Bruce Willis' Wife, Emma, Makes Request Of Paparazzi After Actor's Diagnosis

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Bruce Willis And his wife Emma
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The past few weeks have been quite emotional for the Willis family as they try to navigate American actor Bruce Willis' Frontotemporal dementia diagnosis. Sadly, the paparazzi are not making things easier for the family, and Bruce's wife, Emma Heming, has been forced to make an appeal. Here are the details.

Emma Shares Emotional Post On Instagram 

On Saturday, Emma took to her Instagram page to post an emotional plea, asking family members of people battling dementia for advice on how to help their loved ones navigate the world safely.

Emma Raises Awareness About Dementia 

A medical professional looking after an elderly patient
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The model began the video by talking about raising awareness about dementia and the stress of caregivers helping those with the illness to do little things, including getting a cup of coffee.

Emma Says There Should Be More Education About The Illness 

Emma then revealed there was still more education needed about those living with dementia, noting how difficult it was to help them.

Emma Addresses The Paparazzi 

Afterward, Bruce's wife channeled her attention to photographers and videographers, who always followed Bruce around, asking him questions and trying to get exclusives.

Emma Recalls An Uncomfortable Situation

Emma recounted a recent incident where the paparazzi attempted to speak to her husband while he made a rare public appearance to meet with friends for coffee in Santa Monica.

Emma Thanks Bruce's Friends For Helping Him 

Next, she expressed her gratitude toward Bruce's friends, who, according to her, did a "stand-up" job of protecting the Hollywood icon amid the paparazzi incident. 

Emma Asks The Media To Keep Their Space 

Emma followed her gratitude with an appeal to the photographers and other members of the paparazzi to keep their space from her husband.

Emma Doesn't Want The Paparazzi To Yell At Bruce 

The model continued by admitting that she knew their jobs entailed following celebrities around but urged them to refrain from getting so close to Bruce, yelling at him, and asking how he was doing.

Emma Makes Another Plea

Emma then pleaded with the paparazzi to allow her family or whoever was with Bruce on any day to get the actor from Point A to Point B safely.

Emma Thanks Fans For Understanding 

Two days later, Emma shared another video thanking supporters for their love and understanding regarding why the Die Hard star shouldn't be followed.

Emma Calls The Media Out 

The model then called out media outlets picking up the story of her plea, noting that they were the same outlets that continued to publish pictures and videos of her husband in public.

Emma Is Convinced She Would Lose Against The Media 

Emma noted that she didn't want to sound like she was going head-to-head with the media, as she knew she would lose. However, some things needed to be said.

Bruce's Quality Of Life Is Most Important 

Bruce's wife said she pleaded with the paparazzi because she "just wanted her husband to be able to participate in his life to the fullest," as his quality of life was of utmost importance to her.

Inside Emma And Bruce's Marriage 

Emma and Bruce have been married since 2009 and are doting parents to two daughters, Mabel Ray and Evelyn Penn. Bruce also has three daughters with his ex-wife Demi Moore — Rumer Glenn, Scout LaRue, and Tallulah Belle.

Bruce Announces His Retirement 

Actor Bruce Willis
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In March 2022, the actor shocked the world when he announced he was sunsetting his acting career after being diagnosed with aphasia — a language disorder that can affect one's communication ability.

Reports About Bruce's Health 

Bruce had reportedly been struggling with cognitive issues on the sets of his films for years and even reportedly needed an earpiece to feed him lines.

A Source Shares Surprising Details 

At the time, an unnamed source revealed that Bruce's declining cognitive ability had been an open secret in Hollywood, as the actor reportedly had trouble acting in his films.

Bruce's FTD Diagnosis

Sadly, Bruce's health didn't get better, and in February 2023, the Willis family announced that his aphasia health had further deteriorated into frontotemporal dementia.

The Willis Family Has Love And Support 

Since then, the Willis family has been doing everything to make Bruce feel loved. Hopefully, the family will overcome the difficult phase with encouragement and advice from fans, friends, and celebrities.