In Madix And Sandoval's Breakup

Raquel Leviss
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Madix went on to check the phone and it could be compared to a can of worms. She found other explicit evidence showing that Leviss and Sandoval had been sneaking around behind her back. Leviss has not addressed her directly since things went out of hand.

They Had Some Rocky Moments

A distraught Madix ended things instantly. Leading up to the final straw, Madix and Sandoval had several issues in their relationship. It however reappeared that they had been working on it. Presently it is safe to say that Sandoval did not seem to be fully cooperating.

The Affair Has Bene On For Months

Raquel Leviss
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The affair had been going on for six months under the nose of Madix. A source shared at that time that the actress was heartbroken by the revelation. The source also added that Madix felt betrayed by Leviss who she considered a friend.

 About The Relationship History Of Leviss

Here is a look at Leviss's past relationship history. In 2016, Leviss started dating James Kennedy. The pair got engaged in May 2021, and Kennedy took to Instagram to announce the big news. However, they went their separate ways in December 2021.

The Duo Was "No Longer In Love'

Leviss and her ex confirmed that they were no longer in love. After her split from Kennedy, Leviss went on several dates with Peter Madrigal in the summer of 2022. Speaking about what she had with Marigal, the former kinesiology student stated that he asked her out right after her breakup, and she simply said yes.

It Appeared To Have Been Casual

Raquel Leviss
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Leviss noted that she just wanted to try things out with him. Following that, she was linked with another Vanderpump Rules star. In August 2022, Leviss and Tom Schwartz hooked up at Shay's wedding. 

He Wasn't Sure Of the Chemistry

While describing the romantic exchange between them, Schwartz told Us Weekly, "In the moment, there was momentary passion in the air. I kind of disappeared into that kiss, I’ll be honest. It was kind of a transformative moment." He however included that in terms of a long-term romance, he wasn't sure how much chemistry they had.

Samantha Accused Leviss Of Cheating With Her Husband Oliver

This is not the first time Leviss has been associated with a cheating scandal. The reality TV star was associated with Oliver Saunders in September 2022. At that time, Samantha Saunders accused her husband, Oliver of cheating on her with multiple women.

Leviss Was Enshrouded In Drama With Oliver

Raquel Leviss
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Samantha claimed Leviss and Oliver made out while filming a scene for Vanderpump Rules. At that time, Oliver confirmed that he and Leviss had split. However, Leviss never addressed the alleged affair publicly.